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Who are you? 
Commonly known as Gabby Pali and the author behind Milk Mochi. Someone who loves a balanced of beautiful visuals and striking words. Graduated from Graphic Design major and currently working full time as a graphic designer.

She also has a particular uncommon interest that you might found out when you read this blog. A loyal and fanatic admirer of Pucca (please google if you have no idea who she is) and Japan. 

What is Milk Mochi?
Milk Mochi mainly shares about my personal interest and tiny bits of my life. The name itself comes from one of my random character doodle of mine years ago. It simply depicts how I see the world and the way I communicate with people. I usually blog about beauty, however I decided not to set a limitation for my blog since I found out there are plenty of wonderful things that are worth to write besides beauty. Afterall, I created Milk Mochi as a platform to record my journey and share the thoughts with people.

Thank you for reading.

If you have any question or inquiries, please kindly drop me an email to gabby.pali@hotmail.com.

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