February 28, 2012

Revlon Colorburst Lip Butter Launching Event with Cosmopolitan

Super late post!! TT.TT My uni gave me no time to rest... Okay just go through the post then. On Thursday, February 17th  I was invited to Revlon Lip Butter Launching Event with Cosmopolitan. I almost never know I was invited, because the invitation e-mail goes to spam folder. But one of Cosmopolitan's staff mentioned me at twitter, so I did realize I got an invitation.. Many thanks to Revlon Indonesia and Cosmopolitan for inviting me :)

Hanna Anindhita's First Giveaway

Hope it's not too late then.. :D Hanna is holding another giveaway now! Still open until the end of February 2012. Make sure don't miss it.

Visit her site here for more information. x3

Spread the news and wish me luck ;)

February 12, 2012

Say Hello to Dove Nourishing Oil Care!

For all Indonesian readers, you might have heard that Dove has just released their new range, Nourishing Oil Care. Their ads are everywhere.. and I can't help myself not to get one. xD I'd used Dove Shampoo several times before this new range is being launched, so I have a high expectation for their new products.

The essential thing from this new product is combining the benefit of natural oil from almond, sunflower, and coconut in Nutri-Oil Technology.

For more information you can check the site at here.

February 10, 2012

Review and Swatches : Sariayu Lipstick in Reog 01

Quick review about local brand in my country, Sariayu. This brand is famous for the decorative products with so many colour, especially for their eyeshadow collection.. But now I'm going to review the lipstick.

I got this from Stephanie's giveaway :)

February 6, 2012

Review : Daiso Detergent for Women

At first I'm kinda confused why it should be named as Detergent for Women... hahaha.. well it is specially made for women's matter.I have to admit everytime I got my period, the blood stain is really bothersome. :s And I believe many women out there are facing the same thing with me. So I decide to give this detergent a try. 

So here it is Daiso Detergent for Women

Perfectly removes menstrual blood and vaginal discharge stains.

How to Use
Moisten the underwear, apply an appropriate amount of the product, wash it by hand and then machine-wash it with other clothes.

  • Do not apply it to silk products. They may shrink.
  • Test the product in advance on cloths that may lose color
  • Do not leave cloths for a long time after application of the product or they may be become discolored.
  • Wear rubber gloves if you suffer from chapped skin or if you will use it for a long time.
  • Rinse your hands well with water and use hand cream to moisten the skin after use
  • If swallowed, drink water, induce vomiting and take appropriate measures. When the product comes into contact with the eye, immediately flush under running water. If you find any abnormalities in either case, go to the hospital and seek mdical attention
  • Use only for intended purpose

Usage : For cotton, linen and synthetic fibers.

Target use amount : 5 mililiters for 100 cubic centimeters

Components: Surface active agent (16% Polyoxyethylene alkyl ether, Fattyacid alkanolamide, Alkyl betaine) Water softener (alkaline chemicals)

Comes in a white pinkish bottle and a flip cap. It also has a small hole that enough to take out the products. But since this is a liquid detergent, I found out it's a little bit messy after taking out the products and need to wipe it clean.

I got this from Daiso in Singapore for S$3 via pre-order. With 80 ml and sleek bottle packaging, I think it's quite good for travelling.

The liquid detergent is clear and fragrance-free. But there's detergent smell comes after I dillute it with water. Okay it's kinda bothering me, but it's a detergent so I can't complain. Effective for removing stains and I'm quite impressive. :) Moreover, it's cheap and last quite long too, but it depends on usage.

What I love is they provide and write the caution very clearly about what should you do and what shouldn't.   As it said, this product makes my skin dry after usage, therefore please do not skip your hand cream or hand moisturizer. For those who have sensitive skin, I recommend you to use gloves instead of bare hand. 

-Effective for removing stains

-Drying my skin
-Hard to find these here

Rating 4/5

Just grab one to try (>ω<*).

February 2, 2012

Review : Etude House Hand Bouquet Rich Butter Hand Cream

Hello pretties!! How's your day? :D I won Phanie's giveaway twice few weeks ago, and I think I wanna share some products review.:D

Here's what I got from her.

Today I'm gonna make a review about the hand cream. My first hand cream ever! Actually my skin is pretty dry, plus I often wash my hand and it makes my hand getting drier..

Okay now onto the products... Etude House Hand Bouquet Rich Butter Hand Cream 

It comes in a cute soft purple tube packaging with flowery ornaments. Well it looks like my paint tube but bigger LOL. But the cap is not a flip type, I would prefer a flip cap because it will be easier to open.

It is also sealed with a foil. :)

The texture is quite creamy and thick, but when you spread it, the cream feels like melt and spread evenly without worry. :D so nice. It also has a nice floral and a little bit hint of talc scent. But me super like it! It really moisture my hands without leaving such a sticky feeling like most of cream does.

It also contains 5% shea butter. Shea butter is widely known as a really great skin moisturizer. So for me, this product is quite moisturizing my hand.
-Sweet and nice scent
-Easily spread
-Not sticky
-Quite moisturizing for me


Rating 4.5/5

If you're interested with this product, go get a tube, it's really worth to try.. (>ω<*)

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