September 30, 2013

Estee Lauder Makeup Demo with Joyce Lee

Few weeks ago, I was invited to  Estee Lauder Makeup Demo with international makeup artist, Joyce Lee. I was a little bit late because I have to drop by my college first. And there's Fweegie, our volunteer, that will had a makeover at that day.


Mrs. Joyce Lee started by applying skincare products on Fweegie. And then she was looking at Fweegie's skintone by using Estee Lauder's skin chart to find the foundation shade that matched her the most.

Here's a quick tips for you from Ms. Joyce Lee. Mix your favorite concealer and eye cream. You can prime your eyes and take the benefits from eye cream at the same time :D

Then Mrs. Joyce Lee did contouring. The hint is to contour by shaping letter 'E'. The first branch from E for the side of your forehead, second one for the cheekbones, and the last one for your jawline. I hope it's clear enough LOL.

After finish preparing a great face-canvas,  Mrs. Joyce Lee did the eye makeup and did a beautiful green smokey eyes on Fweegie. She also draw a nice and neat eyebrow *.* I'm sucks at drawing eyebrow honestly LOL. Always amazed by how your eyebrow could change the whole appearance.
She use a black eyeliner to prime Fweegie's eyelid,  put the eyeshadow on, and blend it.

Mrs. Joyce Lee with our model, Fweegie.

Mrs. Joyce Lee is Estee Lauder's makeup artist from Malaysia. And she said this is the first time she did a makeup demo in other country. She's is really friendly and also had a great taste of humour!After the makeover, we had a really nice chit-chat time with Mrs. Joyce Lee and she also gave us so many tips regarding makeup. It's really really nice to meet such a humble makeup artist like her :D 

Thanks to Estee Lauder Indonesia :D 

September 20, 2013

Pond's New Complete Solution Review - Get Rid of Your Acne with Three Simple Steps

As promised, I'm back with Pond's New Complete Solution review. Sorry if it does take a long time because I'd prepared something unusual.

POND'S Complete Solution 101 in Stop Motion

I spent a week to prepare all the properties and create the video :') I know it's not perfect but I really enjoyed the process because it's been a long time since I made a stop motion video for my college's assignments years ago. Moreover, they bring such a really nice concept and I was inspired to bring it in this video. 

Okay, let's find out more about this new range :)

You might have noticed from the video above or from my previous post, Ponds bring three simple steps to keep our face clean without acne and oily skin problem. The three simple steps are CLEANSECOMBAT, and COVER.

I think this is a very basic and simple rule in all skincare methods. Good skin come from a great cleansing. A simple truth from me. Sometimes I forget to wash my face and go straight to bed. The next day, I will wake up with new and fresh acne or pimple. So I'd learned not to skip the cleansing process no matter how tired I am now :)

POND'S Facial Foam 
Price : Rp 23.000,- (100 gr), Rp 13.200 (50 gr)

This new multi-action facial foam contains the combination of herbal clay, scrub, salicylic acid, and skin brightening essence. 

  • Herbal clay helps to remove any excess oil. 
  • Salicylic acid as one of the key ingredients in skincare products especially for treating acne. 
  • Gentle Scrub Beads helps to remove dead skin cells
  • Skin Brightening Essence helps to reduce dullnes and achieve a brighter complexion.

So, this facial foam could help reducing acne and brighten your skin in the same time. :D

The scrub is really gentle and almost unnoticeable. It will dissolved immediately after you pour it with water, so don't worry about the scrubs as it will not irritate your skin :)

After usage, it left my skin a nice clean and matte feeling. The best part is my T-Zone is not as oily as usual. Less oily means less acne (for me). So I think the oil control does really work :9 Recommend if you're having problem with excessive oil in your face like mine. 

POND'S Clear Solution Oil Control Cleansing Wipes

Rp 12.900,- (7 sheets)
Rp 27.900,- (25 sheets)

It is damp enough when I take it out from the pack. I prefer damp cleansing wipes than the dry one because I feel that it could cleanse better. The formula is really light and doesn't left any greasy feeling after usage. I love it ^_^ .

Let's see how good it is on removing makeup

It could remove my bb cream and lip products but my eyeliner is still there. Not budged at all. I rub the eyeliner many times before it had finally gone. I guess it isn't meant to remove 'hardcore' makeup and more suitable for daily use. For example, there could be no way you will stay gorgeous if you're going on public transportation in Jakarta, stuck in terrible traffic, exposed to dirts, pollution, and sweat.  So you need this to re-fresh the whole face xD #truestory

Dr. Eddy told us, using oil control film could clog your pores which may lead to acne in the future. x_X I was shocked because when my face is getting oily, I will surely take out my oil control film without knowing that I'd packed more dirts into my pores. So it is better to wipe your face clean with cleansing face wipes.

Cleansing wipes is one of my must-have-items in my bag now. I spent most of my time outside and of course I couldn't bring facial foam right? So it's really handy to have them in my bag. If I have to go home late and I need to wash my face, I could simply use them. That's why I always keep a pack of wet wipes and facial wipes in my bag. Just in case of emergency. :P

Although you'd wiped your face clean with the cleansing wipes, but I still encourage you to wash your face properly with facial foam right after you get home :)   


POND'S Overnight Pimple Gel
Price : Rp 22.900,-

The packaging was made from plastic bottle with a securing cap.

Another safety lock by twisting the pump before you press it.

Green gel!

This pimple gel contains aloe vera and salicylic acid. Aloe vera is known as a great ingredients to remove excess oil and soothe skin.  And yes, it has a nice soothing-cool sensation when applied. It is used to calm down reduce acne, redness, etc. Judging from the gel's name, it is recommended to use it before your bed time as it is the perfect time when your skin regenerate and recover itself. I used it twice on a new acne and it's gone before popping out. :D

 REMEMBER to use it properly only on the problematic area (such as on your acne or pimple). And please DO NOT apply it on the entire face since it won't help to heal your acne or pimple faster either. Just dot the gel with your finger or use a cotton bud. :)

I bet most of us experienced that acne somehow will appear magically right before our important event. That's how do I feel. :/ I have no acne for the whole month and right before my birthday, a big acne come out. #flip table

That's the reason why we need a concealer. We could have more confidence in our precious moment such as date, birthday, anniversary, prom, party, you named it. :9 

POND'S Pimple Cover and Care Concealer Pen

I was super excited when I know POND'S have a concealer now. :D

Price : Rp 24.900,-
Mad cheap!

They had one shade at the moment and it match into most of our skintone (Asian woman). If it doesn't match with your skintone, you can always layer a BB cream afterwards. I was told that they might bring more colors in the future too. :D

It has medium coverage, glides easily, and handy as it comes in stick. It has a really creamy texture and can be easily blended by finger. Moreover, this concealer is formulated to cover your acne and take care of it at the same time. Great products!

I really LOVE this concealer!

It's really affordable and works well at the same time. I use it to cover my acne scars and redness now. :3 I don't know how it could be that creamy and glides beautifully although it come in stick. Most of concealer stick that I'd tried were dry and hard to blend. This is my favourite products from the whole range <3 Seriously, you should try it out :D

Another thing that I need to survive at 'school' from PONDS

Overall, I could only say that this new range is a big hit for those who are having problem with oily skin and acne. Somehow I kinda feel that it is specially invented for the teenagers. xD I remember how pricey a skincare set cost me back then. It's really hard for me to find a skincare that suitable for teenagers. But now you can easily find them on the nearest store or supermarket. 

Thanks to PONDS Teens.

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September 16, 2013

Dr. Jart+ Indonesia Launching Event

Few weeks ago, I was invited to Dr. Jart+ Launching event. I'd heard about this brand before but never know more about it. So I'm really excited to find out about this brand itself. They were opening their first branch in Indonesia which took place at Taman Anggrek Mall. And they were also introducing their latest range, V7, a multivitamin for brightening. 

Dr. Jart+ is a dermatologist brand from Korea. As a dermatologist brand, they pay more attention to their products ingredients by creating natural product without any fragrance, alcohol and artificial color. They want to make sure that their product could be a safety solution even for people with sensitive skin. From their presentation, I could see they did a lot of research to make sure they packed the goods inside every products. 

As you can see from their packaging, it looks clean and medicated. Based on beauty meets art philoshophy, Dr Jart+ tried to build a different skincare concept. The brand name itself comes from the creator's initial J and art, therefore it become Dr. Jart brand. 

The V7 Series consists of five items which is
1. V7 Turnover Booster (Toner)     : Rp 508.000,-
2. V7 Renewal Serum                     : Rp 638.000,-
3. V7 Relief Vita Drop (Emulsion) : Rp 458.000,-
4. V7 Vitacream (Spot treatment)    : Rp 578.000,-
5. V7 Beauty Balm (Make Up)       : Rp 488.000,-

There was also a demo about how to apply the products properly.

The results after using Dr. Jart+

Dr. Jart+ team

They were kind enough to give bloggers some full-sized products so we can experienced their products for real. I will make a review about some of them after I finished tried them all. :D

They also had several different range of skincare and BB Cream depends on your skin type. And here are the price list below.

Moist Moist

* Most Moist Water Act Skin Mist              : Rp 328.000,-
* Most Moist Water Up Serum                    : Rp 548.000,-
* Most Moist Water Sure Gel Cream           : Rp 458.000,-
* Most Moist Water Max Sleeping Mask     : Rp 458.000,-
* Most Moist Waterfull Hydrogel Mask      : Rp 488.000,-
* Most Moist Water Fuse Blemish Base      : Rp 458.000,-

Ctrl - A

* Drying Spot Corrector   : Rp 378.000,-
* Sensitive Sun Protector  : Rp 378.000,-
* Spot Out                        : Rp 378.000,-
* Soothing Moisturizer     : Rp 378.000,-
* Clarifying Toner            : Rp 378.000,-
* Speedy Clear Serum      : Rp 378.000,-
* Liquid Foam                  : Rp 378.000,-
* Spot Cover                     : Rp 378.000,-
* Beauty Balm                  : Rp 378.000,-

BB Cream
* Rejuvenating Blemish Base (Silver Label) for sensitive skin   : Rp 408.000,-
* Skin Perfection Blemish Base (Black Label) for dry skin        : Rp 488.000,-
* Premium Blemish Base for dry skin and aging                        : Rp 648.000,-
* Regenerating Blemish Balm for Whitening                             : Rp 528.000,-
* Renewalist Blemish Balm for aging skin                                 : Rp 278.000,-

You can browse more about Dr. Jart+ through their social media.

September 12, 2013

Review D'Eyeko False Eyelashes in Khatulistiwa and Cendrawasih

False eyelashes is one of my secret weapon if I had no time to do my eyemake-up because it could make your eyes awake and pop up instantly. Especially if you have such a small eye like mine. :D

D'Eyeko kindly sent me their Princess Syahrini collection. It consists of five types of eyelashes which are suitable for both daily and dramatic look. 
Source : D'Eyeko 
1. Surya Kencana
2. Cendrawasih
3. Cakrawala
4. Khatulistiwa
5. Merak

For those who aren't aware with D'Eyeko brand, they are our local brand from Indonesia! All their lashes are made from 100% human hair and safe for contact-lens user. 
 I got mine in Khatulistiwa and Cendrawasih. 

Both of them look really thick and full! I was both excited and worried. Why? Because I'm not used with thick lashes but in the same time thick lashes could make a big difference. The last time I wear thick false eyelashes is probably when Franky did my makeover last year for Guess Anniversary (which was turn out really really good). 

So, let's take a closer look of them. 

 It is claimed as the first double lashes-single band in Indonesia. So you don't need to put two false eyelashes together to create more volume.

It's really thick in real life and surprisingly doesn't feel heavy at all. I could also really tell that it feels like human hair when I touch it. Unlike other false eyelashes that feels like plastic, it feels like my own real hair. It's really soft and carefully handcrafted :) You could probably use it for several times. 

 But noted that it also need more effort to put on these lashes so it will looks good on you.

Not forget to mention the provided glue works really nice and make the eyelashes stays still! o.o I am totally impressed. They only need to create the packaging better since the quality is already awesome. :)
After you opened it for the first time, you can flip the other side (marked with an arrow) to close the bottle and store it for future use. :D

It has a moderate length and volume to create a dramatic look. It is suitable for night events, parties, or any special occasion. 

So I tried to pull off the rocker look with Cendrawasih lashes 

... good enough or not??

Here's a comparison when I put those lashes on.

Cendrawasih could give enough length and volume without too-heavy-looking and could also go with simple makeup. And you can see how thick Khatulistiwa is, compared to Cendrawasih. I'm personally think that Khatulistiwa will be great for photoshoot or if you dare enough to wear a heavy eye make-up.

You can find D'Eyeko lashes at Watsons, Matahari Dept. Store, or their facebook store through the link below. And they also have another choice if you're not used with dramatic lashes, such as Cherrybelle and Olga Lydia series. 

D'Eyeko False Eyelashes

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