May 30, 2012

Reporting GUESS 30th Anniversary Bloggers Event

As promised, I'm going follow up my previous post.

I was going there with a totally different look. I come back with my natural look. ;)

Rockin' GUESS 30th Anniversary Opening Party

GUESS was celebrating their 30th all over the world including Indonesia! The event itself was held from Wednesday, May 16th until Sunday,May 20th. I was invited to attend the opening party on Wednesday along with Stella Lee, Franky Wu, and Stephanie. Therefore, we were also invited for bloggers event on Saturday.I will write this in two separate post, I bet this will be a long fun post. ;)

( Source : GUESS)

May 29, 2012

Review and Swatch : Sleek - Oh So Special Palette

I owned this for quite a long time. Immediately fall in love in the first sight LOL. It has many wearable color such as brown, soft pink, and also bold color such as deep purple, black, and many more! That's why I decide to buy this!
This is the outer packaging, well I do like the older packaging than the new one.

May 23, 2012

Givenchy Youth VAX'IN for Youth Serum

Couple of weeks ago, I was invited by Givenchy to attend their newest product, Youth VaXin Serum. The event was held at Mal Kelapa Gading which is pretty close with my residents.

I arrived there and straightly meet other bloggers there. I was also kindly greeted by Givenchy Branch  Manager, Ms. Julie.Then we gathered around and heard about the new Givenchy Youth VaXin Serum.

May 21, 2012

#Looksgiveaway Tutorial Contest : Gyaru

Looxperiment is hosting a tutorial contest sponsored by IndoMakeup. So we could enter the contest by re-create a look based on tutorials that they posted on their site. Pretty interesting, right? Read here for more information.

So when I browse all their tutorials,I'm interested with try Japanese Gyaru Tutorial. The reason is I found out that gyaru look is really unique and I wish it could help to enhance my super small eye into a beautiful look. 

Most of gyaru comes with dramatic eye make up especially with fake eyelashes (falsies) and black or brown circle lens. But since I don't have any black or brown circle lens, so this time I'll go with my pink lens instead. Hopefully I'm not ruining gyaru beautiful image with this hahaha... :)

Pardon my messy hair, clothes, etc.. just focus on the make-up okay? I'm not a pro at gyaru make-up, but I tried my best to achieve gyaru look xD Let's get started then!

1. Prep your eye with eye-primer. Eye primer helps to make your eyeshadow last longer and enhance the color better.

2. Get your face ready. You can use any foundation or BB cream that you like. Just make sure it could cover you face nicely. :)

And dab loose powder all over your face lightly.

3. I'm using eyebrow mascara to lighten the eyebrow but since my eyebrow mascara color is too light, I apply a medium brown eyeshadow after it dries. :)

4.Apply light brown eyeshadow all over the lid. And then apply shimmery brown color on the half-outer area.

5. Apply dark brown eyeshadow on your crease and blend well. Don't forget to highlight your brow bone and put some white eye-shadow on your inner corner.

The end result should be like this :)

6. Time for liquid liner. Line your upper lid neatly.

7. Falsies time! Fake eyelashes could help to make your eyes look bigger and more dramatic. Put it as close as it could be to your real lashes.For the lower lashes I cut it into small pieces and put them one by one. I also put on a little bit black eyeshadow on my lower lid and smudge it. And you can apply the liquid liner again to create a bigger eye illusion. You can also add white liner to your waterline.

8. Countour your nose, jawline, and cheekbones.

9. Apply pink blush on your cheeks.

10. Don't forget nude lip color.

And you're DONE! Ready to go. :)

Eye look in close up mode, :D

What do you think? :)

I personally think it will looks better if my hair is light brown colored :D

Critics are always welcomed :). Hope you enjoy my tutorial. If there's anything you might wanna ask, feel free to comment. See you on my next post! 

Electrifying Cannes Film Festival with L'Oreal Paris and Dian Sastro

Have you guys heard about Cannes Film Festival? Cannes Film Festival is an annual film festival that held in Cannes, France and it views film with various genres from all around the world. Each year, the best director will be awarded with Palme d'Or, the highest award in Cannes Film Festival. This film festival was also known worldwide by various movie's stars glamorous appearance on the red carpet.

May 19, 2012

Review : IFairy Super Crystal in Pink

Hi everyone! If you see my previous post, you'll find that I'm quite often using pink lens. Yes! A pink lens. Based on my curiosity to try on another unusual colored contact lens, I decide to buy a pink color after my Pat said he had seen enough my green and purple eyes LOL.. Well some wearable color such as brown and grey looks REALLY weird on me. And it ends up make me looks scary. So he comes up with the idea, why don't I try pink lenses?

So here's what I got after a long journey on the net LOL. IFairy Super Crystal in Pink. The price itself is quite expensive, at normal price it's around $20-25. But I got it when it was on sale so it's much more cheaper.

At first, I'm kinda afraid it wouldn't fit my eye because I have small eye shape. The diameter of this lens is 16.2 mm! But the color is too pretty and moreover it's in special price with the exact power of my eye! *feels like the lens is waiting for me* I got so many question in my head so I was asking the owner many question before I decide to buy these. 

Cute pink color
But all my worries are gone after I saw them arrived!! The pink color is really pop out. I love how does the color looks on my eye. :) Most of pink lenses come in soft pink color and since my eyes are really deep black, I'm sure it will be drowned away by my dark eye color.

Here's how does it looks on my eye.

I'm pretty sure you'd noticed that I often use this pink lens.Well in real life, I often wear pink or red outfit, so that's another reason I buy this lens. Somehow it could be a little bit scary but I just don't really mind about it. I even wore it several times without any eye make-up and it works just fine. People just scream a little bit at the first time while seeing something pink in my eye. ROFL. I just love it, neither with simple or even heavy make up which I'll be show you in my next post. Just wait for it *keeping a secret from you hahahaha...*

The downside is  I have a small eyes which is a big matter. I wish my eyes are bigger so I can wear another color for daily basis. :| It makes my eye looks too full, you can hardly see any white space in my eye. 

LOVE YOU MY PINK LENSES!!! <3 *kisses*

As we know that some of big diameter lens could cause uncomfortable issues, I also worried if this lens could cooperate with my eye or not. My eyes are really sensitive. But surprisingly, this lens is really comfortable! Even more comfortable than my 14.50 mm lens. I wear it once for about 10 hours and it didn't cause any redness, itchy, or uncomfortable feelings. But if you're going to wear it in a full air-conditioned room, I suggest you to bring your eye dropper (for contact lens of course!).

Eventhough I said I could wear it for 10 hour but it's better not to use it too often. I only use it for special ocassion and not for daily basis, because it could easily make your eyes tired and uncomfortable. Especially if you're working in front of computer or other works which need an extra eye-work. Just replace it with your glasses instead of contact lens. 

Popped up color
Big diameters

Not suitable for daily use

Rating 4/5

And if you're wondering where did I buy this... well I bought them from Geo Lens Shop. :) You can buy lens from her. The owner is really nice and helpful. ^.^ 

May 18, 2012

Review and Swatch : Dolly Wink Liquid Eyeliner

Hello everyone. Today I wanna make a review about the famous Dolly Wink Liquid Liner. In fact, I thought it's a little bit pricey but since everyone raves about it, I can not resist to order one when one of shop were offering a special price on this. I just grab one straightly. It has been a permanent occupant in my make up pouch.. Let's find out!

Dolly Wink always came with a super cute packaging. And of course for this one! They packed it inside a cute box with a ribbon cut on top.With pink and black color, it looks really nice and so Japanese to me.
The eyeliner itself come in pastel pink with purple dots and a black cap with Dolly Wink logo on it. Totally adorable and sweet.

I have to admit that you pay the quality that you get. Because it's really easy to use even for a newbie and those who are having a hard time with unsteady hands. It's much more easier than using pencil eyeliner because it has a sharp and thin edge which is really easy to work with.

See how  I draw the G pretty neat with different thickness. You can also adjust the thickness with the right pressure. It dries quite fast compared to usual liquid eyeliner. Really really easy to use!

Now we come to the test! I let it under my shower. Not budging at all.
But it does fade after I smudge it while it wet. It will be alright if you just dab your lid dry when it's wet. DON'T RUB while it's wet.
Smudgeproof test. As you can see I smudge it pretty hard until it cast redness on my skin, but it still stays. Only fade a little bit

The staying power is quite amazing even when I wear this all day long and it stays nicely on my lid. But I found out that the color is not really intense when I put it alone on my oily lid. I need to prime my eye first before I got the solid black color. It's also not possible to make it more solid by applying it several time because it's not getting any darker. So it's kinda disappointing me.

Easy to use

Not really intense color on oily lid

Rating 4.5

In fact it's a really good product to deal with and it's worth enough to try especially for those who are having a hard time with eyeliner. But I'm considering to buy another product which has a same quality but slightly cheaper. This just not really satisfying me, especially in the price matter. If you don't mind to spent more for eyeliners, I highly recommend you to try on this. Remembering the fact that I always bring it everywhere, you'll love it. ;)

May 11, 2012

Indonesian Beauty Blogger [IBB] 1st Gathering!

Indonesian Beauty Blogger were having their first gathering on April 28th, 2012. I was really excited to go there because I can meet with other members who I only know via their blog. The gathering was held at Coffee Cabin, Kuningan Junction.
Welcome to Coffee Cabin, Ladies!

I was going with Endi since I don't know the venue and we're coming a little bit late LOL. It was really crowded inside and there's so many people inside already! ^o^ *excited*

Endi did my make-up at that day! Do I look beautiful? ;)
*photos at venue was deleted ... -_- my bad*

Before reporting the whole event, I think I need to explain a little bit about Indonesian Beauty Blogger or IBB. Indonesian Beauty Blogger is a community where all beauty bloggers in Indonesia could share together, especially about make-up and beauty. We have an official group based on Facebook which you can visit by clicking the logo on my sidebar. There's also several rules that need to be read especially for new members about being listed and for the IBB's logo. You can read it at Nisa's post here.

Actually the main reason for being a member of IBB is not because the benefit that you can got such as  invitation for beauty event, free stuff, or even popularity. It's not our goal! For me, nowadays blog is an effective media for sharing information.The main purpose of being a beauty blogger is you have a passion in it and share it through your blog. Just do blogging because you really like it, you love it, and you enjoy it. With this, I hope that people could enjoy blogging because they just love it, not because they're expecting something else.

Okay and now move on to the event!There's an introduction session where each member was introducing themselves, their blog, their vision and mission, etc. It was really fun to know more about others :) Then Stella continued to explain furthermore about the IBB rules and staff. Some staffs were also giving tips about how to be a good blogger as well.

I can not capture all the bloggers because Endi was doing my make-up at the moment D:... Really sorry >_<..and proudly introducing our leader or should I say 'Ibu Ketua' LOL...Stella Lee. ;)

There are also so many games such as quiz and crazy make-up game. The first make-up game is 5 minute smoky eyes and the second one it applying lipstick in 5 seconds with closed eyes. LOL it was so fun!!

Carryn - Felicia, Marcelle - Nisa, Rilla- Maria

The results.... Beautiful or not?

I was also participating in the lipstick disaster game LOL and pair up with Tikka! Since I think the photos aren't appropriate to post so I'm not uploading any. Will not show you my 'shameful' masterpiece xD

But I also took another interesting photo!

Duet Endi and Stella.. They're both could be a good singer in the future *thinks*

While Endi and Stella were entertaining us with their song, some of us continue our next activity, revealing the make-up pouch! And lots of photos after this LOL!  xD A beauty blogger will never miss any chance for photo hahaha.

Last but not least as usual :D Group photo.. grabbed this from IBB Group.
Down (L-R) : Marcelle, Endi, Me, Nisa, Stella, Mada, Maria, Putri

In the end, I enjoyed the event and really excited that I got so many new friends :') I hope that we could grow as a community with the same passion and become much more solid in the future. We should do another gath later!!

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