June 1, 2015

An Insight of Beauty Rules

The first time I was introduced into the makeup artistry and beauty industry, I was overwhelmed by a lot of things. There are a lot of things I need to understand. When I started to learn about make-up, I don't know the benefits of primer, the importance of countouring, blending, and tons of other make-up techniques. I thought it was normal since it is not my expertise and I only need more practice.

The more I learn about it, the more time I spent to put on my make-up. I'm worry if I didn't do my makeup neatly. There are times I feel kinda frustrated when I didn't get things right or tired when I need to do A-Z thing only to go out with friends.

In graphic design world where I am working on, designers are advised to learn from tons of inspiration in order to deepen their taste and imagination. There are no absolute boundaries about it. There are no guidance about what's good or bad. From what I had experienced, what I usually do is simply take things that I could use and keep the others that I don't need for the other time as a reference.

I think the same rules is applied in my beauty routine. Honestly, I enjoyed learning about the new techniques and trends but in the end I was the one who decide about what kind of look I would like to pull out on myself. 

It is fine to go out without your makeup on.

It is fine to draw an imperfection eyeliner. 

It is fine to wear no lipstick.

It is fine to leave your brows as how it is.

It is fine to have red hair.

It is fine to have a messy buns.

There are nothing wrong with a heavy smokey eyes or red lips, but I would prefer to wear them on occasional events such as wedding party. There are nothing wrong with no makeup look because I want things to be simple for my daily routine.

The same thing goes for how I love dressed in pastel color and flower pattern when I'm feeling kinda sweet or the boyish kinda look when I go out with the boys. I love how I define myself in various way and I am proud of it.

I have my own preference when it comes to how I describe myself. If there's anyone who talk unpleasantly about how you do things, just take it as a good critics. We will not get hurt from learning though. 

Last but not least, have your own confidence shine through whatever you put on the outside and be yourself :)

Happy birthday to the one of inspiring female network that I'd ever known. I feel like I had learn and grown so much since the first time I joined into the community. 

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