October 21, 2015

So...? Perfume Series Review

Hello everyone! As promised, today I'm back with a review of another series from Sogen Asia, So...? Fragrance. I guess everybody will have the same problem with me at the moment you read the brand. So...? You're not alone, girls. I think the concept is pretty unique and kinda unusual to come with a unique naming. So, let's go through them furthermore. 

So...? Fragrance are created and designed in London, England. It is one of the best selling perfumeries in England. So...? Fragrance come with four different variants. All are available in body mist and eau de toilette. Body mist come in 200 ml while eau de toilette come in 15 ml and 50 ml. And luckily I was sent all the variants to try <3

The body mist come in a sleek bottle packaging from plastic. Most of the bottle are clear so you can see through the liquid inside. It brings the modern and urban feel in the packaging design. 


So...? Desirable have a strong scent of floral such as Exotic Musk, Freesia, and Magnolia with touch of fruit scent (Apple and Mandarin). It's more into a scent that wakes you up and put yourself into your game-on face throughout the day. It is a refreshing yet sweet scent.


So...? Kiss Me have a pretty unique scent. It is started with the Blackcurrant, Pineapple, and Citron followed by Muguet, Freesia, Musk, and Vanilla. These combination creates an amazingly subtle, sweet, and feminine scent and yet a little bit seducing.

So...? Fragrance Body Mist price range varies from Rp 49.900 (200 ml). 


So...?  Fragrance Eau de Toilette come in a box packaging to secure its main packaging which made from a sturdy glass. It has a very simple and pretty design with a bold color selection for the bottle cap. Their Eau de Toilette come in two different sizes, 15 ml and 50 ml. I love how they come with a smaller size, it means we could bring our favourite perfumeries without any hassle. 


So...? Brit Eau de Toilette have the most interesting story. As I had mentioned before, So...? Fragrance are made in London, therefore So...? Brit was created to describe a young England woman with a elegant and sophisticated character. 

Honestly, it is one of the kind of scent that I rarely found in the market. The scent was created from Peony, English Rose, Amber, Cranberry, Iris, and Vanilla. It has the strong scent of the English Rose but the other ingredient creates a deeper scent that quickly make me thought about this is the scent of a young lady. 


So...? Sensual come with mature version of sweet scent. The scent are combination of Mint, Pineapple, and followed by Sweet Strawberry and Violet, ended with Vanilla, Praline, and Musk. It is somehow sweet yet have a deeper scent that makes it bold in a unique way. A perfect pick for your lovely and romantic dinner. 

So...? Fragrance Eau de Toilette price range varies from Rp 24.900 (15 ml) and Rp 89.900 (50 ml). 

Soo...? Fragrance have a very unique and more mature scent selection. It is suitable for young women and women. My favourite is So...? Brit. I am usually not really fond of roses fragrance but trust me So...? Brit had changed my mind towards rose fragrance. I am really impressed with the quality that they bring and glad they had made their way into our country. Honestly, there aren't much great fragrance products with affordable price in the market. It is definitely a very good choice for you if you're looking for a nice fragrance product with a limited budget. :)

For more information, you can visit their social media here

WEBSITE : http://www.sowithattitude.com/
FACEBOOK : So...? Fragrance Indonesia
TWITTER : @sofragranceid
INSTAGRAM : @so.fragrance.id

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Disclosure : These products are sent for review purposes. All opinions are based on my own experience and not influenced in any way. 

October 19, 2015

Parfums Love Series Review

Hello everyone. How are you today? I wish everyone are in a very great day. Today I'm back with another review. Perhaps it would tease your sense of smells to the new level. 

Sogen Asia brings two different series of product to Indonesia. The first one is Parfums Love and the other one is So..? Fragrance, which I will talk about in a separated post. 

Parfums Love have three different variants which are Lost in Love, You & Me, and My Love. They kinda remind me about all the teen novels' title that I used to read back then. All Parfums Love variants are available in body mist and eau de toilette selection.

What is the difference between body mist and eau de toilette? The difference lies in the amount of water and alcohol used to dilute the 'essence' of the scents. It explains why body mist have a lighter scent and doesn't last as long as eau de toilette. In short, body mist are lighter in scent than eau de toilette. In most of my days, I prefer to use body mist but there are times I use eau de toilette if I need the fragrance to stays a bit longer. :)

From the name itself, Parfums Love are inspired from the sweet and passionate experience of love. Therefore I can see how they come with cheerful pastel design and heart shape. Concluding from the sweet and colorful design, I can assume Parfums Love are designed for younger markets or teens.


You & Me have the strongest scent among the other variant. It has the combination of Mango, Papaya, Pineapple, Musk, and Sandalwood. A strong fruity scent with a little hint of spices scent. Something that is energizing and cheerful at the same time. It suits the image of young and dynamic girl in her daily life.


Lost in Love have a deeper and more mature scent. It combines the scent of Raspberry, Pear, Amber, Peony, and Vanilla. It is suitable for those who are not really fancy with sweet or candy scent. It's more into the combination of sweet Vanilla scent and a bit of fresh Raspberry. Perfect for a formal meetings or occasions.

All the body mist are nicely packed into a tall plastic bottle with a colorful design. As it was made from plastic, it is pretty nice to travel with as it won't break easily. You can reapply it whenever you need it.

Parfums Love Body Mist price range varies from Rp 49.900,00 for 200 ml.


It wins my heart through the cute bottle design. I mean it is heart-shaped, something that was too hard to resist for the girls. Plus the pink cap which completes its cuteness. The bottle are made from sturdy glass and matte. The matte finish are really nice since it creates a luxury feels and not easily stained by our fingerprints. Eau de toilette come with a box that help to secure the glass packaging.

As for the fragrance itself, it has the combination of Blackcurrant, Lemon, and Jasmine . It is a very subtle and sweet scent that suitable for your dates. It does really represent 'My Love' variants as I think it is filled with things that makes you feel fall in love. The beautiful flower and sweet things.

Parfums Love Eau de Toilette price range varies from Rp 89.900,00 for 50 ml and Rp 24.900 for 15 ml. All Parfums Love product are availabe at Guardian, Hero, and Indomaret (for edt 15 ml).

At the first glance, I thought Parfums Love are designed for young girls. I guess I had proven myself wrong. I loved Lost in Love Fragrance the most as it has the subtle and less sweet scent. Perhaps I will have a bottle of Lost in Love eau de Toilette. Besides, I think they have a very reasonable price that come along with their great quality. Especially for their Eau de Toilette. It is under Rp 100.000,00. Perfect and I think everyone should give it a try. At least, you can go to the nearest outlet and try on for yourself. ^.^

For more information, you can visit their Facebook page here

WEBSITE : http://www.parfumslove.com/
FACEBOOK : Parfums Love ID
TWITTER : @parfumsloveid
INSTAGRAM : @parfums.love.id

I'll be back with another review of So..? Series soon.

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Disclosure : These products are sent for review purposes. All the reviews are written based on my own experience opinion. 

October 12, 2015

Beautiful Healthy Skin with Redwin Indonesia

Living in a tropical country with all-year-sunny-day weather could be troublesome. Why? Our skin are likely exposed to the harmfuls sunrays. Perhaps some of us wanna avoid the hot and humid weather by staying in air-conditioned room which are not even better for our skin... or mine to be exact. 

My skin is pretty dry in normal days but there are several circumstances when my skin is getting worse. It becomes very dry and flaky which makes me look like someone who have a serious problem with skin. So it is very important for me to have a good treatment against my dry skin. This time, I had a chance to try on a new product, Redwin Sorbolene Moisturizer.

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