October 9, 2013

Translucent Skin with POND'S New White Beauty (Re)Launch

Few weeks ago, POND'S invited me again to their event. 

As usual, I was really excited with all POND'S event and I'm really curious to find out. The event was held at Hotel Mulia, Senayan. I was rushing to go there after office hour and stuck in traffic for almost 2 hour TT ^ TT. Luckily, Pat was kind enough to accompany me. At least I'm not alone hehe. 
When I arrived, the event was about to start and it's really crowded already. I'm lucky that I made it on time! :D *take a deep breath*  I met my blogger friend, Chell, and then we take our seat in the front row like a good student haha. 

And please enjoy this teaser before you move to the next part. 

Get any clue?

Our beautiful host, Nadya Mulia, started the event with a little chit-chat about the definition of an ideal skin. Various answer was given but most of us answered that we would love to have a healthy skin with fresh and bright complexion.

Therefore, Ms Indriani as Senior Brand Manager of POND'S Indonesia, started to explain about the ideal-skin that every woman want nowadays. POND'S Team also showed us a recording of women's opinion about an ideal-skin. Most of them said that they would love to have a clear, bright, and fresh complexion just like Korean actress or woman.

Honestly for me, having bright complexion or fair skin doesn't mean you ended up like a living corpse but more into something like ....

...THEM!!! *envy their beautiful skin*

They have a clear skin with bright complexion, healthy glow, and fresh pink tone on their cheeks. So they didn't look like a living pale corpse .I read once that Korean woman pay more attention about their skin and how do they look. That's why they put more efforts in applying their skincare.  They could put layers of different skincare products o.o. Well, you can see by how many Korean skincare brands nowadays, right? No wonder, they could have a healthy and glowing skin with bright complexion. 

Dr. David Birtwistle, as R&D Director, Skincare & Cleansing Unilever of South East Asia and Australasia Region, explained about the ideal skin and POND'S New White Beauty Formula.

An ideal skin face condition should have a soft texture, bright complexion, free from any dark spots, had a slight pinkish tone (especially on your cheeks), healthy, and glowing even without the make-up on :) When you're trying to achieve a brighter or fairer complexion, you tend to have dead-pale look that aren't healthy. Remember that healthy skin isn't only about a bright and fair complexion but also having a healthy glow and slightly pinkish tone on your cheeks that make your face looks natural. In other words, bright and fair complexion is not enough, an ideal skin should be translucent with a slight of pinkish tone (Jernih Putih Merona).

Inspired by Korean woman's beauty, POND'S relaunched their White Beauty series that come with new formula.

POND'S New White Beauty - Courtesy of POND'S  (I only edit it a little bit)

1. POND'S White Beauty for All Skin Types
2. POND'S White Beauty for Acne Prone Skin
3. POND'S White Beauty for Sensitive Skin
4. POND'S White Beauty with Advanced SPF 15

Not only one, but four different types! For now, All Skin Types is already available in here. The others will be available in the near future. Now you could choose the moisturizer based on your skin needs.

Amazed with their beautiful illustration, I tried to make some inspired-illustration too. I think it will be easier for you to understand because most of photos of the slide that I captured were kinda blurred and hard to read. So please enjoy them in this post ^.^

Then Dr. David did a little 'magic show' in the middle of his presentation.
Imagine this dull beads are our skin cells that had lose their clarity. 

Mr. David poured the special formulated essence inside.

You can see the dull beads had gradually turned clear. o.o

Totally clear until you can see the image behind. That explain how the product works in our skin. :)

This special essence is the new formula that developed by POND'S for their New White Beauty Series. It's really amazing, right? :D

If you're wondering what the new formula is (I give you a clue already in the teaser hahaha), the secret of POND'S New White Beauty are...

 Saffron and Korean Ginseng.

I learned that Saffron, as one of the expensive spices in the world, could help to brighten any dark spots. As for Korean Ginseng, it could help to achieve a translucent and healthy-glowing skin.  Both of these ingredients are famous for their benefits for health and beauty. <3 Not only that, POND'S also combined it with their developed Vitamin B3Allantoin , and triple sun protection agents. All the benefits from those ingredients are packed into POND'S New White Beauty.

POND'S White Beauty DAY CREAM (Vanishing Cream)

Dr. David explained why it is called by vanishing cream. It is because after usage, there isn't any whitecast or marks left (vanishing). It only left a nice-matte complexion as if you're using face powder.  

POND'S White Beauty NIGHT CREAM (Moisturizing Base)

As for night cream, it helps your skin to regenerate during your bed time and keep them hydrated. Especially if we sleep in air-conditioned room :)

By using POND'S New White Beauty series for 7 days, you could see the results of pinkish - translucent skin (Jernih Putih Merona).

Ms. Indriani and Dr. David

They closed the event by announcing the winner of Live Tweet Competition. And I was one of them! o_o haha... kinda surprised.

And these are the winners for best dress.

Each of them got a Kate Spade Bag. ^o^ Actually there should only be one winner, but because everyone looks fabulous that night, POND'S was generous enough to choose 3 best dresses :D As I always told you, POND'S always prepared a great event and surprises.

Finally we got a group photo together. 

Then we're pleased to enjoy the dinner. It's really nice because they also gave us a polaroid camera, so we can take our pictures together :D It's really fun.

Meet my partner-in-beauty.

Jernih Putih Merona with POND'S New White Beauty. 

I was having a really great time with other bloggers and POND'S Team. I would love to say a big thanks to POND'S for inviting me and gave us such a really nice experience in every event that they manage. :)


Now, into the review. I believe you want to know more about these products, right? 

Loved their illustration so I post it again in case of you forget :P

Now, let's see them in real

White beauty box from POND'S and inside...

.... probably the most beautiful gifts I ever had haha. So girly <3

Unique button. Yes! It is a button for the bag LOL. Hardly imagine, right?

Beautiful bracelets.

And of course... POND'S New White Beauty Day Cream and Night Cream.

Rp 15. 700,- (20 gr)
Rp 29.300,- (40 gr)
Rp 36.500,- (50 gr)

Each box is provided with the color chart as the results of using POND'S White Beauty Day Cream.

As you can see from the picture above, the texture of day cream and night cream are totally different. Day Cream looks more solid and creates matte finish as if you're wearing face powder while Night Cream looks more creamy and moisturizing.

See? Day cream turned into a dry and matte finish while Night cream looks more glowy.

You can see that the left part is completely matte while the right part still had a slight of glow from the cream. Now let's see how does it feel after usage :D


It feels really light and the interesting part is I feel like I had my face powder in my moisturizer LOL. Well, you can see that my nose aren't oily in the picture above. It leaves a nice matte finish with only moisturizer. I know how does it feel if your moisturizer left a sticky and uncomfortable feeling. This is totally perfect for school (especially if your school doesn't allow you to wear makeup) or college. It's  also great when I'm lazy to do my make-up hehe.


The night cream feels really good and my face feels hydrated in the morning. Especially in the dry part such as my cheeks. It is not too light or too heavy. Both of cream contains mild floral fragrance and I don't find that the fragrance is bothersome. A nice 'aromatherapy' to start the day in the morning and take a rest at night hehe.

Well I couldn't say that it could brighten your skin instantly but it could gradually helps your skin to achieve a better complexion, healthy, and glowing skin. It also comes in affordable price even for students. $.$ But of course, they were made with great ingredients and contain lots of benefits. :D

Remember! NEVER USE untrusted brightening products that could brighten your skin in an instant. I really don't recommend it, because achieving a healthy and ideal skin is about process that takes time. It's better to be patient and wait for a great results than regret because of temporary results. :)

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Big thanks to POND'S Indonesia and let's start to achieve our pinkish-translucent skin (Jernih Putih Merona) with POND'S New White Beauty. 


  1. Gabyy, congrats juga kemaren menang ponds yg pertama yaa :D

  2. HAHAHA ini loh kenapa gw berantem sama flash... :/ gw kan uda lama ga megang flash (secara anak grafisss), bener2 make it from the scratch.. makasihhh nitaaaa :*

  3. congratz gab! itu asesorisnya kawaiiiii <3
    kaya orangnya :3

  4. Waktu di konsernya SNSD 14 September kemarin, iseng main ke booth Pond's yang ada disana, eh dikasih produknya gratis :') dan emang gak ngecewain sih. Aku nyoba bagus jadinya di kulit aku. Kaya udah pake bedaak hehehe. Btw makasih udah sharing eventnya :D

  5. hihi oyaa ada booth POND'S ya di konser SNSD? aku malah baru tau hehe.. ^^ iya kalo menurut aku pribadi, POND'S sekarang uda banyak ngelakuin improvement di produk2nya jadi lebih baik lg ... he eh jadi matte gitu kaya udah pake bedak.. sama2 lintang ^^

  6. iyaaa kawaii banget itu.. :') aduh terharu dipuji orang cantik hahahaha

  7. Nita Desilia TannawiNovember 4, 2013 at 10:06 PM

    ini post nya berbau2 flash!!!! wkwkwk XD videonya bagusss gabbbb keren~ congrats jd pemenang live tweet ya!

  8. Ahm hi? What do you mean in "never use untrusted brightening products"? Is it ponds? Can i use ponds?

  9. Have you ever tried the new ponds white beauty for acne prone skin ?
    I think its not suit for my skin . it gives me small pimples on my face .

  10. How does it feel if your face applied with ponds day cream becomes sweaty?

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