December 22, 2012

Enjoying Spa Sensation at Your Own Home

Hai semua! :) Tidak terasa sekarang kita sudah memasuki long weekend yaaaa. Buat orang-orang yang sudah bekerja, long weekend rasanya waktu yang sangat menyenangkan untuk istirahat, menghabiskan waktu dengan orang-orang terdekat, dan juga bersantai.

Banyak kerjaan bahkan di hari libur T ^ T hiks

December 20, 2012

Tutorial : Easy Christmas Snow Gradation Nail

Christmas is in the air but  I haven't blogged anything about it!!! I was so busy with final exam and thesis. D: So tired and barely have enough sleep. But I'd passed everything and now I got a bunch drafts to be finished!!! December is also a special month because my BF birthday and my anniversary with him is on December!! :D I'm so excited preparing something this year. Will reveal it soon.. *pinky promise*

So I was coming with an idea to bring a little winter theme on my nail. I'm so excited because I was really into nail art mood lately, but always have no time to do it. It takes so much patience to paint them one by one and let them dried. Well I always end up with messy polishes because hardly could wait the polishes dried.

Enough with random rambles. So here we come!

You can pick any color that you like :) I choose white-blue gradation because I want to achieve cool winter effect.

What do you need?
1. Base Coat
2. Any nail polishes that you like
3. Glittery nail polishes
4.Top Coat

 First of all, put on the base coat on your nail to give them more protection :)

Put on the base color. I'm using pearly white. You can add more layers to achieve a bolder color.

Start to paint some color on the edge of your nails. At this part, your nail might be a little bit messy but never mind. The next step will 'amazingly' conceal them.

Put the glittery nail polishes and top coat. And you're done!

So easy and simple, right?

I think the most difficult think at doing this is for having patience. I ruined the nice gradient many times because my hand cannot be a good girl and keep moving LOL. So yeah, make sure you are not in hurry when you wanna try them. 

Another useful tips. A sheer polishes could help to create the gradient easily ;)

It's suitbale for ocassional party or special events too. So easy la so you don't need to go to nail salon hahahaha. You also can add rhinestones, snowflake stamp or nail stickers to make it more beautiful. :) If you'd succeed make one, please let me know because I really wanna see your creation too :D

Will catch up with another post later. ;) If you have any question or request, feel free to ask on my formspring :)

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