October 31, 2013

Review Makarizo Hot Ice Mineral Oil

As promised before, I would like to reveal more about Makarizo Hot Ice Mineral Oil.

It is not called Hot Ice for no reason. The way it works is kinda unique because Makarizo Hot Ice Mineral Oil need to be frozen first and then melted with your palms. That's why it is called Hot Ice. And as I'd said before, this product could help to revive your gorgeous hair color :D

Okay you might think it's kinda tricky to use this product so I will write it down one by one to make sure that you won't miss any step :D

1. First of all, prepare a bowl of ice cubes and put Makarizo Hot Ice Mineral Oil inside.

You can also put it in the fridge before usage. When the contents are completely frozen, the color will change into lighter color.  It only took you less than 5 minutes to froze them.

2. After the content is completely frozen, melt it using your both palms.

3. Break through the bottle carefully with a towel.

4. Apply Makarizo Hot Ice Mineral Oil on damp hair and then start to pat your hair in a gentle movement. It helps the products absorbed into your hair cuticle. 

Pats.. pats

For people with short hair, do this once. 
For people with medium long hair, repeat twice. 
For people with long hair, repeat 3 times.

5. Let it sit for around 5-10 minutes before you rinse it with water. 

It's quite simple, right?

The texture is like an oil but not sticky at all. It also has a nice scent and left your hair silky smooth ^.^ I found it's really fun to the the pat my hair during the treatment. And if you have long thick hair, don't worry. It's more than enough to use only one bottle o.o My hair length has reached my waistline  (can be considered as super long now) and I only use 1 bottle. ^.^ 

And this is the results after I use Makarizo Hot Ice Mineral Oil..

The before picture was taken under a better light but the color are so dull but right after using Makarizo Hot Ice Mineral Oil, you can see that my hair color regained its shine and gorgeous color back *.* I am really amazed with the results. You can do this treatment any time at home. It's really easy to do with a great result that you can see by yourself now :D

Makarizo Hot Ice Mineral Oil are available in Makarizo salon. You can find more about this product on their social media.

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Thanks a lot to Makarizo ;)

October 24, 2013

Review Etude House CC Cream in Glow

Back with CC Cream review! I am so late with current beauty trends lol. Okay just blame my thesis hahaha. 

This products was sponsored from Etude House's previous event and let's see how good it is.

CC Cream stands for Correct and Care Cream with 8 benefits in one products. 
Anti Aging
Stress Relief
Sun Protection
Smooth Texture

That's a lot.o.o From what I know, CC cream more into correcting your skin with skincare benefits which offer less coverage compared to her sister, BB Cream. Most of them offers silky smooth skin or glowy skin. Perhaps it is more into makeup base although some of CC Cream provides sheer coverage.  Etude House CC Cream comes in two different variant which is #1 Silky and #2 Glowy.

Mine is in #2 Glow. Kindly remind you that I was never get into glowy makeup look. So this is something new for me :D

Unlike BB Cream, it has pearly white color with tiny beads that will adjust with your skin color after you blend in. The texture is kinda thick but after you blend it, it feels really light. Note that you also need to work quickly with this CC Cream because it could easily dries. 

.. and freaking white on my hand because I put too much products. You can see that it creates a glowy layer that makes you skin appears more natural. Glowy makeup lover will totally love this :)

Learned from my past mistakes, I only put tiny amount on my face.
Seems not much different but it looks glowy in real life and also helps to even out my skin tone nicely. You can see around my nose and eye area. It become more even after I apply the CC Cream. Lesson learned! Do not put too much products unless you wanna be freaking white. It feels lighter and moisturizing compared to BB Cream.

It is also a nice base before you put on your BB Cream. I love to pair it together with Precious Mineral BB Cream. Looks really nice and natural. Since I haven't tried any CC Cream, I cannot do much comparation. Anyway, this one is worth for those who love glowy makeup look :) Seems like I started to love glowy makeup look now haha.

-Sleek packaging
- Natural results
- Lightweight
- Even out my skintone

- Nothing!

October 22, 2013

Play Color Crush with The Body Shop at Jakarta Fashion Week

Good evening everyone! I'm blogging now,  live from The Body Shop Color Crush event at Senayan City.

Curious to find out?

The Body Shop as Official Makeup for Jakarta Fashion Week launched their latest creation, Color Crush, to emphasize your eye and lip makeup with stunning color.

Are you ready to play with colors?

The Body Shop Color Crush Eyeshadow
The Body Shop bring their latest mono eyeshadow series in 30 different color with pearly and matte finish, from nude beige color until shocking bring that can be adjusted for your everyday look from day until night. These eyeshadow were made from high quality pigments from Italia. It contains the  marula oil, coconut, honey, sesame oil, Community Fair Trade Brazil nut oil, and the ultimate vitamin E that helps as an antioxidants and moisturizer.

These eyeshadow can be apply in dry or wet condition. Each color could be used alone or combined with other color. It has a really nice texture and easy to blend. Moreover, these eyeshadow packaging can be recycled... o.o One more step to reduce plastic garbage ^.^

The Body Shop Color Crush Lip Color
As for the lip color, The Body Shop come with 24 brilliantly vibrant shades of lipstick. These lipsticks are made from the combination of Community Trade marula oil from Namibia ,cherry seed , and crushed pigment. They come in three colour families : the brightest reds, the sweetest pinks, and the finest nude. Well they're all the perfect color that can be adjusted for any moments ;)

The color glides easily and really pop out x)

Their wide color selection allow everyone with different skin tone / color to play and adjust the makeup with their own style.

All these products are 100% cruelty free and created through an amazing process from natural ingredients.Not only that, The Body Shop also concerned about woman by cooperating with Eudafano Women's Cooperative and helped 1750 women to had a decent income. The Body Shop also paid attention to the environment by cooperating with Community Fair Trade Brazil from Candela co-op in Peru to grow the ingredients for their products. In this way, it helps to take care the environment in the same time. For example, the orchid bee that depends their life on this Brazil Nut Tree.

It's beauty inside and out, right?

The craziness at The Body Shop Event at The Body Shop Senayan City.....

and this is my creation with Color Crush Collection :)

I tried to create the makeup look with four different color. Combination of pink, purple, and teal green... all of them are my favorite color! I also create a pinkish flower petals around my eyelid.

The event is really fun and thanks to The Body Shop Indonesia 

October 21, 2013

Nestle Fitnesse - 7 Days Update

Hello girls! Wanna update about the current 14 day challenge from Nestle Fitnesse :D In case if you forget, read about this challenge here.

It's been seven days since I tried to replace my meal with Nestle Fitnesse. For the first time, it feels really hard by only having Nestle Fitnesse for dinner, because I tend to have a complete meal for dinner. But after several days, I think I'm getting used to it so it is not a big problem anymore. Nestle Fitnesse tastes likes your childhood cornflakes. The difference is only it looks chunkier in piece, well probably like small pieces of 'emping' hehehe. And since it was made from whole grain, it keeps you full longer than before.

 I'm totally in love with Fitnesse Fruits because the dried fruits add more flavor in plain milk. In other side, Pat loves Fitnesse Original because he didn't like the dried fruits. I'm glad that Nestle Fitnesse come in different variant to suits people's taste.

 I think it's really good if you can do this challenge together with your family, friends, girlfriend/boyfriend because you can remind each other and also have more motivation in doing this challenge. Pat is really excited about this program and start to concern about his own health when I asked him to join this challenge.I also had asked some of my friend to do this challenge and they started to join in too. It's not bad to share about good things, right? ^.^

And these are 3 healthy tips from Nestle Fitnesse
1. Start your day by eating your breakfast with Nestle Fitnesse, low fat milk, and fruit.
2. Consume balanced meals and 1,5 liter of water everyday. Fruits or yoghurt can be your snack replacement.
3. Do some workouts for 30 minutes, 3 times in a week. 

1. Drink enough water and reduce sweets
You have to drink enough water no matter if you're on diet or not. My mom always packed a bottle of water and 'force' me to drink it since the bottle make my bag feels heavy so I have no choice. If you're bored with tired, then you can combine it with tea... but of course without sugar :) I love to drink tea especially green tea since it has lots of benefit and feels lighter than black tea. 

I know it's kinda hard to avoid the urge to drink soda or sweet beverages when the weather is hot especially in Jakarta. And I'm probably had the sweetest tooth ever and it's really hard to resist any sweet desserts, cakes,etc. Therefore, I always prepared a yogurt drink (plain yoghurt if it's possible) or fruits inside the fridge so I could handle my sweet tooth hahahaha. It could also refresh your mood from hot weather and moreover, it is healthy :)

2. Meal management
Yes you aren't wrong. Meal management just like time management. You can control the way you eat easier by doing a simple evaluation of what you eat. I try to do this trick by capturing the picture of my meal everyday, therefore I could easily see if I had eaten too much or not. You can easily control yourself by seeing those pictures. Remember that you are what you eat
You will judge me after seeing this picture but I only eat the greens and half of the chicken so I didn't cheat, okay? Try to put a little portion of vegetables in everything that you eat. It's better if you can avoid fried food too.

3. Workouts
Okay I bet this is the most difficult thing that we should do if we're doing a losing weight program. I don't know why, but this is not only me. Registering as a gym member might be a good choice since you will have many choices of workouts that suitable for you. But we could always do workouts anywhere. For example, you can simply walk. Either to the nearest bus stop or when you're going out to buy some stuff at the nearest minimarket. If you're a student, I bet you will have long time to spent walking in the college. When I was in college, I tend to walk a lot because we need to move into different building for the next class or even to buy food, going to the library, etc.

If you don't have time to do that, fine. You still could do simple exercise in your own room. Browse through youtube for tons of  exercise video. You only need t do it around 30 minutes everyday. Easy right? I was also trying to do this since I don't have time for gym or going anywhere. :D Try to find the suitable method for you and workouts! x)

Who said that diet is torturing?? :D Let's try this healthy challenge together!

I had lost around 1.5 kgs while Pat lost 4 kg already! Wow seriously amazing. I think this diet works perfectly on people with BMI over 23. Pat is 32 if you're wondering. :/ Pat and I are still continuing this challenge for 7 more days. Wish us luck then everyone!

October 18, 2013

Review Tony Moly Baby Doll Pot Concealer

Hello.. I think I've been stop buying makeup since my thesis started but I found this baby on Tony Moly store and they're having a big promotion only on September! Buy 1 get 1 free for the same products o.o lucky!

Anyway, I was tempted to buy another products. I have a very limited budget at the moment and decided to buy concealer together with Jesslyn.

Normally cost you $7 but it was only $3.5. Although when it was not on sale, it's quite cheap compared to the other from Korean Brand's store in Indonesia.

Fweegie convinced me that this concealer is really good even she stocked up for herself LOL.

So let's take a look

It come in a mini glass-pot packaging and a simple white plastic cap with Tony Moly logo written on it. Quite classy compared to other brand's that usually comes up with super cute packaging. However, it is not a good choice to bring it along in my makeup pouch since it's pretty bulky :(

I was actually not a fan of jar or pot packaging, but if it works then I would bear with it LOL. Moreover, the pot is quite small so I don't think that sticking your finger in is the best way to take it out. You can use a cotton bud or a spatula to take it out.

Super creamy consistency. This is the main reason why I bought it. *_*


I got mine in #1 Light Beige and I think #2 Natural Beige fits me better. I was trying #2 tester and sadly they don't have #2 for the buy 1 get 1 promotion :'(


It has a really nice consistency to work with and I suggest you to use a concealer brush to achieve a better result. It could cover my spots without cracking but noted that it will not work on bumps. It will only eventuate them more.

The reason why I rarely buy concealer is I don't find the one that good enough. Most of them are really pricey and killing my wallet. But if you're on a tight budget, I think this one is worth enough to try. Just make sure you match your shade.

- Affordable
-  Work well covering spots

- Bulk pot packaging

 I think I'm gonna purchase the shade #2 later.

October 16, 2013

Introducing Makarizo Hot Ice Mineral Oil

Today I want to introduce a new interesting products. Makarizo Hot Ice Mineral Oil. It sounds unusual, huh? Ice but it's hot it the same time, haha. I found it's kinda unique too in the beginning.

 My package come in a little pouch.

And this is it... Makarizo MK3 Hot Ice Mineral Oil.

MK3 is a product that developed by Makarizo based on Hair Ecology. MK3 is specially crafted for hair and scalp treatment. MK3 Hot Ice Mineral Oil is one of products from MK3 Color Revive Series. This product aimed for people with colored hair. With mineral oils, the wonderful serum of Hot Ice will start to repair your hair weakened hair shaft because of coloring process. It also helps to revive you beautiful hair color back, smoothens your hair texture, and give a healthy glow look.

MK3 Hot Ice Mineral Oil contains 
- Castor Oil
Castor oil comes from castor seed with tons of benefits and processed from Ricinus communis plant. The main benefits of castor oil is to repair damaged hair shaft that caused by chemical process.

- Linseed Oil
Linseed oil comes from Linum usitatissimum plant. The benefits of linseed oil is to take care and revive hair's shine, restructuring hair cortex and cuticle plus smoothens it at the same time.

Well, I had my hair under coloring process for several times and somehow it makes my hair lose its natural glow. Especially if I didn't do a proper hair treatment, my hair would be easily looks dull and unhealthy. Well I guess this is the most common problem for people who dyed their hair. Using conditioner and hair mask for colored hair are not enough. Therefore I'm really excited that this product claims to revive your hair beautiful color back :D 

I will be use this products and let's see the difference then ;)

October 15, 2013

Sariayu Power Lunch Event : From Indonesia to the World

Last week, Sariayu invited beauty bloggers and press to celebrate their three biggest achievements and created a new history in their journey as a local cosmetic brand. Well for Indonesian people, we must have been familiar with this local brand, especially for their decorative products such as eyeshadow and lipstick. I'd been a fan of their eyeshadow collection that had a great pigmentation color with such affordable price :D

As Indonesia, we should be proud because one of the biggest international event, Miss World 2013, was held in our beloved country. Therefore, Sariayu was entrusted as the official makeup and hair do for all Miss World 2013 contestants. Around 60 professional makeup artist were involved for 129 contestant.With huge experience from doing makeup and hair do for Miss Indonesia since 2001, Sariayu bring the spirit of Local Wisdom Go Global from our culture to the world through their works.

Not only that, Sariayu was also entrusted to collaborate with Mrs. Ghea Panggabean in her fashion show in Milan and Roma! o_o The Fashion Show come with a theme : Treasured Indonesia, A Journey into Indonesia Fashion, Art, and Culture.

Last but not least. This year, Dr. Martha Tilaar was representing Indonesia to speak at The Leader Summit UN Global Compact. This important event was held every 3 years and attended by more than 1000 participants from 100 different countries. Dr. Martha Tilaar delivered her words through Martha Tilaar Group's vision which are Beauty Green Green, Beauty Education, Beauty Culture, and Empowering Women. Dr. Martha Tilaar paid a big attention about our environment besides beauty. They keep on trying to create a better future by developing their company, advancing global priority such as weathers, clean water, kids, human rights, women empowerment, and education.

Based on the theme Architect of A Better World, Dr. Martha Tilaar had a chance to share her experience in side event Empowering Women To Led the Way to Low-Emission and High-Resilient Future and UN Private Sector Forum : Africa with main topic about women empowerment.

I feel that Dr. Martha Tillar is really inspiring through her acts and words.

Therefore, to celebrate Sariayu special achievement, they launched this Beauty Box Limited Edition - Beauty Across The Continent

o_o very beautiful packaging, right? 

This beauty box contains a palette with eyeshadow and lipstick plus a shimmering powder which are inspired from women's diversity from five different continents : Asia, America, Africa, Europe, and Australia. I am so excited when I heard that they are going to launch something new. 

 Three gorgeous models from different continent. Their makeup were done with the new palette! 

Doorprize winner!
Well I was actually the last person who got the doorprize ahahahaha... still considered as lucky :P 

And blogger's photo as usual! With Mrs. Ghea Panggabean and dr. Martha Tilaar

We're also given a herbal plant as a gift :D this is the first time I attend a beauty event and bring back a plant hehehe. Green Beauty ^.^

As one photo will never enough haha.. 
I don't know why my eyes aren't straight to the camera while the others are! o_o

That's all from me. And if you're curious about the box, I will review it as soon as possible. Honestly, I am so excited to try it hahaha. Thank you for reading.

October 14, 2013

Let's Start 14 Day Challenge with Nestle Fitnesse

What comes in your mind when you have to lose some weight? Diet and workouts? As for me, diet was somehow torturing :/ I should limit my calories, count my meal carefully, avoid sweets, and so on. It is kinda troublesome to watch carefully of what I eat everyday. Especially if I'm busy, so I don't have time to cook my own meal. Well, it's kinda hard to find a affordable-healthy meal.

No matter how busy we are, I think it's important to pay attention on our health by having a balanced meal. You are what you eat. That's really true. Sometimes when I was still in college, I'm really busy and just eat anything that I could find nearby. Not to mention, unhealthy fries and sweets all the time. That's why sometimes I asked my mom to make me some meal, or sometimes I'd prepared something to eat the day before, so I only need to heat it in the next day. :) Many ways can be done for it. Not only to had a healthy body but also a nice figure as a bonus. Well, especially for women. We want to look good, right? ;) 

Therefore, I was tempted to join Nestle Fitnesse 14 Day Challenge.

Reason why? Because it's really easy. You just have to replace your breakfast and dinner with Nestle Fitnesse. Easy, right? No need to calculate the calories everyday and no need to eat plain food all the time. :D 

Nestle Fitnesse is a low fat cereal made from whole grain and contains enough calcium too. The rule of this 14 Day Challenge is super easy. You have to follow these rules in 14 days and track your record by submitting it on the provided apps. 

1. Daily Meal
 30g Nestle Fitnesse + 125ml low fat milk + fruits + tea/coffee

 Balanced meal with combination of carbs (rice), meat, vegetables, and dairy products.

30g Nestle Fitnesse + 125 ml low fat milk + low fat soup/yoghurt

Fruits/vegetables on your choice

30 gr equals half of small bowl (usually used for rice or soup) if you're too lazy to count. ;)


2. 30-minutes Work Outs
You can do the workouts anywhere. In the gym, in college. Even when you're walking, you're doing your workouts. I remember that in my college time, I spent around 30 minutes to walk on busway's super long bridge everyday and I feel that I'm not easily tired or sleepy then. You can also did it on your room. There are tons of workouts video tutorial nowadays. So try to move your body. :D 

It's pretty simple. :) So you don't have to worry or think about your breakfast or dinner menu everyday :P You could still enjoy your ordinary meal in lunch time though. Moreover, Nestle Fitnesse comes in two different variants, which is Original and Fruits, so you can eat them alternately. 

The Original variant comes with the whole grain cereal but they aren't plain at all. They still have a slight sweet taste. Compared to plain cornflakes that I ever had, this one tasted better.  :D 


Nestle Fitnesse Fruits had a mixture of dried fruit which added more flavour. I'm personally love this one since I had a sweet tooth hahaha. You can always mix some fresh fruits or yoghurt if you like, i.e chunks of bananas and slices of strawberries ;)

I love eating cereals since I was a kid and Nestle Fitnesse is a big help for my meal replacement. Well somehow if I come home late and tired, I could just grab this to fill my tummy :)

It is also recommended for people aged 18-50 with BMI (Body Mass Index) over 23 to join this challenge. You can count your BMI by using this formula

BMI =         weights (kg)        
            heights (m) x heights (m)

Well my BMI might not be over 23, but I think I still need to lose more weight because I wanna achieve a better figure.xD And I also drag Pat to join this challenge because he's totally need it!! Even without calculating his BMI, I'm sure that his BMI is definitely over 23. I'm personally pray for him that he could lose some weight lol.

I was really curious to find out if we could succeed this 14 Day Challenge or not. If you're interested to join, they're still running the challenge until 3 November 2013. You can visit here for more information. You can also win various prizes! :D
First winner will get a trip to Phuket for 2 person (1 winners)
Second winner will get a trip to Bali for 2 person (3 winners)
Third winner will get 32" LED TV (3 winners)

Okay.. now you get your motivation already, right?

Come and join Nestle Fitnesse 14 Day Challenge! Wish us luck ;)

The Body Shop Event for Jakarta Fashion Week

Good news for everyone! :D

 I will invite 4 (four) lucky readers to join The Body Shop event at Jakarta Fashion week. 
Each person will receive a goodie bag of The Body Shop products and shopping voucher!

The Body Shop Event
Venue : Senayan City
Time : October 22, 2013 from 16.00 - 19.00

It's free and anyone can join in. It is not for bloggers only :)

If you're interested, you can kindly sent me an email with subject
"The Body Shop for JFW"
and provide me with your name and contact number before October 15th, 2013.

Please make sure that you can make it to the event.

Thank you very much and hopefully you can join me there :D

October 12, 2013

It's My TRESemme Keratin Smooth Experience

Few weeks ago, Fashionese Daily kindly invited me to TRESemme Launching Event. I was wondering about what kind of new product it is.

First of all, we were all gathered in Anne Wijaya Salon and get the treatment with TRESemme's new product, the Keratin Smooth. ;) 
It was really crowded at the moment but they did a really good service since they could handle everyone nicely :D Fashionese Daily's team and Anne Wijaya herself kindly greet us one by one. And proudly to say that we're the first one who experienced the TRESemme Keratin Smooth. First impression after using the product, of course it makes my hair feels really nice and not drying.

I and other bloggers were getting our hair styled before the main event begin. Then we moved along to Kempinski Hotel, where the main event took place. 

TRESemme Keratin Smooth

The main star at that night..

The New Keratin Smooth variant consist of three products which is shampoo, conditioner, and heat protection spray. 

The dress code is to be gorgeous in red, black, and gold. So I decide to wear black. 
Do I look gorgeous? I rarely get my hair curled so I think I look totally different haha.

We're welcomed with light snack and beverages. And we're taken to this gorgeous room which is dominated with my favorite color, RED. 
Feel like in the movie to had my dinner in such a long table with so many people <3

About Keratin Smooth

TRESemme revealed that people have to deal with new hair problem besides dry hair, splits ends, dandruff, etc. It is one of the main factor from our bad hair day. Yes, they're FRIZZY and HARD TO MANAGE. Especially if their hair is under chemical process such as curling, coloring, and many more.

Therefore TRESemme tried to come up with an easy hair-care solution, especially for those who are busy and don't have enough time to visit salons or do special treatment. They packed all the goodness from Keratin, one of the hair protein, into daily hair products such as shampoo and conditioner. They also created a heat protection spray to prevent your hair damaging from the daily styling process, such as curling and ironing. Moreover, the price range is quite affordable in my opinion. It started from Rp 18.000,00 - Rp 50.000,00 (around $2 - $5). It might be the average price as for the shampoo and conditioner, but for the heat protection spray ?? o_o Most of heat protection spray that I know is imported (plus expensive) and sometimes come in such a tiny amount. Now everybody should have one LOL.

We were also given many insights from hair specialist and famous hair stylist, Mr Chandra Gupta, about how to take care our hair properly. For example for people with long hair like mine. DO NOT towel dry your hair roughly as it could damage your hair seriously. It is recommended to set your hair dryer to the lowest temperature to dry your hair. And NEVER tie your hair when it was still wet or damp because it could damage your hair too. 

I was quite surprised to know that I'd done wrong to my hair. :'( Glad to learn more from TRESemme's Team and all the experts! 

And not forget to mention the fabulous dinner that I had. 

Last but not least, our group photo :D

And what impressed me more is I feel my hair is not tangled or hard to manage in the next day. As you can see, they curl my hair but it doesn't feel stiff at all. I could still comb them properly. Personally love this new range from TRESemme especially for the heat protection spray <3

Big good news for everyone!

TRESemme Indonesia will start their Keratin Smooth Experience in 100 selected salons. They will update the latest news on their site and better check it out ;)

If you're curious, you can also browse more about this products or maybe share your own experience at Female Daily

TRESemme Indonesia
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