September 30, 2012

New LUX White Collection

Last week, LUX has launched their newest collection, LUX White Collection and they invited me to attend their launching event at Dharmawangsa Hotel.

I came with Endi and he did a makeover for me. It took around 2,5 hours LOL while we chat together and so on! He's also kind enough to curl my hair!! Finally I got it curled  again after years. Most of salon that I visited always put too much hairspray when they curl my hair, and I had a really hard time to wash it. T_T that's why I don't like to curl my hair at salon.
Credits : Endi's Instagram
Totally in love about how do we look at that day! Gorgeous or not?

After stucked in the traffic for about an hour, got lost, etc. Finally we'd arrived! The Grand Ballroom had been decorated very well. And I met the other bloggers too! I was waving my hand to everyone but they're looking at me as if they don't know me. Okay Endi had succeed to make me unrecognized!! LOL... #peace

It's been a long time ago since I attended a beauty event and met them. :') so happy to meet you guys again!!

We're pleased to enjoy the foods and beverages. Yummy!!

The food was super delicious!! No doubt.  And then we entered the main room where the event take places.

#superb! The decoration is way too awesome. Dx

The time stop for a while when I entered the room. It's amazingly beautiful if I should say. It's all white, shiny with crystals, they did a really good job!! I feel like a princess who is entering the ballroom to meet the prince. *_*

The event begins with an explanation and a little chat with Mrs Roslina Verauli which is a famous psychologist that I adore so much! She's so beautiful <3
She said it is true that the inner beauty is an important thing for every woman. But inner beauty needs the outer beauty to shine. :) Nice quote! Although people always said about don't just a book by its cover, but I think most of people will judge something by the appearance since it's the first thing that could be seen. I'm not saying that I'm judging people by their appearance, but admit that somehow we do that even without we realize. The first impression takes a really big point. Especially for the girls :D so don't forget to take care of the outer beauty.

In this campaign, Lux affiliates with Preciosa, a famous crystal company from Czesch for its beautiful masterpiece especially in collaboration with fashion house and palace. Preciosa itself means precious. Just spell Preciosa with a Latino accent LOL if you wondering how to mention it. :P Mr. Kucera Vojtech from Preciosa also said," Crystals like a woman who can make herself dazzle in many sides." It's even harder to mention his name than the Preciosa. o_o hahahaha pardon my lack of skills. But Mr. Kucera is a really nice guy. He explained about how Preciosa crystals are made.

Preciosa's masterpiece! OMG so beautiful! 

Revealing the stars of the night! New LUX White Collection <3 

The GREAT LUX White!! 

:3 okay now let's go with the real product.

New Lux White Collection comes in two different variant, Lux White Glamour and Lux White Radiance.

With new Triple Ingredient System, New Lux White Collection provides you a beautiful dazzling skin that helps you to gain more confidence. The fragrance was also specially designed by the expert. It smells so heavenly. I feel like wanna take a bath immediately ~,~/  Detailed review soon.

There are also several inspiring women appear onto the stage and share their dazzling moment. They are Stella Rissa, Fitria Yusuf, Andra Alodita, Alanda Kariza, and Lala Karmela. How inspirative!

 We're given this dazzle card to fill about our dazzling moment.

Everyone with their dazzling moment. What's your dazzling moment?
The Dazzling Moment Campaign / Kampanye Moment Berkilau will be running from 15th October - 25th November 2012. If you're curious about it, just pay a visit through their twitter @LUX_ID or their Facebook LUX.:)

In the end of the campaign, Lux and Preciosa will presents the giant lux bottle with the Preciosa crystals as a symbol of the dazzling moment that has been collected through the campaign
Bloggers meeting isn't complete yet without any photo session. So Silke insisted us to pose on the stage together like this LOL... Well hello there readers! 

And at the same time, it's Rini's birthday!!! Camwhoring with the birthday girl! :D

OMG I look so fat TT_TT

We almost went home without taking the goodie bag LOL. But the LUX staff kindly called us to bring them home :D 

LUX White Collection and a super cute heart flash disk. How lovely ...

I'll be reviewing the package soon. So please stay tune. :)

September 24, 2012

Review : Etude House Pink Box

As I promised, here I come with the reviews of product that I used for my latest tutorial. :3

What's inside the box?

Onto the review! :D

Dear My Blooming Pact
Come in a super cute packaging with a bow that can be pressed to open the product. It comes in two shades which is N-02 Light Beige and W-13 Natural Beige. I got mine in W-13.It  has a nice coverage and feel light. The most important thing, it doesn't break me out! I love it! Compact powder tends to break me out easily and that's why I barely use any compact powder.
  Super cute ribbon button!

Lacey puff which is so feminine and so 'Etude'!

They also got the lovely Dear My Series logo carved inside.

However I think the packaging itself is kinda bulky and I'm kinda surprised when the plastic separator comes like this. I think it would be messy because most of Korean Cosmetic compact has come with an attached separator that can be moved  much more easier than this. I also got a feeling that it's quite fragile but haven't tried and will never try to break it too LOL. Just keep it carefully xP

Dear My Blooming Cheek

 Cute mini packaging with the logo of Dear My Series carved on the cap.

It has a really nice gradation. It has a really soft shimmery peach-pink color and buildable. So no need to worry for a crab-cheeks. Staying power is quite good.

Dear My Blooming Lips-talk
Now I come with the lipstick.

Another logo carved on the lipstick. Seriously cute!xD


I swap the lipstick with Vheii because I got the red shades, and I think I had enough of red lipstick already
while she's looking for some xD.A pinkish color and it's really pigmented. What I love is the color can be buildable. You can create a soft color by dabbing the lipstick with your lip brush or finger, or a bold color by applying in several times.

Dear My Milky Gloss

I've heard enough of Etude House lipgloss, and they works really nice since they got tons of color to choose from. And what I got is a super cute milky pink color! It also smells heavenly. It's quite big for a lipgloss product in my opinion. Worth every penny LOL.


I love the color and consistency. But unfortunately it is quite sticky if you wear it alone. But it's not a big matter if you have a lipbalm or lipstick before you put on the gloss. I'm personally love the gloss color and it has become a permanent citizen in my make-up pouch. <3 You must know how much I loved it right??

Dear My Blooming Nail Polish
At first I think the color isn't tempting me at all until I put them on my nails and see how cute it is.

Not lying, huh?

In fact, if you're a big fan of natural look or need something to use on daily purposes, highly recommend this :) Because most of korean cosmetic comes in a lighter formula since they're created for Asian and also comes softer color. They're also available through counters in big mall at your nearest places and online shops.

So is there anybody had tried them out too? ;)

September 19, 2012

Coverderm Classic, The Magic of Coverage Foundation

Having an imperfection on your special day? Bumps, acne scars, birthmarks, dark circle and many more! Acne scars are not my only biggest problem since I have a surgery scars on my left eyelid. Did you guys even notice it? xP So I need to conceal it right away or sometimes I just grow my bangs longer to cover it. I wonder if there's any foundation that have a really high coverage but most of foundation that I found nowadays couldn't really conceal my scars perfectly. 

And now... let me introduce to this miracle foundation LOL! I swear it works like magic for me x)

Coverderm Classic Foundation!

The products come with aspatula and a sponge. :3 Useful companion, you don't have to dip in your finger there and you get a sponge to blend the foundation.

I got this from previous event from Coverderm (no post about it because I lost the data in my HDD accident). :3 And it has become my HG foundation for perfect coverage and achieve super flawless look!

I got mine in shade 4. They got 15 shade so you got a plenty of choices :)

As you can see, it has a really hard texture considering it's a high coverage foundation. So you need to heat it with your finger before you blend it on your face to.

 Back of my hand was pretty tan because I rarely use any sunblock LOL but I think it would be better to see the swatch on it.   I found out the foundation was kinda too fair on my face at first, but it matches with my skintone after several minutes.
 See what I mean?

It takes a little time to blend the foundation evenly, but make sure you blend it well to avoid any uneven look. You don't wanna look like a ghost, right? :P

I put the foundation on half of my face and let's see the difference :3

Can you see the difference? All my imperfection concealed perfectly! I swear I didn't photoshopped this! I also don't wear any powder. XD my skin look so even and flawless. I love this foundation very much!!

Okay.. okay I'm not having any bumps or acnes at the moment I captured the photo above, so if some of you might wondering if it really works for acne or scars. So let test it out on my surgery scars.

No photoshop! It's only 1 layer. If I add more layer, it can be concealed much more better. 

As you can see, the scar is pretty annoying especially if I lift my bangs up, that's the reason why I never cut my bangs. It was a horrible incident in the past when I climb my front fences, I tore my lid when I tried to get down. -_-a how stupid I am in the past...I feel super terrified every time I remember about that, but I can't even think how come I was super calm back then? I was only 4! I'm not even crying and still asked my mom about where are we going to while everyone were freaking out like crazy. Moreover I said that I don't wanna go to the hospital. #facepalm ... I swear I will never climb fences anymore...

Luckily it only scratch my lid and not my eye. I remember how my mother screamed out at the first time and said no one would marry me because of that! I was like... what the............ It seems like the scar was so bad and I look like a bad guy. o_o She was really afraid that no one will marry me and put any creams on my eye to  heal it.When I'd grown up, I don't really pay attention on my scars LOL. Pat even doesn't notice the scars until I told him :P #trollface...Maybe I need a plastic surgery, but it doesn't really a big deal. :\ is it only me who think like that?

Besides its super coverage, this foundation is also hypoallergenic which is really good for sensitive skin. I wear this foundation several times, although when I'm having some breakouts but it doesn't irritate my skin or make my acne getting worse. :) So I could say, it's really safe for sensitive skin. Moreover, it has a really nice staying power too. It stays all day long without transferring. :D superb!

But no matter how good it is, I don't recommend you to use it everyday.  Choose something lighter for daily use. I only use it when I need to attend some special events.

-Medium to full coverage
- Hypoallergenic
-Great staying power

-Quite pricey!

Rating 4.7 / 5

You paid what you got girls!;)

Little tips : Build the coverage in this order : foundation- powder- foundation - powder and so on. It helps to lock each layer to stay on your skin so it won't fade away quickly.

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