August 29, 2011

Review - Fantastic Cosmetic

Hello my lovely readers...( ̄▽ ̄) ( ̄▽ ̄) As promise, I'm back with another review.. Some of you maybe confused with the title or maybe unfamiliar with it..'s not a new brand of cosmetic or even skincare, but  it's a book titled Fantastic Cosmetic. I found this book by coincidence when I was dropping by in a bookstore and saw this book on top of Science Book for Kids .. lol.. can you believe it? It's pretty catchy because it comes with pink cover and simple illustration when the others come with many color and kids illustration. So I began to open the book and flipped it all over the page.. \(^▽^*) \(^▽^*)

See how it could be catchy among other books I mentioned above...

This book is INTERESTING!!

Beside the book is full color, it comes with illustration, not photo. I think most of make-up book always come with photos because it might be easier to understand with a photo, but this one comes with illustration.. It's really interesting.. Since it has connection with my major (Visual Communication Design), I found this is a really good innovation for a make-up book..\(^∀^)(^∀^)ノ

Book Description
Title : Fantastic Cosmetic
Author : Kim Mi-Kyung
Number of Pages : 204 (full color)
Size : 240 mm x 180 mm
Published by PT Elex Media Komputindo

This book is written by a korean illustrator . And trust me, it's very useful for those who are new to skincare and make-up... ;) Let's take a peek ..  (≧∇≦) (≧∇≦)

Interesting and Funny Illustrations   

It consist of five chapter which are

1.Before Make-Up
2.Basic Make-up for Healthy Skin (I guess 'Skincare' will suit better)
3.Basic Make-up for a Pretty Face
4.Special Care
5.For Men (it might be useful for your BF, girls..xP).

My Personal Opinion
It explains very well with cute chibi illustrations, easy tips to do, and many advices .I love this since I love to draw manga!! The author explains complicated technique in make-up simply and moreover.. FUN!! I bet someone who are new to make-up could understand this simple explanation. Besides, she gives the explanation step by step and also add some illustration so we can easily understand what does she mean.

The author also gives many tips, tricks, and advice that can be done at home.And the most important thing, it came with Indonesian language. So I bet there's no need any translation or misunderstanding for Indonesian readers. I don't know if this book available in another language (such as English) or not.

Sometimes the author added some funny illustration there.. honestly, it makes me laugh when I was seriously reading and suddenly I saw strange.. stupid.. crazy things there.. ROFL...(^∀^)

Such as this...

and this...


Recommended for all of you who are new to skincare and make-up. It's worth to spend some time for reading this book and you'll get anything you should know about basic skincare and make-up.

Not recommended for those who are already expert in make-up. It contains only the basic things you might already know, but it's worth enough if you're interested with its cute illustration. I bought it for my future design reference too.

The price is Rp. 85.000,00 (around US $ 10) in the bookstore. But I bought it via online shop. So it's cheaper than the one sold in the bookstore.

Rating I give it 4 out of 5.. It's unique, simple, and useful. I love this book since it gives many inspiration for me. =)

See you soon..  (>ω<*)

August 25, 2011

I'm finally 20!

Hello my dearest readers.. sorry for lack of update.. I've been so busy with my lectures..Morning till evening every Monday-Wednesday.. but luckily today is the last day! >,< Well it's my 20th birthday too on 24th August..x) that's why I'm feeling so excited to write down a post and share my happiness with all of's quite a long post than I usually made... but hope you enjoy it.. =D Let's begin..

In fact, there's a disaster happened on my birthday.. In the last semester, I got an important lecture that been taught by a killer lecturers.. He always come very late, not for 10 or 20 minutes but almost 1-2 hours...(゚Д゚|||) can you imagine that? Oh my gosh, I feel wanna punch his face lol... Besides, he talks a lot for about an hour, make everybody in the class feel dizzy and sleepy. (--) The worst part is he unconsequent!! Today he said something with you and then next week he pretend that he never tell you anything.. (゚Д゚|||) imagine if that happens if I was discussing about my assignment with him, and after I did some revision, next week he told me that it is wrong! I'm really really pissed off with him and feel lucky I'd passed his lecture.


Guess what? He's coming peacefully this morning (no, I mean this afternoon because he's late for about 2 hours) and said he's going to teach us again this semester...(゚Д゚|||) *nightmare*

Well the silly part is, before he comes, somebody came to our class, brought the student's list and gave some briefs, so I and absolutely all of my friends thought that he's our new lecturer. We were so relieved till suddenly he said,"Sorry but I'm not your lecturer, the lecturer is ...*his name, oh my gosh!* I'll be helping as his assistant...'o((≧≦))o o((≧≦))o 


That's the bad news, when I and my friends are thinking about our future in this semester suddenly time passed by and I need to attend another lecture. And you know what? Somebody suddenly come into the class again and hey... seems I knew him.. ((o(;△;)o))

He is my lecturer in my first year! And he's really such a great one! Have sense of humour, responsible, and deserve to be the real lecture... oh really I'm relieved.. it's just like we got some reunion with him and talked a lot about how did my class have fun together with him in the past... >,< Bad luck and good luck in the same day.... hahaha...but those things kinda surprised me a lot.. really..

Move on.. Jakarta is really really in a big traffic lately, I need 1.5 hours to go home... How pity, and I'd been very tired because of waiting for a long time at campus, being too sad, being too happy ... then I still need to go bought a cake.. in a traffic hours.. somebody please lend me a teleport machine! I'm too tired to get into another traffic so I decided to buy the cake tomorrow..

Therefore, my Mum was planning to make a special dinner with my family and my BF, but unfortunately my big brother is out for work, so we think we would like to have dinner on weekend. But my BF said his parents invite me for dinner, so I went to his house for dinner, and then going back. When I arrived, my big brother was already at home and  said  something as silly as 'why don't buy the cake now?' ATTENTION! It's 09.00 PM at the moment. (-_-a)

But in the end, we bought a delicious chocolate devil cake and then eat it together... haha..what a tiring day but it's fun tough.. >_<  Right now I just feel lack of sleep lately because I have all my lecture in the morning...

Here we come ... the delicious Chocolate Devil Cake (≧∇≦)/

Chocolatee!!! *diet failed*

Strawberryyyy :3
And this is a present my Mum gave to me.. >,< aww so sweet.. thanks mum *big hug*...  Love you..
The Cute Box

It's separated inside.. =3

Lovely birthday card from my Mum

I got a present from my BF too, but I forgot to take it home >.< I'll post it later then... Sorry I'm not uploading my photo ... it's really such a mess, because I look so dull and tired.

I hope you're not get bored ... hahaha this is the last one...

If there's somebody asked me, what do you feel about being 20?

Now, if it goes to age 20, it means something important to me. For me, 20 is a beginning for a girl. A beginning to change, a beginning to start something new, a beginning for your life such as carrier, responsibility, and many more. As we know, women will have such a big responsibility especially if she's already married. I think one day, every girl will end up to be a wife and a mother... that's why I'm thinking that each day, each year.. I have to be more mature. This process may grow naturally, but I hope in the future I could be an inspiring woman for everyone especially for those around me. =)

I'm happy with my friends.. I try to think positive with everything happened in my life, the good one and the bad one too.. I'm not walking on a smooth path, but I'm glad that I'm not alone. I got so many people around me. Thanks God for another fabulous year.

Thanks for reading such a long-random-silly post of mine .. I'll catch up with more reviews (>ω<*)

August 19, 2011

Review The Face Shop Lovely Me : Ex Pucca Mini Brush Set

Hello everyone...\(^▽^*) \(^▽^*) How are you?? I hope all of you still enjoy my posting.. 

Well, today I'm going to give a review about  The Face Shop Lovely Me : Ex Pucca Mini Brush Set. The Face Shop launch this limited Pucca edition during last Christmas. It comes with red and black as dominant color. There's eyeshadow, fake eyelashes, lipgloss, highlighter, cream blusher, duo pencil for eye and lip, BB cream, and hand cream. It comes with all cute Pucca packaging that makes me couldn't sleep really.. I'd posted about this earlier here.

Feels like I wanna grab them all>.< but unfortunately it's a lil bit pricey. And The Face Shop launch the Pucca series again during the Valentine day with pink packaging.. >.< so cute too...*faint*

So I decide to buy the Mini Brush Set, since I don't have any make up brush (but I got tons of paint brush xP), and when my package has arrived, I think I just wanna keep it as a collection because it's just too cute !! Really.. It was so rare to find Pucca in my country, and now there's bunch of Pucca in front of my eyes.... But, it is not sold in my country, I got it via Pre-Order from Korea.

Here it comes..The Face Shop Lovely Me : Ex Pucca Mini Brush Set...My lovely baby.

Cute packaging !

It contains four mini brushes

Seriously I love this one, since I knew about make up things, and interested in Korean cosmetic, I wonder if someday they would release Pucca series.. this is it.. things I've been waiting for ...( ̄▽ ̄) /) *heaven*

Blush Brush

Eyeshadow Brush

Eyeshadow Applicator

Lip and Concealer Brush

My Red Pucca Bag with my Pucca Mini Brush Set

Afterall, the brush tip is quite smooth, it won't irritate our skin. But I don't know how it would turn out after washing, because there are some brush got a different texture after washing. And you should remember this is a MINI brush... so it's not comes in usual size that we know..

I guess I should find another brush set then, since I'm not ready to use this one, so I just keep it inside my drawer.Is this count as a review ( ̄▽ ̄) ? Hahah forgive me then for a bad review...

I still want more of the Pucca series from The Face Shop >.<

I'll see you soon ... bubye (>ω<*)

August 17, 2011

Forest Doll Giveaway

Another giveaway is coming from Forest Doll... \(^▽^*) \(^▽^*)

Click for further information

Etude House nail polish and others cute stuff... xD It opens INTERNATIONALLY... so everyone could participate... so what are you waiting for? ;) I'll be back soon with another post .

August 14, 2011

The Newcomers ^^

Hello anyone ( ̄▽ ̄) /)  ( ̄▽ ̄) /)

Well there's bad things, but also a good thing happened...  In the same day I got my eye surgery, I got an announcement about Hamster Mall Logo Design... \(^▽^*) \(^▽^*) I read the text only with single eye...xD and wonder if I'm still dreaming or not... Nah..Well I'm a bit late to claim the prize because of my condition at the moment, but a disaster happen!!...

Well the Contest Holder (CH) sent me the cage wrapped with only a thin cardboard, and some of the cage's part is broken!! I'm paying around $4 for the shipping and this is what I get!

See? I'm feeling unhappy at first.. but after I told the CH about my package is arrived with damage, she contact me by phone immediately and say sorry. We chat for a while, and I try to think positive as well. I told her that she need to wrap it more carefully with newspaper, bubble wrap, etc to keep the package safe. Because you know, any delivery service wouldn't care about what's inside the package... so it's better for us to keep them safe by wrapping them extra (extra paper, extra etc to make sure that the package will be safe even though there's a huge earthquake !!)

 The cage isn't damaged so badly then, just let it be... I should be careful next time.

Huge cute Cage ^.^
Here is inside the cage.. :3

The HUGE Rolling Ball...

Well I want this cage so bad since the first time I saw it, and the CH held a logo design competition for this deluxe cage as the main prize!! x3 *drooollllll*... Since I'm a graphic design student, why don't use my abilities to achieve it?? =P (at the end, the most important thing is I get it for  FREE!)... It's about the same time when I decide to buy another hammie ..

Here are them... lovelies ^^'s so cute. Its origin name is Campbell Black Molted, but we know it as Panda...  take a look at them.. \(^∀^)(^∀^)ノ

I bought them immediately after I claim the prize.. TT,TT What do you think about them? I just reaallly reallly LOVE them  (≧∇≦) (≧∇≦) although they bite a lot (@,@)

And here is my first hammie, it's Winter White .. It's kinda Sapphire or maybe Normal, I can't really tell, they look so similar to me.

He's cute, a little bit older than the others, and LOVES the wheel very much! He even slept on it. One of my BF'S friend give it to him, and since I said I want to have one, he took it one for me. ^^ ...:) It's kinda shy so we need to be gentle.

Well it's all about them.. Is there anyone interested in hammies too? I would like to hear your stories about them too ^^

August 13, 2011

Cominica Mini Giveaways!

Hellooo girls... (≧∇≦)/ (≧∇≦)/ As I promised, I'm back with another giveaway... Believe me or not, I'm kinda see so many giveaways in August... is this a bless or what since my birthday is also in August... well check my beauty-blogger friends giveaway, Cominica, in here.

Cominica Mini Giveaway

(^∀^) Lovely falsies... >.< I never tried any of them and lately interested of falsies... And a really cute ribbon, hahaha I'm a big fans of big ribbon... Wish me luck then..;)

See ya later.. I'll be back with another interesting post...(>ω<*)

Right Eye Incision

Hello everybody ...(o ̄∇ ̄o) (o ̄∇ ̄o) I was going through in painful days last week.. ((o(;△;)o)) ((o(;△;)o))  That's why I can't update my blog... I've got a little eye surgery (it's kinda a small incision to cut out the abscess) because there's infection (I even don't know what kind of disease is that) in my right eye.. 

The first time I notice about it, it's like something going under your eye, but without any pain and color (such as reddish when you got an acne). So I thought it was nothing then, but few days later it started to grow bigger.(゚ペ)

Well the incision was short, it's about 10-15 minutes, but I was nervous at the moment. It's been a long time since I have a suture on my left eyelid, when I was a kid... and I'm kinda scared. Well it feels a bit hurt, really, but I'm relieved it's not going for a long time. The incision was ended then with my eye was being bandaged. The doctor said that the injury should not be contact with water for a while.. and with such a huge bandage on my eyes, I even hard to see, hard to walk with using only one eye... (゚Д゚≡゚Д゚)

My BF said he wants a picture of me with the bandage on my eye, and when I got a photo of my eyes only, he told me he wants my whole face with a big smile, so that I snap this one for him.. forgive  for all the weird things ⌒(>。≪)

Weird smile with a pale face >_<

After that, I slept for hours because the anesthetic effect. It feels like, when one of your eye is closed, the other eye is about follow the other one... I need to take a rest for few days to keep my eye from dust, UV rays, water, and many more ...

So be careful girls, for those who wear contact lens .... >_< so you'll not end up like me... I think it's important to check about our eyes, maybe around once a year...

Well then I'll be back with another post soon (I've got many things to do! Another giveaway and awards!)... See ya again! (>ω<*)

August 4, 2011

Cute Giveaway from Sparkle Apple ♥

Hello, ladies (≧∇≦)/ (≧∇≦)/... I hope you all enjoy my new blog's appearance.. Well, I'm still doing on some progress to make my blog better than before.. >,< I'm doing my best eventhough I'm not a pro

Well, today I'm going to post about a giveaway held by Lina Kim ♥ (thanks for the invitation dear..). You can visit her SUPER CUTE blog here. When I say CUTE, I really mean it! xD
Click the image for further information about this giveaway.

It's Etude House Aloha Two Two Kiss!! Honestly, this is the first time I see a unique lipgloss and liptint like that..And as you know about Korean cosmetic, it's just too cute! (^∀^)(^∀^) Don't you think the same..?? :3

Wish me luck then (>ω<*)... I'll be back with another review ... see ya ♥

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