October 23, 2011

Monday already...

Hi everyone.. It's Sunday night already.. and sadly tomorrow I'll be busy with uni again.. I think I haven't get enough rest..I'm not feeling well lately, and no matter how long I rest.. still not in my usual condition.

I supposed to finish several things, but I'm stuck lately.. and finally I went out with my family. I'm shopping for my uni needs such as sketchbook, clear holder, black linen paper, and so on.. Graphic design really need lots of things especially for the performance, should be wrap with black linen paper, plastic, etc.. I know it should to be neat.. but somehow waste so many paper and plastic. I even can't remember how many roll of black linen paper I'd used for this 2 years, or how many sketch book paper that I used ..This only few things I got, because I was really in such a hurry... so I'll buy the rest later..

Uni needs

I also got my new double point needle.. Has been raved for it because I'm super excited to try knitting something smaller in round, such as leg warmer or hand warmer. It's gonna be used in next project, so just keep it wrapped lol...

Daiso Bamboo Double Point Needle
I want to buy size 11 but unfortunately there isn't
Size 12 (Japan Metric) 5.7 mm

By the way, today I wanna share something with you :) Lately I'd been really busy with my uni assignments, and I though I'm about to share what did I do last week.. Well the most interesting one comes from my Packaging Design subjects.. we were given a task to do a packaging design for instant coffee (ready to drink).. and after a long way of thinking and panicking for about a whole day (I'm totally turn crazy because I made it right before the submission...) then here's what I got...

D'Coffee (my version)
D'Coffee comes from DKV... sounds similar right?

3 different variants

Description (>,< too small)

And this one is too.. >.<
Now revealing the idea ... it comes from ....
I even can't believe myself ... When this picture appears on Google search, suddenly I got an inspiration and decided to use it..

And my biggest mistake is I was late when the exam began! The exam start at 8.30 AM, and I arrived at 09.00 AM!! There's so many things happened in the morning, and I keep praying all the way to uni...and luckily my lecture was late too. He's late around 1 hour, and I was late for about 30 minutes! Gosh, will never let this happen again.

Moved to another subject, this is known as Visual Merchandising or in another words Display. We were given task to design a sale event. The products, the brand, etc decided by ourselves. My team chose to design a nail polish display. It's a cute table display.. But this is only the dummy (miniature) with a scale 1:3. So this isn't the final one, this miniature is used for presentation in front of the class. Afterall, I'm quite satisfied with all of them.. :)

Left side

Right side
Sorry for blurry pic and some of them are censored for privacy.

Well, another month before facing the final exam.. I miss my long holiday!! Hahaha I'd decided so many project to be done at holiday too.. so really can't wait for the end of the year...

Let's welcome Monday with a smile (although it's hard.. I know it!! I have my class in the morning  T ^ T)

See you soon..(>ω<*)

October 18, 2011

Randomness while working..

Hello lovelies.. there's nothing special I would write for today.. I just wanna share some random thought and opinion.. :) hope you enjoy reading this.

Well, I'm in front of computer right now, with my Illustrator and stuck with ideas *I thought this is a usual things for designer xP*.. when usually in my free time I got so many ideas to be done. Wonder why lol...? I just get bored and decide to write something..

When I am working with some project, I could suddenly thinking about so many things. About what should I buy  for monthly shopping. Adding things to my wish list. And many more. Sometimes I get distracted so easily especially in front of computer, always do so many Alt+tab..

Lately I'm interested and do some observation on these things..( of course while I'm working with my assignments .. LOL)

MAD Indelible 3 in 1 Waterproof Liquid Liner
MAD Indelible Waterproof Gel Liner

1.MAD Mineral Gel Liner and Liquid Liner
I'm a big fan of eyeliner!! But remembering my eyes condition lately so I haven't used any eye make up for a while. And I'm thinking to find a waterproof and smudgeproof eyeliner, because I used to go everywhere by public transportation or motorcycle. And if you know that Jakarta is getting really really hot lately, and I swear  you will sweat a lot if you're outside for a long time... that's why I'm interested to try this eyeliner.. since it's waterproof I wouldn't worry that my eye will turn into panda eyes! Besides, it's cheap and there so many beautiful colors you can choose;D the only thing that confused me which one should I choose between the gel and the liquid one.. I wanna try the gel type but definitely love liquid liner.. since gel liner could dries if you didn't keep them properly.. so yeah I'm pretty confused right now..
yum yum honey..
I'm seriously taking care of my health right now.. lol But I tried to eat my yoghurt regularly (which usually I only use them for my mask.. haha).. and I'm thinking about trying honey, besides I wanna make some pancakes with honey!! In the end, it's about pleasing my tongue.. well but I think it's not a wrong choice to buy honey, ;D

Eco Tools Brushes
3.Eco Tools Brush
Searching for brushes that would fit for a beginner like me and affordable.. xD So I saw this one and Eco Tools has received so many good review and I think I wanna give it a try....
Cute Birds

4. Challenge
I'm thinking about make a new challenge for myself... Last holiday, I make a challenge to learn knitting via youtube and make a scarf. I also succeed make a hat.. lol.. Satisfied really because so many people said knitting is really difficult.. :( .. well the purpose is to learn something new. I enjoy learning things like that.. Since it's been a long time, I'm thinking about making a challenge about drawing... 100 cute animal in vector.. >.> sounds interesting huh? It's gonna be my next holiday BIG homework.. :)

Well that's what I'm interested and thinking about lately... :) My mid-term is going to end soon.. :) I'll talk about another things later then..

See you soon...(>ω<*)

October 14, 2011

My Day Off.. finally~

Hi dear.. I'm so glad I'd passed my first week, there's one week left and still surviving T ^ T..

I made an illustration and submit it for my exam. The theme is to make an illustration about product advertising. So I decided to draw this, inspired by Bubzbeauty tutorial. I found the butterfly is really gorgeous! Hehehe.. Unfortunately I'm in a rush to submit this one so this one is the only I could capture.. :(
Illustration .. poor quality >.<
There's another one actually. It's a collage about coffee but I forgot to take a picture of it >_<

After submitting those paintings, I spent my whole days with my BF, watching Cars 2 and Pirates of Carribean.. Both of them are really awesome!! Highly recommended! You have to watch them all..

Cars 2
Pirates of Carribean
And I found another interesting part when we were going to the cinema, Blitzmegaplex. Well, we had no idea to spent 1,5 hours before the movie begin, and then my BF said what about if we buy some popcorn.. I just agree, then we ordered a pack contains one medium popcorn and two drinks.The cashier ask which flavor do we want. And it's been a long time since I went to the movie, ended up buying salty popcorn. Seems everybody prefer salty popcorn than the sweet one. I want the sweet one!! T ^ T but there's no one like the sweet popcorn.. suddenly the cashier said,"Do you want to mix them?"

My eyes must be really in blink blink mode lol... I replied ,"Do you mean we can mix for the salt and sweet popcorn.."

He said,"Yes.." I'm so happy.. very very happy!! And so do my BF.. he said it tasted better when both salty and caramel popcorn are mixed together..Yayyy... I love it ..*not important really* (I don't know if it can be mixed, really!!)

My tired face.. didn't put much make up because I'm breakout lately.. T ^ T

Btw.. funny picture.. Capture it accidentally .. omg so cuteeee....

Sleepy me ~~

I have 11 hammies right now.. ^^ such a really big family lol.. Mummy panda was missing few days ago, she sneaked out from her cage, but luckily I found her .. it was really a coincidence @_@ I told my BF she might be stuck behind the drawer, My BF said nope, she was not there. 2 hours later, seems I got a feeling that I wanna make sure myself by seeing with my eyes. And when I check behind the cupboard, there she is.. stuck behind the drawer... T ^ T Poor you.. I cried all night long when I knew she's lost! I'm so glad!! So glad your mother has came back, babies..~

Hahahah...I'm tired but so happy in the same time. I could spent my day off time with my BF and do so many interesting things.. Then prepare to face another busy week again >_<.. I bought a lot of canned coffee for my next assignments!! I'll post about it after I finish it... :)

See you soon...(>ω<*)

Review & Swatch - OPI Zom Body to Love

Hi dear.. Finally I got some day off and write this post. It's such a really tiring week. I should stay awake all night to finish my assignments. And I want everything to be perfect, so yeah.. it takes a lot of time. T ^ T

Okay.. now time to do some review and swatch.. I've been waiting for about a week to try this. Unfortunately, I was busy with assignments and facing with glue, paint, etc.. which means it could harm my nail!! So I decided to wait until I get some free time =(

Here's a nail polish I got from Stella Lee Giveaway sponsored by Dunia Kutek ...

Well this is my nail with Zom Body to Love. :)

without flash

with flash

What do you think?? It's really cute >,<

Few days ago, Stella said that I could use the nail strengthener as the base coat..I'd tried and it works nice! Thanks dear :) But it is very sheer when I put 1 coat only, I achieved this color with 3 coat.. But since it dried really fast, it doesn't matter. ;D I love the green color and moreover I did some test for its glowing and it DOES really glow in the dark..

I'm thinking about adding some pattern on it but have no idea ... *after one week getting crazy with my exam, out of idea LOL*

Give it a rate 5 out of 5.. OPI is really amazing.. Wanna buy the shatter series.. >_<

I'm about to write another interesting post.. so please keep an eye hehe ;)

See you soon..(>ω<*)

October 10, 2011

Stella Lee Giveaway.. Win US$35 Credit!

Hello again.. :) I hope you're not boring thought. There's lot of giveaway in this month, and I just wanna spread the fun with all of you guys ^^..

Stella Lee is hosting a giveaway again, sponsored by Gallover. :) and you know what? You can win an US$35 credit.. yeayyy..

Stella Lee Giveaway US$35 Credit
Open INTERNATIONALLY, so everybody could join in :)

Ends October 21st, 2011

Enter HERE

Let's try our luck then.. :) Join and spread the fun.(>ω<*)

Sparkle Apple SPECIALLENS Giveaway!

Hello everyone.. Another good news in October. Sparkle Apple is hosting another giveaway!! Pretty interesting huh? Well, let's make it fast then..

This time, the prize is contact lenses...Well because I'm still in searching for a suitable contact lens for me.. when I hear about contact lenses, I guess my face turn into something like this...(ノ ̄ー ̄)lol... 

This giveaway is sponsored by Speciallens, a cosmetic lens center. 

For further information, click HERE.


1 set of Circle Lenses (Candy Doll series or Candy Eye Series) + 1 Adorable Lens Case.
- A 20% discount coupon code.
- Winner are eligible to choose their preferable colors and prescription.

- This giveaway contest opens INTERNATIONALLY.

ENDS  October 26th, 2011

Awesome right?

Don't miss it guys!! ;)  and see you soon..(>ω<*)

October 6, 2011

My OPI Package has arrived

Heiii everyone... sorry for lack of update.. During the mid-test, I have to prepare anything and get ready for my exam, although most of them are only submitting the final work. But it means I have to do everything at home, and sometimes lecturers thought we have so many free time at home, so they give us a huge number of task..:(  But some of my lecturers are kind enough to give us easy assignments to submit, considering we're going to have a great number of assignments.

By the way, yesterday, my package has arrived. :) I won Stella Lee Giveaway sponsored by Dunia Kutek ..thanks a bunch dear >.< I'm kinda suprised haha.. well let's take a peek into my package...Well I don't know what color the sponsor are going to send, so I'm pretty excited about what color I will get..:3

The package

Wrapped safely

My new OPI Family.. say hi ^.^

OPI Zom Body To Love..
A sparkling top coat.. 
A cute soft pink color
Nail strengthener
I'm so excited to swatch these on my nails. But unfortunately, I'm still really really busy. Wonder why assignments never have an end..>:(

Promised to swatch these and review them soon after I get rid of those assignments lol..

See you soon...(>ω<*)

October 1, 2011

Special Makeovers by L'Oreal Professionnel for Bloggers

Hello girls.. I'm gonna share a good news for you all.. ^^ Let's join another giveaway for makeovers by L'Oreal Proffessionnel!!... They offer 3 different style you can choose

1.INOA Hair Color

2.Korean Wave by Dulcia Advanced

3.Japanese Smoothing by X-Tenso Moisturist

For further information, read here.

One more thing... the winners will also be given L'Oreal Proffesionnel products worth Rp. 500.000,00.;) Awesome right? So, just try out your luck by joining in!!

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