July 30, 2013

Experiencing BliV Skincare

Hi everyone :D

One of the reason that I didn't blog for months lately (besides doing my thesis) is because of this...

I look totally HORRIBLE -_-

I don't know why but there are times when my face is getting really sensitive. Even when I'm not changing any of my skincare regime. :/ New acne is coming everyday and I was having no time at all to pay more attention for it. I was really afraid if it continued and make my face even worse T ^ T .Until one day, the PR of b.liv contacted me by e-mail if I might be interested to try on their skincare products or not. I was really expecting a great results through their products.

And here they are... b.liv is really generous for giving me fullsized product to be reviewed.
I really really had a big expectation.

1. B.LIV NO SPOTS BYE DOTS (Blemish Cleansing Gel)

The cleanser comes in gel form which is quite new for me as I never tried any gel cleanser before. It is packed inside a bottle made from plastic. Pretty safe if I dropped it accidentally (but so far I havent't).

Nett. 130 ml
Price $28

And it has a pump to get the product out <3 Hygienic and easy to use. I only need to remove the clip under the pump, use it, and put the clip back. :)

You only need 1-1.5 pump to cleanse the entire face :D
 It's really gentle and I started to notice the difference in my first week using this cleanser. :) It helps to calm down and prevent any acne to sit on my skin. My skin feels moist without any tight feeling after usage. The only thing that might bothering you is the fragrance. It's quite strong so I don't really recommend these for those who have an allergic towards fragranced skincare. But after few times usage, I'd get used to it and it's no longer a big matter for me.

 2. B.LIV OFF WITH THOSE HEADS (Blackheads Sebum Gel)
Blackheads! One of my biggest enemy that I could never get rid of. 

Nett 30 ml
Price $49

It comes in plastic bottle with a pump and quite tiny so you can bring it along when travelling. 
Comes in a light clear gel that can be spread easily. It turn into watery texture and then absorbed quickly into the skin. And I must said I was quite impressive with the results. I usually didn't see any difference in any blackhead removers product. Not even in pore-pack. But after using this for a month, I could see that it reduce my blackhead gradually.

It is not completely gone but less visible :) This is the first blackhead products that works on me.

3. B.LIV SPOTS GOT SHOTS (Blemish Treatment Serum)
The next product is the blemish treatment serum. 

Nett 15 ml
Price $25

The texture is creamy yet watery. This serum could help to calm and reduce acne. :D Works well without any itchy feeling or harsh peeling effect which some acne medication does. It doesn't magically make your acne disappear within a night, but it takes around 3-4 days depending on your skin condition. I guess there aren't any products that could make your acne completely gone in a night. So it's normal for me :)

 But it has the weirdest scent I ever smell LOL! It smells like 'sterile' (imagine hospital!) in the beginning, but later it turned out to be something that I cannot describe hahaha. But still works well although it has a weird scent LOL.

 4. B.LIV KICK SPOTS OUT (Intensive Treatment Mask)

The last thing is the facial mask <3

Price $32/box (each box contains 7 sheet masks)

As you can see, the essence might not be as many as other mask, but I just love it. Why? Because if it contains too many essence, when I put it on my face, the essence will be drip where and make such a mess. 

Let the mask sit still on your face for 2-30 minutes

and do something interesting maybe?

No dripping at all! The mask sheet is not too thin or thick. And I feel so refreshed after using this mask although I didn't see an obvious results after using it. It might need several usage to see the difference but it doesn't break me out :D After you took it off, gently pat the rest of the essence with your finger

In the first week using b.liv skincare, I could see that my acne is reducing and not coming as much as before. I also didn't experience any breakouts. Then after a month, the amount of acne is reduced significantly. 

And this is me after 2 months using Bliv.
What do you think? ;)

So, I'm really satisfied with all these products! :D They worked super nice on me and helped me to achieve my smooth skin back! <3 Love them very much. I'm personally think that the price itself might be quite expensive for student budget. But you get what you paid :D In several condition (i.e you are having many breakouts or acne), don't mess around with your face by using untrusted skincare products.

If you're interested you can try to reach them by visiting their site

An extra story for you... 
Especially for those who are always wondering about international shippings

 Bliv PR told me when she sent the products and also provide me with the tracking number.The products came a little bit late and when I was checking on the delivery status.. it was postponed in Indonesia for about 1 week!-_- Moreover the expedition charged me around US$20 even after they write down the product as a gift. I don't know why but this is a big disadvantages and the main reason why we (Indonesians) rarely do any international shoppings. Probably in the future, they can help to deliver the products to their customer without any additional fee. Although I know -_- it's just our country sucks and always make us gone through hard condition regarding taxes and so on. 

Anyone would like to share about how did you fight with acne?? :)

bliv PR has just told me a good news for all my readers! You will no longer having difficulty to purchase bliv products because Beautylicious Online is selling bliv products in Indonesia and it means you don't have to deal with those taxes matter like I did! :D So if anyone interested to buy, you can visit Beautylicious Online and get them :D

July 22, 2013

Review : Ellips Hair Mask

Coming with a quick review of a hair mask that I used recently. I started to feel that my hair is getting worse by days since I don't have much time to take care of it at the moment. So when I was going to the supermarket, I saw this hair mask and grab it with no doubt at all. My hair deserves a treatment too la, not only my face hahaha. I'm really afraid I will be bald soon if I don't take care my hair properly T_T

Ellips Hair Mask

It's pretty cheap and come in several variant which I don't really remember to be exact. But I chose the one that suitable for colored hair.

Simple packaging and designed for a single usage. I found there's a generous amount of product inside. It's more than enough for me, as I have long hair but it's quite thin. But I think it would be enough for someone with long and thick hair :) Only cost you less than Rp 10.000.

The cream consistency is thick and can be easily spread. 
Use after you finished washing your hair.

The results is shiny and untangled hair for me hahaha. :D It doesn't make my hair looks so damn oily just like other hair mask could be. It doesn't have any disturbing fragrance too. So I think it's a pretty good deal. It can be easily found in the nearest supermarket. I would love to try the other variants later :3

-Makes my hair smooth
-Easy to find


So, do you like using hair mask? What kind of product do you use?
 Let me know in the comment section :D

July 20, 2013

Beauty Inside and Out with Pantene Shine Moment

"Beauty not only comes from the outside but also from inside"

Well I must said it really depends on people. But as for me, both of them are important. :) Everybody love pretty woman with a beautiful heart, don't they?

Last week, Pantene Indonesia invited me to come to their press conference about 'Pantene Shine Moment'. The event was held at Luna Negra. So what it is all about?

Ezta Wahyudi as the PR Manager of P&G Indonesia mentioned about their current campaign "Pancarkan Kilau Rambut dan Hatimu". She gave us a brief explanation about how beauty could elevate our confidence level and inspired us to share with the others. Based on this philosophy, Pantene invited all Indonesian woman to participate in Pantene Shine Moment contest to achieve a beautiful hair and beautiful ideas to help others.

 Pantene Indonesia's Brand Ambassador, Raline Shah. 

She represented 'Puteri Favorit' in Putri Indonesia 2008 and had such a wonderful vision about improving Indonesian women's quality. She believes that every woman could make a great achievement through their self-confidence. For your information, Raline had been involved in many social activities, especially about children's education. I believe she represent beauty from the inside and out. :) And she is convinced that we could do the same thing through Pantene Shine Moments.

Are you ready to spread the beauty?


Simply choose one or several things from 10 hair problems and share your ideas to help one of 10 problems in our environment. In 14 days, each participants must give a reason about their ideas for helping others everyday. And Pantene will give you hair care tips for achieving healthy and shiny hair as a feedback.

You can join in Pantene Shine Moment here
The contest will run from July 1st to 26th 2013. 

Let's join in and share some love :)

July 19, 2013

Etude Beauty Carnaval : Healthy Face Movement

Last month, Etude House invited me to come on their biggest annual event :D Etude Time! This year they came up with Beauty Carnaval theme. The event was held at Mal Taman Anggrek. It is really crowded compared to the last year. I'm so excited <3

All the decorations are in pink and so cute! The cone-shaped-roof of each counter remind me of circus carnaval. Seems like we're in a Etude House Theme Park LOL.

Bloggers are gathered in a private area with many tables and make-up. I met several blogger friends, such as ce Jilly, Vheii, Rini, Gita, and Matcha. It seems I've been disappeared for quite a long time from blogger's event hahaha.. 

And then Ms Yohana started the event by explaining about Etude's latest campaign about Healthy Face Movement (HFM) and also their latest product... the CC Cream that has been famous among beauty enthusiast lately. I was also curious to find out :D 
 Healthy Face Movement is a campaign about how to take care of their face by doing '3ME'

1. Membersihkan wajah dengan skincare 
(Cleansing with skincare)

2. Memakai pelembab atau alas bedak ringan 
(Using moisturizer)

3. Membersihkan wajah kembali setelah beraktivitas 
(Cleansing after doing activity)

I think it's really important to take care of your skin especially when you're still young.They also held a video competition for Healthy Face Movement since it's much more interesting to see an explanation through a video than a long boring paragraph,right? You can check on their Facebook Page for more info :) Everybody could join in and there will be lot of prizes!

After that we're asked to do a makeup competition :D And here's how do I look at the moment
Not much makeup since they told us to came with bare-face. But just cannot came without makeup la, the ugliness will be exposed. So I came with no makeup makeup look LOL.

Etude's MUA is doing a make-up demo that we will do later. It's Korean sweet natural look. :)

 And this is the results. Well it's pretty hard to be captured but I think you could imagine how Korean natural sweet look would be :P

And now it's our turn to create a Sweet Sparkling Candy Look.
 Bare face *_* so ugly... let's see how much I could change...

Couldn't manage to capture any picture because they only gave us 30 minutes. >_<

And this is the results...
 I think I look more like K-POP than Sparkling Sweet Candy Look... am I right?

The reason is because all the eyeshadow that I got was in brown color, black eyeliner and also black eyebrow pencil.  T ^ T I was busy borrowing other items from other friends and it takes much time. In fact, I don't really mind to be given testers as long as they can be used properly. But what I found on my table are  dirty powder sponges, dried mascara, and unmatched eyeshadow color. Even when we're given tester, at least they could provide us a new and clean sponge considering the hygiene issues :) We want to make sure that everything is clean before we put them on our face, right? So I hope they could prepare the items better next time and the competition could be fair in my opinion :).

Anyway, here there are the winners :D

Not forget to do the 'usual' beauty blogger pose

And we could bring their CC Cream and BB cream home! Yeayy! :D
I enjoyed Etude's Beauty Carnaval Event so much <3 And don't forget to join the Healthy Face Movement Video Competition! ;) kindly wait for my video and reviews then.

July 7, 2013

Hello Kawaii Beauty Japan!

In case of you don't know, I am totally a big fan of Japan (besides Pucca from Korea)! If I were asked about which country I want to visit so bad... I will answer JAPAN!!  The first time I fall in love with Japan is when I saw a picture of Japanese woman wearing kimono in my English textbook. I was about in first or second grade in elementary school.

Then during my teens, I started to read BUNCH of manga. Save every single money that I have to buy the new manga every month LOL. I always wondering how does takoyaki and sushi taste ever since. LOL I guess that's how I was being curious about Japan in the first place.

My idol .. Ayumi Hamasaki.

I don't know how she could pull off many style and make it popular 8D 

My favorite Japanese food ever. Takoyaki!
Source : KBJ

 Source : KBJ

Source : KBJ

Source : KBJ

So many huh?

It sounds unreasonable in the beginning about how I like Japan. But the more I know about Japan, I'm kinda amazed more! And you'll love them more days by days (at least that's what happened to me)

And now.... let's say hello to Kawaii Beauty Japan!

What is Kawaii Beauty Japan?
Kawaii Beauty Japan (KBJ) is a one stop media where you can reveal your true beauty with a hint of Japanese secret. <3

So for anyone who loves Japan, you should check out Kawaii Beauty Japan. :D They shared so many useful information about Japan. Japanese culture, Japanese folklore, Japanese food, you named it. You just need a single click and you got all you need. It is much more easier compared to many years ago, I need so many time to find a simple Japanese recipe or anything about Japan. So be grateful that you're in Kawaii Beauty Japan era LOL.

One point from Japan that I adore the most is about their secret of beauty and healthy living .I've been trying several Japanese skincare method until now and it works great.:D Japan is also known as the healthiest country with the highest life rate in the world. Amazing right. Therefore Kawaii Beauty Japan revealed three beauty secrets.

1. Skin
They would love to introduce about skincare regime and also recommended Japanese products for all their readers to try :D As you know, Japanese skincare is really famous and works wonderful <3 See how clear their skin are.

Source : KBJ

The famous Chizu Saeki. I'd shared about her simple method to keep your skin beautiful here. :D 

2. Heart / Mind
Spring in Japan.. cherry blossom tree! <3 Wanna walk together with Patty once in Japan! 

Source : KBJ

They believe that beauty is not only about how beautiful are you in the outside but also from the inside. So they helped us to achieve an inner beauty by sharing the beauty of culture and view in Japan. When you're looking at a good thing, people will feel happy. Being happy means being beautiful :D Did you got the point?

3. Body
Source : KBJ

Basic of true beauty is a healthy diet. I was always wondering about why does Japanese people  looks so healthy? Even the elders, kids, teens. I barely see any overweight people in Japan. Then later I reveal the secret after watching several Japanese cooking channel on Youtube.

Source : KBJ

They pay attention on the balance of their diet seriously. For example the combination of their menu. They always tried to put on vegetable in everything they eat. o_o Onions, salads, pickles, and many more. They also drink green tea which is really really good for your body. They ate fish more than we did in here although we're the same perairan country. No wonder they are being so healthy :D

Japan surely never fail to impress me.

They believe through these aspects, every woman could reveal their real beauty to the world. And I feel that Kawaii Beauty Japan is really helpful for those who want to know more about Japan. You can get so many information from their fanpage since they coming with different information everyday. So you can build up your Japan knowledge through Kawaii Beauty Japan!

Make sure to visit Kawaii Beauty Japan 

And anyway I'm late for submission T_______T I misunderstood the date 7 July 12.00 PM for tonight .. Unfortunately the last submission is last night. :'( So sad but I think it would be better to publish it. So more people know about Japan that I love <3

I wish I could visit Japan one day and experience the beauty of Japan. :) 私は日本が大好き

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