August 27, 2012

Little Birthday Story

It's been a long time! How are your girls? Did you miss me or not?? A little bit late but Happy Eid Mubarak for those who celebrate. ^o^ Come with a little update about my birthday ;)

I'm busy at the moment with  my internship and college again. So I barely have time to blog because I arrived at home with a super tired body and mind, I also spent my time on Saturday to teach, so I'm kinda only have Sunday to breathe. So, when the holidays come, I'm  off to sleep and playing games for  straight 3 days! LOL how unproductive and lazy I am. I did anything that I couldn't do in usual days such as cooking, and so on. :D Feels like recharged already!!I didn't spent my holiday with Pat because he's off to Puncak with his family for around a week. But he's going back right on my birthday <3

A unique tradition in my family... I should eat this noodle on my birthday.
It is called misoa. Actually it looks like noodle and ricenoodle. Well it is served with 2 boiled egg, meatballs, crabstick, and so on. All items has to be in even number. Even number are believed to bring luck in Chinese tradition.

Years ago, I always ate the misoa with sweet soup and red colored boiled egg which is not tasty at all. @_@ Thankfully, my mother had done some adjusment into it LOL.

August 15, 2012

[Sponsored] Review : Revlon DNA Age Defying Makeup

Another review from my Revlon package. :) And it's about their latest foundation, The DNA Age Defying Makeup. Well in fact I might have a love and hate relationship with it. Let's find out why.

August 9, 2012

Comparison : Revlon Colorstay Creme Gel Liner in Black and Brown

Another post about Revlon Colorstay Creme Gel Liner. Well I said in my previous review here that I want to try another color, and I got the black shade at Revlon latest event! So I think I want to make a short comparison between them.

August 8, 2012

No Germs Solution with Solusimu

Few weeks ago, I was contacted by Solusimu to try out their products, which is a disposable paper toilet seat cover. Concerning of their campaign about Germs are not for sharing, I'm interested to find out about how this product works.

August 6, 2012

Get Rid of Unwanted Hair and Skin Treatment at Click House

Few weeks ago, I was invited by Click House to try on their treatement. Of course I was really excited.

August 3, 2012

Review : Maybelline Baby Lips

This is the item that I'd been waiting for! Maybelline Baby Lips! The lip balm that have been raved by all people. Since I was too lazy to order it from the other country, I was kinda surprised when I saw them at Watsons and quickly  grab one!

I have such a really big expectation of this lipbalm and this time it doesn't go wrong.*happy*

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