May 25, 2015

Garnier Light Complete White Speed Review

As promised before, I come back with a complete review of Garnier latest product, Light Complete White Speed. Had been using them for a week and it's finally to see how does it works on me ;) Let's go on to the review.

Light Complete White Speed is an improved brightening skincare series from Garnier. It is infused with White Speed Serum that could help to brighten our complexion in a week. I was given the basic skincare sets which consist of the facial wash, serum, day cream, and night cream.


I was mistakenly guess this product as a scrub in the first glance. However, this is a facial foam with soft microbeads that could help exfoliate your dead skin cells. The beads are pretty tiny and very gentle so no worries about any rash towards your skin by regular usage. 

It is packed in a plastic tube with a flip cap. This facial wash is also infused with pure lemon essence which is good for brightening your skin. 

The texture itself is quite creamy and easily lathered into a lot of foam. It also has a nice refreshing lemon scent and a slight scent of tea leaves (for me). The microbeads were also doing a great job since it could help to do a deeper cleansing and cleanse all the impurities. 


Light Complete series bring out two different type of day moisturizer. The first one is 12-shine free serum cream which is literally more suitable for oily skin type. 

It is enriched with the new White Speed Serum, Pure Lemoon Essence, and the UVA and UVB Filters. 

It looks thick from the picture above but it will dissolve quickly into your skin leaving a nice matte finish on your skin. It is suprisingly light and not sticky at all. You only need a small amount of the cream for the entire face. It is very recommended for people with oily skin. As for the oil control, it does a pretty good job for aroung 4-6 hours before my T-Zone gets oily. It works well as a nice base before putting on your makeup too.


This day cream is another type of moisturizer in a richer version which is more suitable for dry skin and has extra UV protection with SPF 19 PA ++. 

Unlike the previous serum cream, this day cream is packed inside a sturdy glass jar which is pretty heavy. You can use a cottonbud to take out the products (for hygiene) or simply put the cream into a smaller container for daily usage. 

The texture itself is thick and once I applied it I could feel it contains a lot of moisturizing properties. It is perfect for dry skin or during cold-dry season. As I have a combination skin, I sometimes mix these two moisturizers depending on my skin needs. I usually put the shine free serum cream on my T-Zone and forehead area which tends to be oily, and put the day cream lightly afterwards.


The last item in the whole skincare range is the Light Complete Night Restore Cream. Besides Pure Lemon Essence, it also contains Natural Peeling Fruit Extract and vitamin C which could help to brighten our skin during our bed time. As you might heard, bed time is one of important phase for skin since our body is doing self-recovery so it is very important to provide the nutrients for our skin before going to sleep.

It comes in a similar jar with the day cream but it can be differentiated since it is marked with a slight of blue lines. Well I admit that I still mistaken the night and day cream since their packaging looks pretty similar lol. 

The texture is very creamy and moisturizing. I apply this cream after finished with my night cleansing routine. It helps a lot to lock the moisture in my skin. I sleep in air-conditioned room so my skin are usually pretty dry in the next morning if I didn't put any moisturizers or sleeping packs. 


I see a noticeable improvement on my light acne scars as it has reduced quite a lot as for the brightening effect I haven't seen much of it since my skin are rarely exposed to the sun nowadays. The whole skincare range also have a nice and mild scent which could help you to feel relaxed. 

As for the best part, it didn't break out on my acne-prone skin ^.^ Most of whitening or brightening skincare products breaks me out like hell but this one didn't. Moreover, it does help to calm down few of my acnes though and helps my skin to recover faster. 

How is it? I am so far very impressed with Garnier Light Complete White Speed results and still continue using the products. If you're having a problem with dull and uneven skintone, why not give it a try by yourself then? 

Let me know about your opinion about these products in the comment section below :D

It's your turn to shine. #1weektoshine

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  1. have heard that garnier have a good product but still haven't tried it yet
    tp sayang ya ndak ada SPF nya


  2. ada spf 19 kok itu yang day creamnya ^_^ kalo ngga pake sunscreen terpisah aja hehehehe... di aku ini bagus banget bisa ngurangin bekas jerawat. ^.^

  3. I tried the GARNIER LIGHT COMPLETE 12 SHINE FREE SERUM CREAM kapag ni-ispread ko na yung product sa nag lilibag sya , ganun po ba talaga yun?

  4. Hi! I wanna ask if ung Garnier 12H shine-free serum cream is pwede din gamitin as a night cream. Thank you!

  5. What about the routine is right to apply like this... First, cleanser/foam.. Then toner, day cream ,and serum lastly bb cream... I use garnier product... Is my routine go wrong or what.. Please reply ><

  6. Where can i get the night cream its not available in ph

  7. Is it good for combination skin?

  8. I like your company favorite for me

  9. Good quality for your company I used very fantastic


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