December 31, 2011

It's Almost 2012 ...

Time flies.. and I do believe that word when I'd grown up... I feel like I was just passing from 2010 into 2011, but when I saw the calendar today, it's December 31st already.. :) Time sure flies... not running anymore.

There could be so many things happened in a year. People change. Everything changed. That's what my best friends said to me. And I admit there's so many things had happened this year. The bad thing and the good thing as always. But I'm glad I could pass another year again, with my family and friends. And I just trying to be grateful for everything that passed by in my life. I believe all the good and bad things happened for a purpose..

This year surely such a really tough year for me but ended very nice. Many bad things happened especially in my study. I only could wish that I will finish it as soon as possible. And surprisingly there's so many good things happened in the end. :) I'm so glad I have so many people behind me, cheer me up, and always support me.
Meet my new planner! :)
Well I wanna write down my resolution here.. but still thinking I should add some more.. I guess I'll post it in my next post then..

Yesterday FOTD for going out with friends
So, I wanna say Happy New Year 2011 for all of my readers. I hope everything could be better in 2012. ^.^ Hope for the same thing for you guys.. (>ω<*)

December 28, 2011

Crazy Little Thing Called Exam

Hi everyone.. I must be joking for making such a silly title above.. but that's what I think about it.. Sometimes it looks like a little thing (how can I say a final exam is a little thing LOL.. how desperate I am..) that drives me really crazy.. I'm in the middle year of the hardest part of college (I'm in my third year, fifth semester), so everything turns out like hell when it comes for exam.. I couldn't sleep well, all I know in my dreams is about color, composition, ideas, tasks, assignments, packaging, visual communication design, and many more. I have to count each day and arrange my schedule properly because there's so many things to be done but so little time that I have... So many lecturers didn't give me a clear explanation too as USUAL.. so I need to struggle with time everyday.. TT ^ TT But when everything is complete, I feel so relieved and also satisfied for all I'd done..

Well if you find that this post isn't interesting, just skip it.. :) .. and just to remind you, LOTs of picture after this..

This is what I'd done for my Visual Communication Design/ Desain Komunikasi Visual (DKV) 4 .. media application for a product's promotion.. I should design for 10 media, and it's minimum ...yes.. M-I-N-I-M-U-M! So you should have imagined that I have to rush and complete 10 media .. moreover I have to queue for printing all the media, and it takes a lot of time like crazy! Everyone wanna print.. everyone rush, and the print corner is so damn full everywhere.. And this is all the results.. I missed some details for finishing, but I have no money left for it..

Promotional media for Rumah Sulam Rachmy products that I mentioned before at my Photoshoot post.. :) Enjoy..
This is how did I display them on my table .. :)

L-R : Marketing kit (Map), Brochure, Catalog

L-R : CD Box, Introduction, and CD Cover

Down -Up : Company Profile - Price Tag

L-R : Calendar, A4 Landscape Paperbag, A5 Portrait Paper bag

Signage System
 And this is the board that has successfully broke me out -.- I have no idea about what the use of this thing and realized what the use of it on the spot. It's only make my lecturers could see all of our design easily without touching or have to open all the catalog, calendar, and any other things that need to be open up. My friend said that he only bring his iPad inside the room, and captured everything inside there...

I hate it when I know for the first time, my lecturers has an idea about this just because one of people from another faculty were teasing on us about how miserable a visual communication design student when they're doing a display.. *speechless at the moment*.. somehow I feel like my work isn't appreciated at all if he just need to see all those thumbnails... what about if I give you the soft copy only? You can stare it all the time you want.. you make me pay for something that you didn't even looking at...

(I take the picture at home because it's blur and noise so bad when I captured it at campus with my cellphone camera, and since it's gonna be huge I decided to capture it in my working area, so the I'd censored so many messy things xP)

All designs are originally created by me and the photograph capture by my team (credit for Intan, Felicia,  Tris, Michael, and Kinnardi).

I should remind all of Visual Communication Design that this major really need much effort,money, and patience.. I swear about this!T ^ T

Let's move on.. This one is my Packaging Design major. Well since I love food, I decided to redesign a food packaging too.. and I do this in a rush, only one day .. I was too busy with my DKV 4 project since it has the biggest point this semester, 6 sks.. can you believe it? So I found this in my fridge and redesign it..

3D looking
I submit it in a paper, so I didn't make any dummies or the real box.

What do you think? :) I love its red color so I still use it and try to combine it with a pastry picture.In my opinion, the older packaging isn't focusing at the pastry. I found another weakness from the older packaging too for its square shape, it's hard to keep it in your fridge, I would prefer rectangle one eventhough it would be bulkier.

The last one is the display for my Visual Merchandising / Media Pamer Pajang major.It's an antivirus display. Well I do this in such a rush too, but quite satisfied with the results. :)

Whole display with such a HUGE name board

See something missing there? Yeah it's supposed to be a CD there.. but I'd submitted it as a softcopy.

That's all I wanna share.. I'm quite satisfied with all of my works although they're not perfect... critiques and comments are welcome..  Now the exam has ended, just waiting for the results and hope for the best hahaha...

P.S. By the way, I won Stephanie's Giveaway.. :D I'm soo excited with the prize.. and here's a sneak peak..

 I'll make a separated post about it later.. have a nice holiday everyonee.. :D

December 26, 2011

Our 2nd Year Anniversary :)

I'm about to make this post a little bit personal and hope you don't mind.:)

Actually we didn't have any plan to celebrate our anniversary, because it's on Christmas Day. And each of us usually will spent our time with family. But he suddenly asked me to go out together. Not far away, to our favorite hang out place that I'd reviewed before, Angel-in-us Coffee.:D I'm sooo excited.. haha...

As usual we order a vanilla latte, and this time an Opera Cake. It tasted better than the cake I ate before. Less sweet. We also bring in okonomiyaki and cassava chips hahaha.. it's a 'must'. Can not resist okonomiyaki!!

As usual, he brought his notebook and we saw movie together then.. Time passed by and..time for some photos.. I insisted this time.. LOL..

Nice pose...

The awkard pose begin.. LOL

Selca time.. I don't care what did he say anymore when I captured this one .. LOL.. 

The picture is a little bit blurry >_<

Well and then he surprisingly give me a Christmas gift.. TT ^ TT Owhh I'm so happy.. I even didn't prepare anything, because I only prepare a gift for his birthday.. In fact I'd a plan already for our anniversary gift, but my exam didn't give me a single time to make it.. :(

He said I would never guess what is it...

Guess what??...


I'd pressed it several times to know what kind of thing it is.. In the first time I guess it would be something made from cloth... but I'm totally WRONGGG.. In the last minute before I opened it, I said,"It is Pucca or not?" Because if he already said I couldn't guess it, the probability whether it is Pucca or not is higher.. It's kinda hard right now to find Pucca here..




Puccaaaaa... xD *faints*

Pucca Stickers !!! Haha seems so childish.. but you might already know how addicted I am with Pucca...and you might have to imagine how do I look when I opened this... I'm really really happy aaaaaa... I'd been always wanted a Pucca Sticker since I ever saw my student got a pack of Pucca Stickers.. *envy lol* >.< It might not cost a lot, but means more for me.. :D I'm so happy that I got a Pucca gift again.. yeaayyy...My Pucca Collection is getting biggerrr :D

:D What about your Christmas Day? Is it interesting or not? I would love to hear your stories too.. (>ω<*)

December 25, 2011

Merry Christmas Everyone!

Hello everyone.. :D it's Christmas already.. Therefore I wanna say Merry Christmas to all my dearest readers.. :) Well I'm still lack of experience in blogging, and I'm learning to be a better blogger in the future, all of supports from you mean so much for me.. :D Thanks to all of you who keep visiting my blog..and  I draw this for Christmas!!.. Please enjoy..

There's so many special thing during Christmas for me.. My BF's birthday is on Christmas Eve, and our anniversary is on Christmas Day.. It's been 2 years,  I'm glad  we could make it till today and get along well.. I'm so happy that we could pass another year together again..

Let the spirit of Christmas bring joy, happiness, and peace until the next year.. ^.^ We wish you a merry Christmas ..we wish you a merry Christmas *sings*...feels like I'm back to my childhood.. ahahaha.. I hope all of you enjoy the Christmas day.


December 22, 2011

Diary of A Product Junkie Christmas Giveaway

Another giveaway is coming from another Indonesia beauty blogger, Stephanie from Diary of a Product Junkie. She is hosting a Christmas giveaway consisted of so many package that you can choose and win.. :D

Enter her site here for further information.

Each package makes me interesting... :D So don't forget to join in. It's open until December 31st, 2011. And it is open internationally. So no matter where you came from, you can enter this giveaway. December is really such in a spirit of giving. :) I'm preparing myself for Christmas and my anniversary too... hope you guys enjoyed your holiday and Christmas.. (>ω<*)

Luview Mega Giveaway

Hello... sorry for lack of update.. :D now it's  time for a giveaway!!

Lina Kim from Sparkle Apple is hosting another Luview Giveaway, and I;m really excited to try on Luview products since I had read so many good reviews about it. And it's hard to get Luview product in my country! So yeah.. wish me luck then.. :D

You can enter by visiting her blog here... :) and there will be five winners!! So excited!

By the way,I'd finished my exam today.. and WELCOME holiday!!! Ohh really, it's been really tiring and super busy lately.. I slept for only few hours lately, need to prepare so many things for my exhibition exam. I have two exhibition exam in the same day.. But I'm glad I'd passed everything and I'm super excited for holiday! I will write another post about my exam and also some beauty haul. :D I do really really wanna share a lot of things..

See you soon ladiess..(>ω<*)

December 16, 2011

Angel in-us Coffee

Hello everyone..I'm really sorry for lack of update.. My exam schedule is really hectic! But today I wanna share about a really good place for hang out. Either with friends or a romantic date with your hubby.x3

I went to a new cafe at Kelapa Gading last week. I was waiting to be picked up by my BF, before he suddenly said, why don't we just go out for a while. And I was really exhausted because I'd just finished taking some videos for my assignments at the moment. So I think I could relax for a bit, and there we go to Angel-in-us Coffee. :D The name itself is kinda unique, right? In the first time, I read it as Angelinus. Kinda unusual.. but when I saw how did they spelled it out.. I understand what they mean. Angel is kinda popular lately during Christmas, don't you agree with me?

It is located on Lotte Mart, Kelapa Gading. Well, in fact I know Lotte Mart as a hypermarket, but lately they had built in several cafe and food corners. During the traffic hour, it's good to spent your time there. Beside, the parking fee is free! And they have such a really big parking area.

The place itself is quite cozzy and not too crowded, which I love the most. We order a drink and a cake. Trust me, it looks tiny but make us feel really full. :D I do google, because this cafe isn't as familiar as another coffee shop such as Starbucks, The Coffee Bean, etc...It's originated from Seoul, Korea. Most of the site's content is in I can't provide any further information ..but you can go through the site from here.

I didn't take much picture :) So I grab some of the pictures from their site and Google.

so many delicious cake!

And this is what I got with hubby..

Delicious cake ♥

Super cute muggg....

Angel's wing surely are their trademarks! Event their staff wear them and so many decoration with angel's wing on it.. 

They also provide icy water for free! Well when you drink coffee, latte, etc in such a big amount for a long time, I bet you might wanna drink some water. :D this is really good.. hahaha.. and anyway, I bring inside so many side dish..
so yummy!!
Actually I bought another two pack of potato chips and we ate them all LOL.. I was starving at the moment and just can't stop chewing.. and here's a snapshot I took. I love the wallpaper behind. It's a WALLPAPER! Not a real bookshelf lol..  

It's him LOL! *SS mode*
He always staring weird at me when I wanna camwhore myself with my DSLR, so that I just took my photo with my poor phone camera.. I'm sweating all day! So pardon my messy hair.. ><

And then an awkward pose... xD
Anyway, it's such a really good place to hang out together with friends, or event a romantic date. :D But don't forget to put your sweater on because I feel really cold there >< I'm easily feel cold and frozen in air conditioned room, so I must bring jacket or cardigan wherever I go.. even when I go to the beach!

Have a nice weekend everyone! I should finish some more assignments before I could back with another post. The exam end on next Thursday.. So please be patient.. >.< I have so many things to share with all of you.. 

P.S : I do recommend you to visit this cafe!! It's really awesome.. I will go there again right after my exam has finished! Definitely! x3.. 

See youu...(>ω<*)

December 1, 2011

Review : Maybelline Gel Liner

Hi everyone.. I'm back with another review :3.. I'm really interested with eyeliner lately. But nowadays  there's so many products with a great quality. It makes me hard to choose. Then I saw this! Maybelline Gel Liner in Brown..The price is reduced for clearance sale at Nona Lenongholic. Actualy I prefer to buy another black eyeliner. But I think I could give it a try since it gained so many good reviews.

And here it is, my new baby.

Wrapped safely

PRODUCT DESCRIPTION• Oil-free formula holds highly concentrated pigments in a clear gel base
• Smudge-proof and waterwproof for 24 hours
• Most intense line for lasting drama                                              
• Safe for sensitive eyes and ophthalmologist-tested
• Contact lens safe 
Define – In small strokes, glide liner across lash line from inner to outer corner. 
Define - In small strokes, glide liner across lash line from inner to outer corner.
Enhance – Extend and thicken line from outer corner up towards brow; wing out for extra drama.
It's really tiny and I'm a little bit surprised.. I expected something bigger..but since you just need a little amount to apply, I guess it comes with the right amount :) 

There's a hint of shimmer
Comparation with my hand
 It comes with a brush :) which surprisingly has a really good quality for me.

It's quite thin and stiff


 Swatch on my eyelid

Now it's time for the eyeliner test!



Rub it several times faded off a little bit.. but I guess we won't rub our eyelid that hard.. 

Wash it with soap

Clean it with Maybelline Make-Up Remover.. Cleaned easily with several light swipe..

No stain!

My Personal Opinion
I love the brown color. Sometimes brown eyeliner, especially the liquid and gel type, looks similar with black eyeliner. But not this one. :) It's a nice medium brown with a hint of shimmer. The texture is more creamy than gel.Just dip the brush a little bit to the pot, you can draw the line easily on your lashline. The brush itself is quite stiff, make it easy to draw a line. I feel like painting on the paper with my art-brush at the moment.
This is the first time I'm using a gel liner, and I know why people are saying that using gel liner is really easy even for a newbie. :)

This is really good for daily use too. But if you have an oily lid, it might fade away faster. I use this for about 8 hours and it's stay still except if I accidentally rub my eyes, it faded away a little bit.

Now it's time to camwhore LOL...

Close up accidentally LOL *forgot to set the camera*

And  I realize my bang is covering my eyelid in the photo!!!! So annoying -.- *stupid me!* 

Hope you are not bored with my face xD 

-Easy to apply
-Comes with a brush
-The price is quite cheap, it's around Rp 89.000,00 or $10 at counter
-Soft brown color, really good for daily use!

-Not really travel friendly. It's kinda troublesome when you have to bring the brush and the pot together while pencil or liquid eyeliner are more handy for travelling. And you have to clean the brush immediately after using.
-Smudge and faded faster for those who have an oily lid. You should use eye primer before use this :)

Rating 4.5/5

But afterall I love this product <3 Especially for the color and easy application.

:3 What do you think about this product? Have you tried this out? (>ω<*)

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