March 25, 2015

Change Your Destiny with SK-II

Talking about future, I could probably turn into the most anxious person ever. I used to do things with a detailed plan and schedule. I could make a fuss over a small unnecessary thing to make sure I got everything right on track. I was taught on to have plans therefore I will always be prepared for things.

In several condition, some people might find my perfectionism is unpleasant but I learn how to put an effort to achieve my goals. I learn how to do things properly and figured out the best method for myself. Life is pretty much trial and error, don't you agree? One of my teacher told me back then to stop saying you can't before you tried on something. Why? By having that thoughts in your mind, you had set your own limits without pushing yourself to your best shot.

March 23, 2015

The Future of Beauty with Panasonic

I believe most of us are familiar with Panasonic brand so I guess we don't need any further explanation about the brand itself. But if I could ask, what is the first thing that comes in your mind when you heard about Panasonic? As for me, I am personally think about various electronic items or house appliances. The next thoughts would be their range of camera, televisions, audio, etc. I could simply highlight their specialty in technology development. So, imagine if Panasonic make a good use of their expertise in technology for beauty tools?

Last week, I was invited by Female Daily to attend 'Discover the Beauty of the Future with Panasonic Beauty' at Female Daily HQ along with other bloggers. I am pretty excited since we have a special privileges to try on the tools plus get an expertise insights from the professionals about how to use them properly.

March 4, 2015

My Ideal Winter Holiday in Japan

I've been in love with Japan for many years. I guess all the manga that I read had contributed for it. I always imagine how beautiful is it when the flower blooms in Spring or how fun it is to play around in Winter.

As for someone who grew in a tropical country, I wonder how does snow feel and looks like. I used to have an imagination that winter season sounds very magical. There are so many fairy tale and beautiful Christmas story happened in winter.

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