January 27, 2016

Laser Hair Removal Experience with De Hair !

Do you have any concern about unwanted hair? Perhaps most of women did. I'm personally okay with hair on my arm or legs since they are pretty thin and slightly invisible. The only area that I concern is my underarms. The hair around my underarm area is not thick to begin with but still it is visible especially if I'm wearing sleeveless tops. It is very disturbing when I need to regularly shave or wax every time I want to wear sleeveless clothes. Besides, it is painful and hair tends to grow thicker than before which is another nightmare for girls. That's why I always curious with permanent hair removal.

Last month, KBJ and De Hair kindly invited me to try on their laser hair removal treatment. I was so excited since I never tried this kind of treatment before. I make an appointment and visited De Hair Laser Treatment at Mall of Indonesia, Kelapa Gading. I do recommend you to call and book an appointment before you come, especially on weekend.

The treatment room is pretty spacious and they gave us a sleeveless top to change into. They will also give you a pair of glasses before doing the treatment. The process is pretty similar with IPL. First, the targeted area will be shaved and the therapist will start applying a thick of cooling gel. If you're wondering what is the difference laser with IPL, so here it is. The therapist will set a certain amount of laser power for certain amount of time and they will continuously rub the targeted area with laser.

Talking about pain, it is painful. Not literally so much pain that will make you scream but do not expect the tiny ant bites just like when you're doing IPL. I feel sort of burning and tingling sensation in the middle of the process. The pain last me several days before it completely gone. Honestly, I was pretty horrified with the process and kinda afraid to try on laser treatment in the future.

It has been around a month so I think it is the right to see the treatment results. I am totally impressed. The amount of hair have been reduced like 75%! No kidding and it was only one treatment. Seriously, I am very impressed. I don't even notice that I rarely shave for this last one month. There are several strands of hair growing but it is completely unnoticeable since it grows thinner than before. Compared to several IPL treatment that I've been trying before, this laser treatment gives an obvious result, so all the pain I've been gone through is actually paid off.

However the other downside comes from the service. I feel that the therapist didn't communicate a lot to explain about the whole process so I feel like totally clueless and have no idea about what's going on while doing the treatment. They don't even explained what is the after treatment DOs and DON'Ts until I come with tons of questions. Not even asked about whether I have allergies, or my previous treatment history which mostly would be asked. I don't know if the standard for laser hair removal is different but I think the service could have been done better.

Here's the price list of the treatment. 

The treatment is quite pricey but I think the result is very satisfying and worth to try. Highly recommend this treatment for those who want to get rid of unwanted hair and see a noticeable results in one go.

Mall of Indonesia. 
Rukan Italian Walk Blok L No. 17, 
Kelapa Gading Square. 
Jl Boulevard Barat Raya No. 1
Kelapa Gading, Jakarta Utara, Indonesia

021-29364945 |  021-45869355

Open Hour:
10:00 am - 07:00 pm

January 17, 2016

Garnier Hair Color Natural Review

I always love to dye my hair lighter and lighter. Why? Simply because it is easier for me to change my hair color according to my mood. Various hair color are easier to apply on lighter hair color. On the other side, you need regular touch up for your roots and so on which sometimes could be really annoying. That's why I was thinking to tone down my hair color a little bit darker for now. Think about give some rest to my hair which previously bleached and colored.

Lucky me that earlier last month, Garnier sent me a whole set of Garnier Color Natural. So what's inside the box? Let's take a look.

There are five boxes of Garnier Color Natural, each are in different color which are all available in Indonesia. 
1.0 Black
2. Dark Brown
3.14 Burgundy
3. Brown
5 Light Brown.
Garnier Color Natural are formulated to achieve natural hair color and help to cover gray hair perfectly. A good selection for those who are new into hair coloring and wanna achieve a natural hair color or for elders who wanna get rid of gray hair. 

Coming to my surprise, apparently my mom always use Garnier Color Natural 3.16 Burgundy. She said the color is really nice and cover her gray hair perfectly. She never experienced with dry or damaged hair so far so I think there is no doubt that Garnier Color Natural is safe and less damaging for your hair. Garnier Color Natural is also enriched with Olive Oil which helps to protect and moisture your hair.

Not used to dye your hair or is it your first time using hair color cream? No worries. Here's an easy step-by-step.

1. Put on the plastic gloves on. You will also need unused towel or big plastic sheets as a cape so the hair dye will not stain your clothes, especially if your hair is long. 
2. Here's the basic thing about hair coloring mixture. You'll always find the hair color cream and developer together in the box. All you need is mix them together in a non-metallic bowl. 
4. This is optional but sometimes hair color cream are all over your skin while coloring. People usually use vaseline or any kind of thick cream. It is just way too greasy for me so I prefer to use lipbalm instead. Pour over your lipbalm around this area, such as along the hairline. 
5. Have fun and some patience in coloring your hair. If your hair is thick, you need to do your hair in batch. Make sure to use the special comb for hair coloring and spread the hair color cream evenly.
6. When you're done, wait for 30 minutes and rinse your hair thoroughly with shampoo. 

Nowadays it is very easy to dye your hair at home, although long hair like mine may need assistance to apply the hair coloring cream evenly. Please also note that long hair might need two boxes as I only use one box and it is not enough to cover the entire hair. 

I choose Light Brown to tone down my hair color as the upper part is pitch black now and doesn't blend really well with the lower part. Let's take a look the before -after.

It does lighten up the upper part nicely and create a nice color gradation from upper to lower part. I thought the color will hardly show up as my virgin hair color is totally pitch black. As for the lower part, I run out of the hair dye so it doesn't cover most of the lower part. No need to question why it has no significant color changes. I was thinking to use two boxes in different color but I think it will be hard for you to notice the changes so I stick to one box only.

I can also feel that my hair is smooth and not dry at all after coloring process. No itchy feelings whatsoever and now I understand why my mom sticks to Garnier Color Natural. 

Talking about price, it is very affordable. I had visited several drugstores and hypermarket to compare the prices. The price will vary depends on the store but most of them are below Rp 50.000,00 which is a pretty good deal for me. 

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Disclosure : These products were sent by Garnier Indonesia for review purposes. All opinions are based on my own experience and not influenced in any way. 

January 10, 2016

Hello 2016

Hello everyone! I know it's kinda late but Happy New Year to all of you. As usual, I will start my annual post about the end of the year.

December is one of the busiest month, at least for me. My mom's birthday, Pat's birthday, and our anniversary. Not forget to mention, workload is increasing like hell too. I was so excited because things are totally different after we moved out (read here for the story about our moving).

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