December 31, 2013

Happy New Year 2014 + My 2014 Resolution

Today is the last day of 2013, the day when I usually think about what I've done in a year and make a list about what I'm going to do in the next year.

I recall that many things happened, the good one and the bad one. Even until the very last minute.

My ups and downs in 2013

- Graduated with an A score
One of my biggest dream in my final year. I could finally make my parents proud because I could get an A for my thesis ^_____^ I worked really hard for this and glad that my hardworks are worthed.

- Explore more in creative fields 
I don't know where it starts but soon after I graduate, I feel that I was given so many opportunities to explore more in a fields that I'm working on. I'm interested in creating videos and animation as you can see that I'd upload some of my works recently on my youtube channel :D

-I lost my camera
Probably the most shocking moment in my life. T_T I know that I am so careless. I'm really really sad that I lost my partner, it's been accompanying me since the first time I wrote this blog :(

Last year fireworks that I capture with my beloved Canon 500 D... :(

This year, I'm spending my new year at Pat's villa. I'm writing this post under tons of fireworks :D And I feel that next year will be a great one. I will work hard to achieve all my dream ^o^

2014 Resolution

- Go get a new camera
LOL no matter what happened I think I need to find myself a new camera. I was thinking to get myself a mirrorless camera, but still comparing each other. Any recommendations will be highly appreciated :D

-Work hard and learn more.
 I'm currently in my probation now. Hopefully everything goes well. I enjoyed my new office environment and also my new job. I'm going to start another business with my mom too. :D

- Starting our future plan
This year is a busy year for us because both of us need to pass our thesis. After graduation, we did realize that we need to do something before going into a further step in our relationship. Therefore, we promised to work hard to fulfill our dream :) About the work itself, it's still a secret hehehe. 

- Be a good blogger
I also understand that my blog is lacked of update in this year, hahahaha still the same reason.. it's all because I need to pay attention to my thesis. I will try my best to blog again regularly. Please tell me what kind of post that you like the most from my blog :D I will try to do more videos and my first giveaway in the future too. I supposed to post about it before New Year T ^ T

- Go travelling to an interesting place
I rarely gone travelling because my family doesn't like travelling but I love travelling so much LOL! I think that I wanna go travelling next year hehehe :D

Well I think that's all. I wanna work more and enjoy my life more in the same time. :) Many things happened. The good one and the bad one. But I believe that we could always learn something from all the past events. :)

Happy New Year everyone! Let's work hard and go through another year together :D

December 28, 2013

Nightmare Before Christmas

To be honest, I am not joking but yeah it does really happen. :(

Right before Christmas Eve, I'm going to Puncak with Pat by a travel car. And we brought so many things, let's say aroung 7-8 big bags. I remember exactly that I had all my gadget such as my laptop, camera, and so on. We're the first passengers who get in and the first one who get out. So I think it is impossible for someone to steal our stuff. When we arrived, I'm sure that I'd checked all of my belongings. I even tell Pat to check under the seat in case we missed something.

The day after, I realized that I cannot find my camera ANYWHERE..........

I was in panic and then tried all our best to get the camera back. But yeah... you know when you lost something in Indonesia, it's almost impossible to get it back.

I'm screwed up, missed an important collaboration with my friends and all post that I wanna work on delayed.

But then, I tried to calm myself that I don't want a single bad thing ruin my whole holiday. I'm intended to replace my old camera with the new one but still waiting for the right time. So I take it as a warning to be careful on my next trip and hopefully could afford a new camera really soon.

As I always said that good thing happened after the bad one. The next day I celebrate our 4th anniversary and surprisingly Pat gave me this. For the first time in my life, I didn't get any weird and unusual gift LOL. Hahahaha I couldn't say any single words then.

Behind the scene story (like always).

Few days before our trip, he asked what do I want for our anniversary gift and I said 'a new necklace' immediately. Simple, it's because he promised me 4 years ago that he would love to replace me a new necklace because he thought the one he gave me aren't really good (lol first-timer who didn't know where to buy girl's gift :P). Then I just wanna tease him a little bit to see if he remember about it or not. When we're going out for my Christmas shopping, he asked me which kind of necklace that I like. I remember that I choose the random cross design because the other design were not into my type. We were in rush and didn't have much time to shop. So I think, there won't be any chance for him to buy me some gifts. I didn't expect much because I was super busy and even couldn't finish my gifts for him.

Old Necklace :3

Later after we arrived, he gave me a little blue box that kinda surprise me. Judging from his type, I still didn't expect any good thing LOL (seriously too many bad experience in the past). I even still asked him why he didn't get me a red box because I didn't like blue hahahaha!

When I opened it, I was surprised that he could bought a necklace LOL.

Then I asked him,"How did you choose the necklace?"

He replied me," I pick the one you choose back then."

LOL... Okay la,I forgive you this time because you show some worthy effort xD

For the first time in our 4 years, he did give me something unexpected in the right time hahahaha. <3

So until I got my new camera, you will no longer see any updates from me. I guess I need a long holiday for now on because I was too busy lately, I even didn't have a single time to chill and relax. :) I believe that all the good thing will come next year and of course will bring more post on my blog ^_^ I really appreciate it if you guys wanna wait until I get my new camera. I can't wait to share about many things with all of you. I will go for a camera hunt right after I came back to Jakarta.

Happy holiday everyone! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year ! ^o^ 

December 1, 2013

New MV for Kiranti

Hello lovelies. If you're wondering I rarely update now, it's because I'm working on this animation! 

Take your time to watch. ^.^

Any comments or likes will be appreciated :3 I'm still learning though.

This is the first time I made a video in Bahasa so it's kinda awkward. I will explain a little bit about the video.   Kiranti is a Indonesian's herbal drink that helps woman to reduce PMS. The main story tells about women's monthly pain (a.k.a PMS) and how to 'bear' with it.

Well yeah, Pat said that I looks like the angry dinosaur when I'm on my period. Hahaha it can't be helped because it's extremely painful >_<

 I decided that I wanna do something before working on next Monday. Yes, I'm finally employed LOL. I'll probably busy til the end of the year. I had another plan for another animation project and hopefully I could finish it before Christmas. ^^ Of course I'll be doing some beauty related post too hehe. 

Talk to you guys again later ^.^/ 

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