April 20, 2016

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Di era digital seperti sekarang ini, sangat mudah bagi kita untuk mengakses berbagai informasi dengan cepat. Mulai dari browsing review sampai belanja bisa dilakukan tanpa harus beranjak keluar rumah. Coba, berapa banyak dari kita yang lebih sering belanja online dibanding belanja langsung ke store? Hehehe jujur saja, akutermasuk salah satu orang yang senang banget belanja online, terutama kalau mau belanja make-up atau gadget. Belum lagi website e-commerce atau online seller sekarang sudah semakin banyak dan mereka sering banget ngadain flash sale atau discount di waktu-waktu tertentu.

Banyaknya penawaran yang menarik memang memberi kita kebebasan untuk memilih tapi sekaligus membuat kita sulit dan bingung menentukan pilihan. Pasti kalian pernah deh mau belanja sesuatu, terus sibuk membandingkan harga supaya bisa dapetin best deal. Tenang aja, kalian gak sendiri kok hehehe. Aku sendiri tipe orang yang kalau belanja bisa menghabiskan waktu lama banget buat cross-check ke berbagai website untuk make sure kalau aku bisa dapetin harga terbaik. Biasa lah ya cewek kalau belanja hehehe beda harga sedikit saja tuh diperhitungkan banget.

April 7, 2016

NYX Eyeshadow Base in Pearl Review

Hello everyone! I'm coming back with another makeup review. 


April 6, 2016

Rohto Dermacept RX Skincare Review

Few weeks ago, I had a chance to attend a beauty talkshow with Rohto Indonesia. Most of us might have already known that Rohto Indonesia had introduced a lot of beauty brands to Indonesia. One of them is Hada Labo, which previously become my favorite drugstore skincare products. Today, I'm going to share about their latest skincare line, Dermacept RX.

Judging from its name, this new skincare line sounds very clinical, isn't it? Well, it is not entirely wrong. Dermacept RX is a special skincare line which is not commercially available and need to be prescribed by dermatologist in selected skin clinics. 

dr. Luluk Maya Savira (dr. Vira) from Ammara Clinic, gave us a brief explanation about how to take care our skincare. She explains the reason why we should use sunscreen and the benefits of using serums in our skincare regime which I will explain later on the review part. dr. Vira has such a very cheerful personality and excited in answering our question during the talkshow. If you seek for an expertise opinion about your skin, you can contact Ammara Clinic to arrange an appointment with dr. Vira.

Dian Pratiwi, Product Specialist from Rohto Indonesia, explained furthermore about Dermacept RX product knowledge during the talkshow.
Let's hop on to the review 

Dermacept RX Series is developed under Japan Dermatology Concept. We all know how Japanese loves efficiency in almost all their life aspect. So what is the essence of Japan Dermatology Concept? It eliminates all the unnecessary and harmful elements, assuring only the whole goodness are packed into their products. Something that I expected from Japanese skincare.

Complete series of Dermacept RX product which are foaming wash, moisturizing milk, moisturizing sunscreen, and vitamin C serum. The whole products are adapted from the basic of Japanese skincare steps which are cleanse, nourish, and moisturize.

Dry Skin : Foaming Wash - Vit C Serum - Moisturizing Milk - Moisturizing Sunscreen

Oily Skin : Foaming Wash - Vit C Serum - Moisturizing Sunscreen

Their packaging are simple in white and mostly are made from sturdy plastic bottle unless for the serums. It feels like having those clinic medication bottles which usually comes in white color with a touch of green color. 


First step and the most important steps in any skincare routine, CLEANSE. Dermacept RX Foaming Wash is available in two different size, 160 ml and 100 ml. The bigger bottle is suitable for daily usage at home while the smaller one will easily fits into our travel bag.  
Ultra smooth foaming cleanser provides surface capillary action to against dirt without scrubdown skin hardly. Gently exfoliates to maintain natural skin barrier function and give extra nano Hyaluronic particle as moisturizer. Mild acidity and suitable even on sensitive and acne prone skin.

Fragrance free. Color free. Alchohol free. Oil free. Preservative free. Mild acidity. Seriously what not to love from this cleanser. 

I always love how practical a foaming wash is but apparently that's not the only reason why. Dermacept RX Foaming Wash creates nano particle ultra smooth bubble which could help to cleanse our skin better than regular facial foam.

Dermacept RX Foaming Wash uses amino based ingredients instead of soap formula which could help to maintain skin texture, moisturized, gentle on sensitive skin, and also keep our skin on the right pH balance. I can tell the difference since it doesn't leave any trace of tight or slippery feelings on my skin right after usage.


Proceed into the MOISTURE step. I'll skip to the NOURISH part for now, let's say I will save the best for the last.
Best formulation ratio Glycerin, Lecithin and Petrolatum to protect and recovering natural skin barrier function throughout the day. Produced with High-Pressure Emulsified Petrolatum (HPEP) technology for deeply skin penetration and long lasting emollient effect. Ideal to dry skin, redness dermatitis, itchy xerosis and post-procedure treatment like superficial peel, microdermabrasion or non-ablative laser treatments.

Dermacept RX provides two different variants of moisturizer which can be adjusted to your skin type. Dermacept RX Moisturizing Milk is the one for those with dry skin as it is oil based and could provide more moisture. 

Fragrance free. Color free. Alchohol free. 

Dermacept RX Moisturizing Milk can be used for both face and body. The texture is pretty light and easily absorbed into skin. It left a bit of greasy feelings afterward so I usually apply this on my body and cheeks area at night as I dislike using greasy moisturizer at daytime.


The essential things that always been in my love and hate relationship, sunscreen. I do realize how important it is to use sunscreen on daily basis and how harmful the UV rays is. The thing is I hate applying greasy thing on my face and most of sunscreen are greasy.

Water base sunscreen formula for daily activities : SPF 30 ; PA+++. Contain additional moisturizer and giving maximum UV A and UV B protection because of Micro-Sized Encapsulated UV Absorber Technology. Can be used for all skin type without irritate and clogging skin pore.
Yes, you read it right. WATER BASED SUNSCREEN. 

I used to think that non greasy sunscreen are not exist but okay turns out that I'm wrong. Dermacept RX Sunscreen is a water based sunscreen and it works totally fine even for people with oily skin.  I usually apply this sunscreen at the end of my skincare routine or before applying any make up.

1. Shake the bottle thoroughly
2. Apply the sunscreen 15-20 minutes before doing any activities under direct sunlight.
3. Reapply the sunscreen if necessary.

Compared to the Moisturizing Milk, the texture is quite runny and left nothing but a moisturized feelings after application. It feels like put on a moisturizer and not a sunscreen. 

I rarely wear make up on daily basis, so I usually just apply my skincare and top it off with this sunscreen. Sometimes I forgot to double cleanse and only cleanse my face with Dermacept Cleansing Foam, no irritation or acne appeared on the next day. I am rest assured and certain that this sunscreen is water based and totally safe for those with sensitive or oily skin.

Finally found my HG Sunscreen!


The core of the whole treatment, Dermacept RX Vitamin C Serum. Unlike the others, this serum should be prescribed  according to your skin by a dermatologist. 
Made by selective high quality L-Ascorbic Acid active ingredient for super stable preparation and maximum efficacy. Formula combination to provide quick-easy and high penetration power into the deep skin layer inside. Can be used for all skin type especially for skin brightness.

Oil free. Preservative free. Surfactant free.

Serums. What is the importance of using serums in our skincare routine? Well back then I don't understand the difference between moisturizer and serums because I think using moisturizer solely is enough. Nope! Unlike moisturizers, basically serum is a concentrated skincare items that could penetrate deeper into our skin layer and nourish our skin.

There are a wide varieties of serums but one of the most popular serums is Vitamin C Serum. It is well known for its brightening properties. It could also help to prevent the signs of aging and help to improve skin texture.

Dermacept RX Vit C Serum comes in two different concentrate, 10% and 15%. What's the difference? 

Basically Vitamin C  has an acid characteristic which could stimulate allergy for sensitive skin. Therefore it is recommended by dermatologist to use the serums from the lowest acid concentrate which is 10%. It also gives enough time for your skin to adapt with your new skincare routine. 

I'm personally using Dermacept RX Vitamin C Serum 10% for about 2 weeks before moving on the 15% remembering my skin is pretty sensitive.  

1. Cleanse and prep your face properly.
2. Put 3-4 drops of the serums and apply it evenly on your face.

Please do not overuse the serums as it will not give a better results. 

The texture is extremely light and easily absorbed into our skin. It has a strong scents of the usual vitamin C which kinda reminds me of orange scent but it will disappear after application. If you're having open wound or any acnes, avoid using the serums on it as well. On the other day, I forgot that I had popped an acne and accidentally apply the serum on it, it feels extremely painful. Remember that the serums contains acids, so stay away from any wounded area. 

Another thing that you should remember is about how to store your serums. This serums should be storaged in the right way or else it could loss its benefits. 

1. Keep it in a cold place and avoid direct sunlight. (It is recommended to store your serums inside the refrigerator)
2. Avoid any contact with tip of the dropper to prevent any contamination. 

Is there any way to tell whether the serums is in good condition or not? Of course there is. Make sure that your serums color transparent and clear. If it turns into yellowish or brownish tone, then it's about time to throw it away. Please pay a little attention on how to storage your serums so it will not go to waste.  

And here it comes... the before-after result after 1 month using Dermacept RX Skincare.

What do you think?

Actually I notice an improvement at my skin texture rather than my skintone. My skin has become way more supple and smooth. The improved skintone become more obvious after I compare the before-after photos. Some of my friends also told me that my skin has gotten brighter than before. It also help to reduce redness and light acne scars. I didn't experienced any purging or irritations so far so I can assure that Dermacept RX is great for people with sensitive skin. 

These products are not available in stores so if you're interested you can contact Ammara Clinic or visit Rohto Store Locator for more information. You can also consult with dr. Vira so she could help you to decide the best regime for your skin :)

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