December 31, 2015


Life sure has its up and down. Sometimes we are on top and at the other time we are at the bottom. There is no such thing last forever. People and things could change as the time flow. Sure I am aware of the basic rules of life. However, I feel like the whole 2015 was frozen in my mind as I couldn't even remember how it started. At least that's what across in my mind when it comes to the end of 2015.

Going back to the exact time last year. In the end of 2014, I see that 2015 is a year I've been waiting for. I feel like everything was settle and I will reach another checkpoint in my life. I remind myself about what to do when I'm turning 24. I had such a lot of plans, goals, and things in my mind. Few days after the new year, things started floating to the surfaces.

In the beginning, I didn't think it was such a big deal. A lot of things happened where ever I go and apparently not a good one. It seems I don't have a place to fit in.  It didn't last me long to handle such a lot of thing in such a short of amount of time. Three months afterward, things were just getting worse and it is one of the hardest time when I had the worst mental breakdown. I rarely talked to my friends and avoid any kinds of meeting. Remember Elsa in Frozen's movie? Never think I would be in the same situation. All I could do is shut people out and be alone. I'm afraid that I would hurt people in my current state although they understand and seems fine with it. I kinda understand how it feels to be under serious depression and how it could lead into serious attempt that might risk your life. I need such a long time to get things back on track.

Everything seems like a big mess. As a very complicated tangled knots in my life no matter how hard you tried. I started to pray a lot and a very good friend of mine told me to keep in my faith that the best is yet to come.

It might sounds cliche, but then I don't know a better word to address it.


By the end of the year, we're just talking about moving out. Few days afterward, a serious matter happened and we were finally urged to move out. Something serious enough that could shut people up of disbelief. Something unpredictable and not even once across in my mind. I was in a state of shock for only few days but then I just feel relieved. God answered me... in a way that no one could ever imagined before.

I still could hardly believe that everything happened in a flash and we actually started living a new life already. A lot of things happened in 2015 and I learned my lesson. When you need a long-break, just take your time, there is no need to rush things. When you need time to be alone, don't be so hard to yourself. I never think that I could enjoy life more than this. It feels like my life has started ticking again. Just in the right time. 

November 30, 2015

Celebrate The Wings of Change with SK-II

Holiday season is getting near. I always been really excited when this time comes around. I enjoyed the vibe to celebrate precious moments either with my family or friends. I love to arrange a good celebration, looking out for gifts, and make sure everyone feels happy.

 Last week, SK-II was having an exhibition at Mal Kelapa Gading 3 and invited me to join the festive bloggers party. I was wondering what kind of exhibition it would be since I attend their exhibition earlier this year. What makes it different with their previous exhibition is they come up with a new concept to celebrate the upcoming festive season. Let's see if you can spot what kind of design that they come up with this year.

Based on their philosophy to change destiny and inspired from the process of transformation, SK-II work together with several artists to create the 'Wings of Change'. It takes the form of butterflies and hummingbird to represent the characteristic of transformation which are boldness, encouragement, and perseverance.

A short movie about the Wing of Change.




These are Facial Treatment Essence Bottle in new design. 

Each series are so amazingly beautiful and nicely designed. They created the butterflies in 3D shapes to give a lively impression on the container. SK-II also provides a matching gift boxes and you can arrange the gift-box according to your preference... how lovely.

Later on, Oscar Daniel, makeup artist for SK-II, showed us how to create three different kind of look based on the three personatilites from SK-II. It is really amazing that such simple concept can be applied into different kind of things.

The results for make-up look inspired from Boldness, Encouragement, and Perseverance. 

SK-II also invited several key-speaker to share about their personal experience with SK-II. Most of them believe that using SK-II had changed their life and it is such a great thing to share good things to all of our beloved person, especially in this joyful moment.

And here is my pick from SK-II Wings of Change....

I think it could be a perfect gift for everyone from all ages. :) 

These all SK-II limited edition design are available now in all counters. Hopefully you'll get some inspiration for this year Christmas gift for your beloved. :) I'll see you soon on the next post.


October 21, 2015

So...? Perfume Series Review

Hello everyone! As promised, today I'm back with a review of another series from Sogen Asia, So...? Fragrance. I guess everybody will have the same problem with me at the moment you read the brand. So...? You're not alone, girls. I think the concept is pretty unique and kinda unusual to come with a unique naming. So, let's go through them furthermore. 

So...? Fragrance are created and designed in London, England. It is one of the best selling perfumeries in England. So...? Fragrance come with four different variants. All are available in body mist and eau de toilette. Body mist come in 200 ml while eau de toilette come in 15 ml and 50 ml. And luckily I was sent all the variants to try <3

The body mist come in a sleek bottle packaging from plastic. Most of the bottle are clear so you can see through the liquid inside. It brings the modern and urban feel in the packaging design. 


So...? Desirable have a strong scent of floral such as Exotic Musk, Freesia, and Magnolia with touch of fruit scent (Apple and Mandarin). It's more into a scent that wakes you up and put yourself into your game-on face throughout the day. It is a refreshing yet sweet scent.


So...? Kiss Me have a pretty unique scent. It is started with the Blackcurrant, Pineapple, and Citron followed by Muguet, Freesia, Musk, and Vanilla. These combination creates an amazingly subtle, sweet, and feminine scent and yet a little bit seducing.

So...? Fragrance Body Mist price range varies from Rp 49.900 (200 ml). 


So...?  Fragrance Eau de Toilette come in a box packaging to secure its main packaging which made from a sturdy glass. It has a very simple and pretty design with a bold color selection for the bottle cap. Their Eau de Toilette come in two different sizes, 15 ml and 50 ml. I love how they come with a smaller size, it means we could bring our favourite perfumeries without any hassle. 


So...? Brit Eau de Toilette have the most interesting story. As I had mentioned before, So...? Fragrance are made in London, therefore So...? Brit was created to describe a young England woman with a elegant and sophisticated character. 

Honestly, it is one of the kind of scent that I rarely found in the market. The scent was created from Peony, English Rose, Amber, Cranberry, Iris, and Vanilla. It has the strong scent of the English Rose but the other ingredient creates a deeper scent that quickly make me thought about this is the scent of a young lady. 


So...? Sensual come with mature version of sweet scent. The scent are combination of Mint, Pineapple, and followed by Sweet Strawberry and Violet, ended with Vanilla, Praline, and Musk. It is somehow sweet yet have a deeper scent that makes it bold in a unique way. A perfect pick for your lovely and romantic dinner. 

So...? Fragrance Eau de Toilette price range varies from Rp 24.900 (15 ml) and Rp 89.900 (50 ml). 

Soo...? Fragrance have a very unique and more mature scent selection. It is suitable for young women and women. My favourite is So...? Brit. I am usually not really fond of roses fragrance but trust me So...? Brit had changed my mind towards rose fragrance. I am really impressed with the quality that they bring and glad they had made their way into our country. Honestly, there aren't much great fragrance products with affordable price in the market. It is definitely a very good choice for you if you're looking for a nice fragrance product with a limited budget. :)

For more information, you can visit their social media here

FACEBOOK : So...? Fragrance Indonesia
TWITTER : @sofragranceid

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Disclosure : These products are sent for review purposes. All opinions are based on my own experience and not influenced in any way. 

October 19, 2015

Parfums Love Series Review

Hello everyone. How are you today? I wish everyone are in a very great day. Today I'm back with another review. Perhaps it would tease your sense of smells to the new level. 

Sogen Asia brings two different series of product to Indonesia. The first one is Parfums Love and the other one is So..? Fragrance, which I will talk about in a separated post. 

Parfums Love have three different variants which are Lost in Love, You & Me, and My Love. They kinda remind me about all the teen novels' title that I used to read back then. All Parfums Love variants are available in body mist and eau de toilette selection.

What is the difference between body mist and eau de toilette? The difference lies in the amount of water and alcohol used to dilute the 'essence' of the scents. It explains why body mist have a lighter scent and doesn't last as long as eau de toilette. In short, body mist are lighter in scent than eau de toilette. In most of my days, I prefer to use body mist but there are times I use eau de toilette if I need the fragrance to stays a bit longer. :)

From the name itself, Parfums Love are inspired from the sweet and passionate experience of love. Therefore I can see how they come with cheerful pastel design and heart shape. Concluding from the sweet and colorful design, I can assume Parfums Love are designed for younger markets or teens.


You & Me have the strongest scent among the other variant. It has the combination of Mango, Papaya, Pineapple, Musk, and Sandalwood. A strong fruity scent with a little hint of spices scent. Something that is energizing and cheerful at the same time. It suits the image of young and dynamic girl in her daily life.


Lost in Love have a deeper and more mature scent. It combines the scent of Raspberry, Pear, Amber, Peony, and Vanilla. It is suitable for those who are not really fancy with sweet or candy scent. It's more into the combination of sweet Vanilla scent and a bit of fresh Raspberry. Perfect for a formal meetings or occasions.

All the body mist are nicely packed into a tall plastic bottle with a colorful design. As it was made from plastic, it is pretty nice to travel with as it won't break easily. You can reapply it whenever you need it.

Parfums Love Body Mist price range varies from Rp 49.900,00 for 200 ml.


It wins my heart through the cute bottle design. I mean it is heart-shaped, something that was too hard to resist for the girls. Plus the pink cap which completes its cuteness. The bottle are made from sturdy glass and matte. The matte finish are really nice since it creates a luxury feels and not easily stained by our fingerprints. Eau de toilette come with a box that help to secure the glass packaging.

As for the fragrance itself, it has the combination of Blackcurrant, Lemon, and Jasmine . It is a very subtle and sweet scent that suitable for your dates. It does really represent 'My Love' variants as I think it is filled with things that makes you feel fall in love. The beautiful flower and sweet things.

Parfums Love Eau de Toilette price range varies from Rp 89.900,00 for 50 ml and Rp 24.900 for 15 ml. All Parfums Love product are availabe at Guardian, Hero, and Indomaret (for edt 15 ml).

At the first glance, I thought Parfums Love are designed for young girls. I guess I had proven myself wrong. I loved Lost in Love Fragrance the most as it has the subtle and less sweet scent. Perhaps I will have a bottle of Lost in Love eau de Toilette. Besides, I think they have a very reasonable price that come along with their great quality. Especially for their Eau de Toilette. It is under Rp 100.000,00. Perfect and I think everyone should give it a try. At least, you can go to the nearest outlet and try on for yourself. ^.^

For more information, you can visit their Facebook page here

FACEBOOK : Parfums Love ID
TWITTER : @parfumsloveid

I'll be back with another review of So..? Series soon.

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Disclosure : These products are sent for review purposes. All the reviews are written based on my own experience opinion. 

October 12, 2015

Beautiful Healthy Skin with Redwin Indonesia

Living in a tropical country with all-year-sunny-day weather could be troublesome. Why? Our skin are likely exposed to the harmfuls sunrays. Perhaps some of us wanna avoid the hot and humid weather by staying in air-conditioned room which are not even better for our skin... or mine to be exact. 

My skin is pretty dry in normal days but there are several circumstances when my skin is getting worse. It becomes very dry and flaky which makes me look like someone who have a serious problem with skin. So it is very important for me to have a good treatment against my dry skin. This time, I had a chance to try on a new product, Redwin Sorbolene Moisturizer.

August 25, 2015

What's on My Wishlist ?

Hello everyone. Today I'm coming with a slightly different post which is my beauty wishlist. Wondering why? Well, I thought it was quite intriguing to reward myself especially after my birthday lol. It's been a while since I splurge on makeup too so yeah perhaps this is the right time to stock on new things. *lame excuses*

Let's head onto the list then.

1. Rimmel Stay Matte Pressed Powder

This little baby had been raved by many people by its amazing oil control. Even my friend had proved it and totally love it. So this is a must buy on my list. *waiting for another sale*

Source : Google
2. Laneige Snow BB Soothing Cushion

BB Cushion trend is still around. I had to admit it is very convenient to have one in your makeup pouch. My fellow beauty blogger friends also told me how good it is on them and they even had repurchased again! I am not a big fan of dewy look but it looks seriously promising <3

Source : Google

3. Laneige Water Sleeping Pack

 I was telling my blogger friend, Vheii, how dry my skin lately, especially around cheeks area (I have combination skin). She was kindly tell me about this product and let me scoop some of her Laneige Water Sleeping Pack. It works like magic! Seriously. Anyone with dry skin problems should try this out. Definitely will buy after this.
Source : Google

4. Shu Uemura Lightbulb Foundation

If you read throughout my blog, I rarely use foundation but BB Cream in most of occasion. I don't know what get into me lately but I was thinking about having a good foundation in my stash. I don't wear makeup for whole day even if I do, BB Cream will be enough even they will be completely faded by the end of the day. But I found there are several condition where I need my makeup to last long all day. Therefore my pick goes to Shu Uemura Lightbulb Foundation. It is said the foundation is pretty lightweight and comes with dewy look. I don't really mind with the dewy look since I can always set it with powder.
Source : Google
5. Sleek Face Contour Kit

This one came from my old wishlist. Apparently, I haven't had a chance to buy it since I still have my old contour powder and it still works perfectly fine. I just dropped my contour powder some time ago and I guess I need to stock on a new one. Another reason is because they had provided a highlighter inside the kit. I was quite tempted to try on strobing makeup too.

Source : Google
It is pretty much all but I guess if I dig in further I will come up with more thing so for now I will end up it here. I am a pretty bothersome buyer lol so I will make sure to do a proper research before I buy something. I used to search things on various sites and blogs. I hate to admit that all the information that you need is out there but it's kinda hard to sort the useful things for you. For example, when I find a foundation swatch or review, I need to make sure that the author had a similar skintone with me. It is very troublesome especially if most of the reviewers aren't Asian since the skintone difference are very obvious.

If you properly read from my list above, Female Daily has added a new feature on their site which is an archive of review from their forum members. It concluded a lot of review under different categories. You can also easily sort it from your skintone or skin type. It is pretty easy in doing research so I think you can try it out when you're looking for a review. In the same time, you can also write a reviews about product that you'll love.

Is there any thing that you like from my wishlist? Please do tell me in the comment section.

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July 15, 2015

My Journal from Garnier Vlogging Workshop

Hello everyone! Hope you're having a good day and I'm coming with long awaited post about my trip with Garnier which I had mentioned previously.

According to the schedule, we were told to gather at the meeting point at 5 a.m and after all the preparation was complete, we're heading to Bandung on 6 a.m. Being such a night owl lately, I feel kinda refreshed to see the sunrise and asked myself 'where have you been girl?'

I'm glad there aren't any bad traffic in highway so we arrived at Padma Hotel around 09.30 a.m. The first thing that come to my mind and perhaps everybody else too is the scenery. We could see the beautiful scenery from the lobby. I've heard about this hotel before from my friends and no doubt it is a great option if you're going for a short escape with your beloved.

The architecture is pretty unique since the lobby is on the top floor while all the rooms are located below. Another interesting fact is they put on the floor number in the opposite. The lower you're going, the higher the number is.

They have a really nice pool in here! I wish I could give it a try.

Pardon my sleepy face hahaha I couldn't sleep earlier on the night before so these dark circles are voluntarily showing up to tell you the truth.

After enjoying the great view, we had our breakfast and a light talk with other bloggers. The hotel provides a wide range of dishes varied from Indonesian to Western which is pretty nice since I see there are plenty of foreign visitors in here. 

Going back to our workshop. After a decent breakfast time, we're directed in a room where the workshop will be held. You will probably never imagine how the room are arranged. 

Bean bag? Seriously? I thought we're probably going to do the workshop in a bossy meeting room with table and chair facing each other hahahaha. Garnier Team put a big effort in making this workshop fun! 

After a long-tiring journey from Jakarta, I feel it is very comfortable to follow the workshop in such relaxing and comfortable environment like this. I bet I am not the only one who think that way. ;) See how everyone enjoyed their time in this room?

As usual a mandatory group photo before the workshop officially begin.

First of all, Garnier Team greet all the bloggers nicely and share their opinion through the workshop. Garnier shares an interesting story behind their concept which inspires us to be innovative in many ways. That's pretty much describe how they are very keen into the vlogging world and tried to level up our blogging experience to the next level which is vlogging. 

A little break for lunch after the first session before heading to the next one. I feel that I am well fed in this trip that I don't have to worry I will starve myself lol.

What I have for my lunch.

After finishing our lunch, we proceed to the next session. We were introduced to our lecturer, Mrs. Priskila Eirene. She reflects how passionate she is with her job (which is video editor) and make the whole session interesting with her outgoing personality.

Kila shares a lot of important things in creating youtube video, coming from how to take videos properly until the strategy in publishing our videos. If you're interested to know more about it, I will make another post about it since it's gonna be a long post if I write it here. 

Along the workshop session, we were given a short time to do a trial. We learn how to shoot videos properly, how to manage a good angle, how to choose a good background, and many more. It is very exciting since our hotel have plenty of beautiful spots to shoot. After taking session, we continue to the editting session. Everybody started to busy with their own gadgets and try to do editing under Kila's direction. 

I love this candid picture by Ochell. It perfectly captured how I usually work lol. I tend to be very ignorant and isolate myself from people when I dig into work.

When all the subjects have been delivered, we're finally getting our free time! Time to take a shower and a quick rest before dinner time. I came to my surprise when I open the door to my room and found this.

It is such a very thoughtful welcome gift from Garnier. They even put several equipment that can be very useful in taking videos such as mini tripod and detachable lens for smartphone. I am very impressed how Garnier managed everything for us, even to the smallest details. 

I can tell that everyone are so excited with the workshop and they still use their free time to retake the videos or continue with editing. I believe we're all tired from a long trip but it is fun because we're doing what we love. :)

The surprise haven't ended since Garnier prepared an exclusive dinner for us.

Our exclusive dinner.

I swear this is my favorite dessert ever! The ultimate choco lava cake with vanilla ice cream and crumbles. It tasted so good that I will definitely come back for it.

I finished my video pretty late around 2 a.m. before heading to my bed. Earlier in the morning, I was once again fascinated by the beautiful view and serene ambience from my room. I feel kinda sleepy to be honest but I need to get ready for the morning yoga.

Such a very peaceful place and a perfect environment to do yoga. This is my very first time doing yoga. Our yoga instructor, Mr. Fey, has a very great flexibility since he can do any pose without difficulties.

Ended up with a bit of sore hahahaha I guess I need to work out a little bit from now on. After yoga session, we have our breakfast and get ready to pack our things for checkout. I feel that two days is way too short for this workshop and still want to stay for another day. 

For the last time, we were still managed to take a lot of group photo before leaving our beautiful hotel. Take a lot of picture with another bloggers and it have been an amazing journey for me since I met with new bloggers and had acknowledged many things through this workshop. 

After checkout, we continue our journey to Miss Bee Providore for lunch. It is such a very lovely place with a unique architecture. This restaurant are divided into two different area, first one is the glass house and and the other one is fairy tale hut kinda look.

They prepared a lovely arrangement in our dining room and the room were full of white and yellow roses.

They even have these little furry companion outside and they are so cute. <3

I was way too busy looking at these bunnies when one of the staff was looking for me because they said they are going to announce the vlogging workshop winner. Okay ._.  I don't know since no one told me not to go anywhere hahaha. 

And surprise! I am one of the winner!

Later on, I discovered that I was gone missing when they were announcing me as the winner, that's why the staff is looking for me. This kind of thing are not my first and I wonder why it keeps happening.

After winner announcement, we are pleased to enjoy our lunch which are very delicious. <3

My meal is pretty insta-genic, don't you agree? Okay it is just a little lie, this is not mine, I took a picture of Ochell's meal since hers looks more appetizing than mine although we had the same meal.

Another amazing dessert that I discovered from this trip. It has a very strong rhum flavor and a slight bitter taste that goes along well with the vanilla ice cream.

Another shots with new blogger friends ^.^

In case if you're wondering about my video, you can watch it through clicking the video below. I did a little adjustment from the original version since I am keen on tiny little things that I missed and I thought it would be easier for you to watch.

The whole trip is amazingly fun and expand my videography knowledge further. I am pretty excited to create videos again, perhaps if you guys have any idea or request, you are most welcomed to leave comments below. You can also check my previous video on my youtube channel here.

When you do good about yourself, then you will do good to society.

I'm currently on a long holiday and internet connection is limited so I will probably update more when I'm back. You can see more updates by following my social media account or simply drop any question through my through the link below.

Have a nice day.

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