November 23, 2012

Review : Lip on Lip Pure Lips and Watercolor

Dry and chappy lips? A BIG NO! I was concerned about dry lips lately and addicted with lipbalm ever since. My mother always yelled at me to drink more water after seeing my dry lips. D: My lipstick also can't glides smoothly on my flaky lips. -_- so yeah I need to do something.

November 22, 2012

All You Can Eat at Standing Sushi Bar

I was drowned with my internship and also assignment. I think I will continue working at my current office to gain more money for the sake of my laptop! I even get lack of rest. T_T I still haven't used with my new routine and straightly off to bed after office hour. Hopefully I could manage my time to blog again soon. I feel like left behind already D:

So for those food junkie outside there, you might sit properly because I'm going to review a new sushi resto that I visited with my office mates lately. :D

November 21, 2012

[Sponsored] Say Goodbye to Unwanted Hair with ZAP

Few weeks ago, I was invited by ZAP to try on their hair removal treatment. :) Of course I was so excited. Actually, I don't have thick hair on my arm or legs. T_T But there are some 'visible' hair on my underarm and it was so annoying if I have to shave, wax every time I wanna wear sleeveless clothes. 

ZAP is the specialist in permanent hair removal treatment using technology that has been very popular in Australia, Singapore, and other countries. ZAP uses the most advanced tecnhology in today's world market for removing 'unwanted hair' quicky, safely, and pain-free. -Quoted from ZAP Official Site 

On my way to ZAP. No traffic but got lost because of car free day and my smartass thoughts LOL. We've passed ZAP for about 3 times I guess?  And do you know that ZAP has just opened ZAP Cafe ? Since I and Pat love cafe so much, he agreed to wait at the cafe while I'm having my treatment. So a win win solution for us hahaha :p

November 20, 2012

Review : New Lux White Collection

It's pretty cloudy lately in Jakarta. It's raining almost everyday. @_@ So sometimes I love to spent a little time to cheer up my mood in the morning or even just to relax myself after a long tiring day. :) One of my favorite time to pamper myself is my happy bath time. :D

So this is my favorite body wash at the moment from LUX. The New White Collection. 


November 15, 2012

New Revlon Photoready Airbrush Foundation and Color Correcting Primer

:3 Do you still remember about  Revlon New Photoready Collection that I posted earlier? They're here already!

I  only swatched them once and test the product on my hand, so this is a perfect time to test them out.

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