January 10, 2011

Review - Yoko Yogurt Spa Milk Salt

Hellow everyone... I'm still enjoying my long holiday and doing a lot of observation for my beauty and skincare routine.. there will be lots of review around this week. ^o^  hope you enjoy reading my posts.

Today I'm gonna review about Yoko Yogurt Spa Milk Salt. The first time I know about this product, I'm not interested at all with 'whitening scrub'. Sounds not promising at all. But after reading so many reviews and find out it is not expensive, I thought it might worth to give it a try...So here it is.

It contains 300 gr nett weight. It has four different fragrance, Milk, Yogurt, Sakura, and Lavender. I tried the Yogurt variants because many reviews said it has a good fragrance. See, the texture is similar with salt. And guess what, it tastes like salt! (I tasted it incidentally)

Unfortunately, the zipper packaging is not good, when the scrub go through between the zipper, the zipper can't be used anymore. So I put it inside a glass jar.

Unlike other scrub that mixed with cream, this scrub can't be used when your skin is dry. Apply this scrub after finishing your bath. Wait about 4-5 minutes before you apply it. If you apply it when your body is totally wet, the scrub will disappeared immediately. And after that you can start to massage your body with the scrub with circular movements. This scrub is pretty hard for those who usually use soft scrub. But after 3-4 usage, I thought it's not as hard as the first time I use it. Moreover, I prefer this one than the other I ever used before.

After that, rinse your body... and voillaa... a super SMOOTH skin... its fragrance last for a long time too.. I love this product so much. =) And after used it every week, I feel that my skin is softer than before and a little bit brigthen. I'm thinking about using the body butter and soap bar from Yoko.

I give it 4.5  of 5. Excellent ^_^ and I love this. Repurchase? Of Course !!!


  1. which is better yoko yogurt spa milk salt or spa mlik salt?

  2. I never tried the milk variant, but people said it has milk scent, but not as strong as the yogurt one. :) I prefer the yogurt one.

  3. Must use it everyday ? Comment pls.

  4. hi actually i used this product for the first time...and yeah your right it's helpful but i'm scared to used this product...also because of what will be the result of my skin bad or good, i hope it's Good..

  5. Hi Teresa!

    Well if you're afraid that it will be too harsh, you can use it after pat your skin with towel lightly after bath (not until completely dry) so it has enough moisture for the scrub. ^.^ After 1-2 usage, you will get used to it. It's really great for 'stubborn hard' area such as your elbow ^______^ hopefully it works good on you too

  6. For how long can I use it after opening the container?


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