November 29, 2013

Review Dr. Jart+ CTRL-A Liquid Foam and Spot Out

As someone who have an acne prone skin, having a stock of great acne medication is a must for me because I will never know when the acne will come. That's why I'm so lucky to be given this Ctrl - A series from Dr. Jart+ previous event. o.o

This is the liquid facial wash from CTRL-A series. 

The bottle was made from sturdy plastic. Just like the other product from Dr. Jart+, it also had a clean design without many pattern or fancy color.

Creates soft lather when mixed with water.

I thought it will be drying but it isn't. Surprisingly, it also had a cooling sensation when I washed my faces. It feels like they are pouring mint extract inside LOL. Great to use especially in the morning to refresh your sleepy face hehe. I think it also helps to soothe your skin with the cool sensation. 

Unfortunately, I don't know why but it breaks me out after a week T-T. So I'd stopped using this facial foam and back with my previous cleanser.


First of all, I was wondering about what kind of tool is this.It looks like a concealer pen but slightly bigger. It's CTRL - A Spot Out to clear and prevent breakouts... or in other words, an acne gel.

It took me some time before I had a big war with acne to try on this product. Most of acne medication that I ever tried is drying and painful (burning sensation that aren't comfortable), some of them are stick and make my face looks oily :( I wonder if this one could change my mind about acne medication. 

The size is quite big and remind me of stabilo that I used on my school days. It has three tiny holes in front to let the products out. It also had a secure stopper by rotating the back side, so it will not accidentally being pressed and messed up your bag. o.o


It comes in gel and also very watery. It easily dissolves into your skin and create such a nice cooling sensation that let your acne calm down from its inflamation. Feels like put a cooling gel on a burning skin ^.^ Moreover it will be absorbed into your skin easily since it comes in gel and will not leave any sticky or uncomfortable feeling. Since it could be really drying, use it only on the problematic area :)

It works wonderfully on my acne. The results vary depends on the acne's type. It work fast on small bumps and takes a little time on bigger bumps. No need to pop out the acne or painful experience at all.

And it is really easy to bring with so you can use it anywhere. ^.^

The only problem that I had is, no matter I tried to press it gently, it always come with too much product  so sometimes I think it's kinda a waste because it is actually designed to put the product on several spots but ended up with pouring too much products all the time. 

And seriously it had solved about all acne medication that I ever had. ^.^ I'm totally love this acne gel so much that I will never forget to bring it with me when I had an acne!

Overall, I'm really satisfied with CTRL - A Spot Out but unfortunately not with their liquid foam :( The price itself is kinda pricey (you can check their price in my previous post here ) but as long as it works, I think it equals with the results that you get.  :D

November 22, 2013

Review Dr. Jart+ V7 Beauty Balm

BB Cream is one of makeup products that I used the most. Therefore, I stocked up several kinds of different BB Cream to be used in different occasion. Well I think it explain enough how I love using BB Cream than foundation. ;) I love how BB Cream could blend into your skin nicely and feels lighter on your skin for everyday use. 

Dr. Jart+ V7 Beauty Balm

This is the my first time trying on Dr. Jart+ BB Cream. Years ago, I was quite curious about this brand but I rarely saw any review about their products. :3 I got their lates BB Cream which is V7 Beauty Balm. V7 means seven vitamins are extracted in this product. It also claimed to have a perfect protection from UV/UB with a natural looking coverage.  Kinda excited to see how good this BB Cream could be.

The packaging is made from a plastic squeeze tube. It's really easy to control how much products that you need and more hygienic . 


It comes in one shade and has a light beige color which suitable for people with medium or fair skintone. But it blend into my skintone perfectly so I don't have any problem with it.

It has a really light and watery texture. You only need a tiny amout and it can be easily spread with your fingers. Suprisingly, it does provide  medium coverage. I think the coverage will be poor since the texture is kinda light.You can build up the coverage by layering it on some area that need more coverage. I don't recommend you to do many layers since it could make your face looks like wearing an opera makeup.

It looks white under strong lighting or flash lamp. I guess it's because this product has SPF properties. Actually, it looks really natural under natural lighting and blend really well into my skin. It also does a great job in reducing red marks and uneven skintone. My skin is getting brighter in an instant <3  It also could reduce dark spots or acne scars a little bit, but I suggest you to use a concealer for a better results. :)

You can leave it alone without any powder because it dries into matte finish. But you can set it with a darker shade powder if you think it is too light. Looks more natural now, right? :D

I love it! This is perfect for daily use with buidable coverage and UV protection. It feels really light and quite moisturizing too especially because the weather is getting cold (and wet) lately. Moreover, it doesn't break me out at all!! I'm so glad! xD I was kinda worry because sometimes BB Cream could break me out so bad. The staying power is also really nice even when you're into a super hot weather. Remember not to rub your face in such a hot condition, but tap it with gentle motion. The BB Cream will last longer on your face :)

Light and watery
Medium Coverage
Contains SPF

A little bit pricey

Have you tried any Dr. Jart+ products? I will review their skincare really soon ^.^

November 11, 2013

Explore Without Limit with OPPO N1

 Hello everyone. Well today's post will be different but still had something related with beauty ;) We will talk about smartphone. :D Who's excited then?

I believe in this era, smartphone is one of important gadget that we use everyday. Our mobile phone aren't simply for texting or calling anymore. And I'd seen tons of smartphone products are developed every year with so much new features and design. To be honest, I feel kinda confused if I were asked about what kind of smartphone that I would love to buy.

And here I read an interesting news about the newest smartphone from Oppo, OPPO N1. Well then what makes this OPPO N1 so special then?

The first time I heard about Oppo, I had no idea about it at all! I thought it might be a random smartphone brand from nowhere. Until I saw some of my friends are using Oppo and I'm kinda tempted to find out..what is the big deal about this brand?


Oppo is an electronics manufacturer from China. Okay I knew most of us, especially Indonesian, are quite skeptical of Chinese brand. But I have to admit that, most of smartphone that I ever seen were made in China. And I believe that you will *hopefully* change your mind after ready my post. ;)

Oppo started their product lines from mp3 players, LCD-TV, and many more until they started to produced their mobile phone . Now, Oppo has become a global technology brand with a long history in North America, Europe, and Asia. Well I don't think they could make it through international market until now if they don't have something great. That's why I told you not to be skeptical of this brand in the first place :)

Oppo tried their best all the time to exploring the latest that technology has to over. As results, they come with lots of new invention such as the 6.65 Oppo Finder (the thinnest smartphone in the world at the moment). Later on the same year, Oppo launched one of the world's most anticipated smartphones, OPPO Find 5 (the world's first smartphone with hardware that support HDR). Therefore, if you see the whole range from Oppo, you will find that they always had a unique point that differs them from another smartphone. Not forget to mention, Oppo always make sure that they only use the best materials for their products and that's what you will got in your hand.

Source : Oppo Website

Some of OPPO's smartphone :)

On October 16th, 2013, Oppo Indonesia officially launched their newest series, OPPO N1. If I'm not wrong, Indonesia is the second country who launched Oppo N1 after China. :)  
Source : Facebook OPPO
Source : Facebook OPPO

Actually I had an invitation to go there, but unfortunately I got some work to do :(

Source : Facebook OPPO
Source : Facebook OPPO
Now before we go through a brief explanation about this phone, please watch this video below.

It's quite decent process, right?

And this one is an introduction for Oppo N1 from me.


In case of you're curious about OPPO N1 specification, I'd rearranged it for you here
Click for larger images
Overall, it equals with any high end smartphone nowadays. So what make the difference between OPPO N1 and another smartphone?


1. HD Rotating Camera
The highlight of OPPO N1 is this unique rotating camera. You can easily recognize OPPO N1 by seeing it. I remember that years ago, rotating camera was really popular and I was one of the user hahaha. OPPO come with their new innovation on the unique rotating camera with better ability and design. 
Source : Oppo Website
OPPO N1 Camera could rotate until 206 degree and make every single shots that you take turn out really great. Well, most of front camera are not as good as the back one since if they make both of them in great quality, they might charge you back in such an insane price. Now with OPPO N1, you can take your selcas as good as using the back camera. OPPO understand ladies the most! *^.^*

Source : Oppo Website

Well designed, right? I think it is true that they had seriously done a research for all their products to make sure their customer are satisfied :) They also had tested this rotating camera for 100.000 times. It equals rotating it 40 times in 7 years. Well my phone could probably worn out before the camera does lol. 

Rotating camera also allow you to take your best shot from the best angle. :9 Again, angle of photographs is really really important especially for selcas. x)

Not only a unique rotating camera, but Oppo also developed the special N-lens. Oppo use six physical lens to give you a clearer image while eliminatin any distortion. It also have a f/2.0 wide aperture, which means it could let more light in and let you take great photos even in dark environment.
Source : Oppo Website

Even my DSLR didn't have f/2.0 aperture o_o (unless I changed the lens which is pretty expensive)

Not only providing you with an awesome camera, but Oppo also comes with Pure Image to enhance your captured image, make it more vivid and realistic. 
Source : Oppo Website

2. Large HD Screen
One of the biggest issue about smartphone nowadays, big screen. I found out it's quite convenient when a smartphone with touch screen comes in a bigger screen since it makes our finger movement easier. It is also way better to read, browse, viewing image or video, and of course playing games ^.^
Source : Oppo Website

Oppo N1 have a 5.9" full HD screen (with Gorilla Glass of course :9) which is pretty big. But we have to take a note that a bigger screen somehow can be annoying. When it is way too big, it's hard to use it by single hand. Therefore, Oppo had developed another features to overwhelm this problem...

It is called...

3. O-Touch Panel
Source : Oppo Website

Yes it is O-Touch panel! It is an entirely new way for using your smartphone. It makes one handed use for the large Oppo NI screen comfortable and easy. Imagine if you need to handle a big smartphone and use the same hand to operate it. o.o With O-Touch you can scroll, tap, or snap photos easily from the back side. This is one of Oppo's new invention that amazed me. :D

4. O-Click
I will let you guess what kind of tools is this....
Source : Oppo Website

Okay it is not a free keychain that Oppo give you. This round thing is an O-Click.

What is an O-Click?
O-Click is a tool that lets you remotely operate the N1 Camera even when you're away from the device. Well I know the same thing are created for DSLR cameras but never think there will be one for smartphone .... Amazing o_o! Simply put your N1 on position and step back to the position that you like. So you will never need to run after setting your camera's timer like this..

Censor my friend's face with a cute heart .... Privacy matters :D
 I did it many times already and what I got is blurred face hahaha.... Plus get scolded because my friend think I didn't run fast enough ;_; see how this thing could ruin your beautiful group photo?

  That's why I think the O-Click is really helpful. Not only that, if you misplace your device, you can find it easily by setting an alarm on the phone. O-Click is designed to fits into your keychain so you won't lose it easily. It also supports a range of up to 50 meters and connected to your Oppo N1 via Bluetooth. This tiny little things is actually really useful although it looks like a keychain, right?

I still cannot help my self not to be surprised by Oppo's invention.

5. Color OS
Source : Oppo Website
Oppo partneredwith CyanogenMod, the world's most popular aftermarket Android OS, to give their user a choice of software they would like to run on their Oppo N1. And for your information, CyanogenMod has a big advantage in increasing performance and reliability. For Android users who love tho explore through their device, I think they will totally love it ;)

6. Gesture Board
Gesture board is one of the latest technology that allows you to launch application using some gesture. As you had watched in my video, for example you can launch camera simply by drawing an O shape. You can also modify and set your own gestures for specific actions. It is so cool! <3  

Reason WHY I want OPPO N1
As someone who work in creative field, I need to dig in lots of inspiration either in my daily life or even at special events. Therefore, a great smartphone are needed to boost up our creativity. One of the feature that I use from my phone the most is the camera. I usually like to capture moments, design samples, or other interesting stuff in my daily life. We will never know the right time of an awesome moments, right? It's kinda troublesome to bring along a camera wherever I go, so phone camera come really handy in any situation since I always bring them everywhere (and I believe everybody does the same ;D).

It has no front camera so I need my tab to do selcas or sometimes grab my boyfie's to do some selcas. The battery is extremely bad until I need to bring my powerbank!!! >_< Moreover, the perfomance is getting really bad. Can't browsing, replying chats, and many more :( I'm more into my tablets now but it's way too big especially for a call T ^ T

Beside, I enjoyed my passion in photography and blogging. Sometimes when I need to attend a beauty event, doing a live event report, taking a great picture in such a rush moment!! It's seriously terrible if I have to take picture with my DSLR camera, then doing report with another gadget, taking some beauty shots with awful front camera T-T. Being such a perfectionist, I handled everything with different gadget to make sure I got a great shots, doing the report quickly, and so on. I'd been in such situation and believe me ...I missed so many great moments and of course the fun because I was too busy dealing with those gadget. Somehow I wonder if someday I could own a smartphone with a decent camera that could capture beautiful pictures just like my camera does. 

Therefore, I believe OPPO N1 is suitable to support my work and hobby at the same time. To explore in my work, in my daily life, and explore everything without limit .... with Oppo N1 :D

I wish I could have one now!

OPPO Indonesia
WEBSITE       |         FACEBOOK       |      TWITTER

This post is submitted for Aku & OPPO N1 Blog Contest.

November 6, 2013

YSL Lotte Shopping Avenue Grand Opening

Last week, Yves Saint Lauren expanded their branch by opening the newest counter on Lotte Shopping Avenue. Well, it's one of new shopping venue in Jakarta and to be honest, I've never been there so I'm really excited because I'd seen tons of my friend's photo there <3

The counter's location is near the west lobby. Luckily I enter from that lobby and found YSL counter   immediately ^^

For their new counter celebration, YSL were having a special makeup demo with Mr. Gunaldi and also giving out free samples for those who come to the counter with YSL flyer :D I am so excited to browse through their counter.

Mr. Gunaldi was doing a makeover which probably only takes 15 minutes. So fast o.o

I love the lip color! Don't you agree? :D

 After the makeup demo, all the beauty blogger are free to browse through the whole counter. 

 and of course busy with tons of makeup!

 Look at my favorite liptint from YSL >.< I was busy swatching their lip products as I'm seriously love their lip products. I can say that their liptint is kinda unique.

Credits to Vheii

Credits to Vheii

We were also pleased with sweet treats

And not forget to take a picture!
Finally meet you again, Vheii ^.^

I was having fun with all my beauty blogger friends by chit-chatting until night and shopping with Melly ^.^ (we forgot to take a picture together, Mel!)

And guess what, YSL was kind enough to give us the full size liptint that I always admire >_< Will make a review about it later!

November 4, 2013

Review : Face Mask from Serambi Botani

I was dropping by at this shop when I visited Artha Gading Mall long time ago. My friend was pretty interested to look inside and she found this mask. She asked me to try the mask together and in the end we bought two of them home.

Serambi Botani is a shop that sells product that originally made by Institut Pertanian Bogor. I can sense the 'organics' feel that they offered just from their interiors.

Okay now back with the mask. Actually, it is a traditional powder mask and you need to mix it with rose water or mineral water (yes, the one that you use for drinking). I'm not really excited and kinda pessimistic with this mask at first.

I bought the Tomato and Bengkuang.

The packaging is supposed to be cute. They'd prepared two holes to attach a string and they would look like a mini paper bag. But in fact, there are only holes without string :/

My expectation went even lower after I see what's inside the pack.
I can't differ one to another though.. It looks just the same 

-_- you must be kidding. It looks like some packs of DRUG!

With all the bad things in the beginning, I still finally give it a try. And seriously having a hard time building the mask consistency. :/ not too thick and not too thin. This is the first time that I struggle a lot for a face mask.

After several trial with different consistency, I found out that it still looks thin on my face no matter why. But after it dries, you can see whether it's completely covering your entire face or not. Not forget to mention it has a really weird scent. It's actually non-fragrance but I smell something like flour thingy. I'm personally thing that it would be better if there's a little bit fragrance inside. Well it could help to make us feel relax, right? :3 


Let it sit around 15 minutes and you can start to wash your face. Another difficulties appear. It's pretty hard and can't be easily wiped unless you tap many water on your face. #another hardwork

But seriously.. don't judge a book by its cover..

After being washed, my face feels so silky smooth and I'm kinda addicted to use it again LOL! Besides all the bad thing that I'd mention before, the result isn't that bad. If you don't mind to go through the difficulties, it's not a bad choice to give it a try :)

- Silky smooth effect
- Doesn't break me out

- Super weird pack
- Horrible smell
- Hard to remove

Anyone ever heard about this mask before?

November 3, 2013

Nestle Fitnesse Challenge - 14 Day Update

Okay so this is the late update for my Fitnesse 14 Day Challenge. I'd actually finished the challenge last week and here's the result. 

I'd finally succeed lost 2 kg while Pat lost 5 kg. o.o Okay it you might not notice the difference, but everybody seriously compliments Pat because his tummy is not as big as before (even my mom said so LOL).

I think it works way faster on people with BMI over 23. Well, I'm personally think that this is one of the fun way to lose weight. It's hard in the beginning I know, but once you're used to it, you will used to control what do you eat. For example, I rarely eat like a starving people since I manage what I eat in these two weeks.

Both of us are still consuming this especially for dinner substitutes although the challenge has ended. Because we're both agree that it make our tummy full without eating a huge dinner >.< Every time we're feeling hungry at night, we grab this Nestle Fitnesse to eat. For those who are interested with this challenge, read my previous post and let's be healthy together ^.^. 

November 2, 2013

Review Etude House Precious Mineral Cotton Fit BB Cream

I can never get tired of trying new BB Cream. Seems like since I use it, I never stop to try on new BB Cream. I just loved them a lot.

This time, I will review Etude House Precious Mineral BB Cream Cotton Fit BB Cream.
If I'm not mistaken, this one is the improved version from the previous and famous Precious Mineral BB Cream. I heard many good reviews about it and some of my friends love them but I never really had a chance to try it haha.

The new version bottle is slightly bigger with 50 ml contents and a pump packaging. It's kinda bulky but that means it contains more products inside :P They come in different shade and I got the lightest one, N02 (Light Beige) which actually kinda too light for me.

Perfectly even out my uneven skin o.o great as everyone always rave about it. My face looks so smooth afterwards. It couldn't really cover heavy acne scars but that's why we need concealer right? The texture is really light and nice to work with. I found the best results by using makeup brush. ;)

The staying power is quite good and it has a matte finish which I love so much. It last around 6-8 hours on me and great for daily use with SPF 30 PA++. It's also really nice to use if you're on a special occasion such as date or hangouts. Especially for those who don't really fancy using foundation like me. I prefer use BB Cream wherever I go because it feels way better than using foundation. But I don't recommend you to layer this BB Cream to achieve more coverage because it will make you looks like wearing a mask.

- Nice performance on evening out skin tone
- Light and easy to work with

- Bulk packaging

 Have you tried this BB Cream? :D

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