August 24, 2014

Birthday Checkpoint #23

This is probably the most interesting of my annual story, my birthday. As you had probably known, my partner is somehow full of unexpected surprise.

He started by waiting until 12.00 AM to be the first guy who say "Happy Birthday" to me. It is supposed to be a good sentence no matter how funny it is. It turned out to be a very short LETTER as...

HBD. (via line messages)


Pardon me?

This is not a texting era anymore ._. In the past, shorter text messages will cost you less than a longer text messages. When I asked him about it, he feel there's something wrong then and repeat HBD HBD HBD again. He said,"Okay it is not short anymore, right?"

Your argument is invalid. o_o

Later on, he had planned for my birthday dinner. Well, to be honest I don't really have a high expectation on him considering his plan is getting worse by years, so I will just let anything good happen as a gift and anything bad as common sense in our relationship.

When I was entering the car, he seems quite confident of something that I was unaware of. He started the conversation.
P : I would like to give your gift now.
G : Hee? Can't we wait?
P : No no no.
G : ....

He suddenly grabbed something from his pocket, just like in this incident and continue..

P : You were complaining back then that I should have given you something better.
G : *trying so hard not to be impressed .. but failed*
P : So I give you this... *put something in my hands*


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