August 31, 2016

O-lens Jenith 3 Color Sky Gray Review

I have this complicated love and hate relationship when it comes to contact lens. I've been wearing my glasses for quite a long time. Although it could help me to see things better but there are times I feel completely hopeless without any glasses on. Therefore I am overjoyed with happiness when I finally tried on contact lens for the first time and amazed that my eyesight is no longer limited behind the lens.

I started wearing contact lens for daily basis but years afterward my eyes has become pretty sensitive especially in air conditioned room. I could no longer wear lens more than 8 hour in a day and always have a lens dropper in my pouch. Therefore, choosing a comfortable lens is my priority and extremely important.

August 24, 2016

Checkpoint #25 | Quarter Life

As usual, this is an annual birthday-related post that I personally write for my personal records. However I come up with something different this year since I'm one of those who enter the 'quarter life stage'.

I don't know who started this silly tags but since early 2016, all my friends (who were born in the same year) started using this 'Quarter Life' phrases to 'remind' ourselves that we are no longer kids and deep into adulthood whether we like it or not. I'm actually someone who are pretty strict about age, as I think age is some kind of restrictions for me. I'm used to set my own goals, what to do when I reach on age 20 and so on. Someone tell me when you're above 25, age is only a matter of number, it has nothing to do with life. Perhaps I am somehow understand the reason why.

August 21, 2016

Digging for Inspiration in Beauty Blogging

Bagi sebagian kalangan, blogging atau menulis tampak seperti suatu kegiatan yang mudah. Pada kenyataannya, berdasarkan dari perjalananku dalam dunia blogging, menulis bukanlah sekedar masalah kepiawaian kita dalam merangkai kata-kata yang indah dibaca atau mengemas suatu cerita menjadi lebih menarik untuk dinikmati oleh para pembaca kita. Teman-teman bloggers pasti pernah merasakan yang namanya stuck, nggak mood untuk nulis, atau bosan karena topik yang ditulis berujung serupa dan rasanya jadi kurang challenge.

Biasanya kalau aku sudah mulai stuck, aku akan mulai mencari inspirasi untuk bahan tulisan yang baru, salah satunya lewat QUBICLE.

QUBICLE ini merupakan percampuran antara social media dan blogging (atau bisa disebut sebagai social content platform) pertama di Indonesia. Selain menjadi portal informasi, kita juga bisa saling berbagi inspirasi lewat tulisan, artikel, foto, ataupun video yang bisa kita upload. Kita bisa membaca informasi atau trend terbaru yang diulas disini ataupun menjadi salah satu content creator yang bisa membagikan sumber inspirasi bagi orang lain.

August 5, 2016

Unboxing Charis Beauty Box

Korean E-Commerce sites has been rapidly growing nowadays but few months ago I discover a new brand which appears with a new concept. Have you ever heard about CHARIS? For those who aren't familiar with the brand, CHARIS is the World’s First Influencer Based Commerce Platform.It was established by MADSquare, Inc with the mission of maintaining the beauty of its customers around the world. They selected their range of products carefully and also had worked with Korea's well known makeup artist.

I heard about CHARIS beforehand from STYLECON Asia 2016 and signed up as a member. Few weeks afterward, CHARIS kindly asked to send me their very first beauty box.

I am so excited to see what's in my beauty box. First thing first, their packaging. They decided to go for a classy yet sophisticated look with black box and their logo in gold matte foil. Talk about less is more and I love it.

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