November 24, 2011

Review : Viva Cosmetics (Make-Up)

As promised, today I'm going to review about what's inside my Viva package. I'm going to separate it into two different post, one for the make-up products and another one for the skincare products.

First one, the lipstick. I got the lipstick in no 51. It's a bright red with a little shimmer. It has some sweet scent but it doesn't bother me at all. And it's really pigmented. But no can control the color by pressing it lightly.It turns out really good on me :)

Beeswax, Camauba Wax, Ozokerite, Mineral Oil & Lanolin Alc., Octyl Palmitate, Squalane, Butyrospermumparkii, BHT, Propyl Paraben, Castor Oil, CI 77019, C1 77491, CI 15850:1, Perfume

Swatch it on my hand.

This is the swatch on my lips. I tried some combinations to achieve the color that I want. :)

The color looks so soft in the photo but actually you can see how pigmented it is in 1x light swipe. I put it on the inner part and then gently smudge it outside a little bit. And I like the combination with my lipgloss. It's really good even for daily use. My mom said, she likes the color too.. x3 since I don't use lipstick a lot, I guess this will be her favorite one. She loves bright red lipstick color and it suits her very well. Usually I prefer liquid lip color, lip tint, or just colored lip gloss instead of lipstick. 

The bad thing about this product is it's kinda dried my lips. The texture itself is quite dry too. So make sure you had your lipbalm before use this. 

Next.. move on to the face powder! I got mine in Natural Shade. It's a little bit darker than my Skinfood l/p.

Talc, CI 77891, Zinc Stearate, Zinc Oxide, Calcium Carbonate, CI 77492, Magnesium Carbonate, Perfume, CI 77491, Methylparaben

Afterall it still suits with my skin tone though :)

The only things that bothers me is the fragrance. It's kinda stings me a little bit, but it's just for a moment. :) 

Next next, the last one. The Duo Eyeshadow! I got mine in No.2. Yellow and Brown Color. It's quite pigmented. :)

Without Eye Primer.. don't have any >_<
The colors is pretty good. But when I smudge it a little bit, it's disappear immediately, but it might because I didn't use eye primer. But the color turn out really good even without primer. I love the brown color :D

Time for  FOTD. I guess the theme is red! I used to wear red color a lot in real life...My clothes, my bag, my books, my phone case, and many more. Red is really my favorite color, especially the bright one. Many people said, red suits me really well.. Do you guys think the same??

Since I'm breakout really bad lately, still not use much make up. 

What do I use?
Acnes UV Tint
Skinfood Aloe BB Cream
Skinfood Buckwheat l/p
Viva Lipstick in 51
Lipgloss from Sariayu Duo Liquid Lip Color Double Action - Alun Serunai

That's all ladies... What do you think?? Aren't you interested to try them? Just register yourself then! And be patient waiting for the package... hehehe :)

See you later on another post  (>ω<*)

Free Products from Viva Cosmetic

Hello everyone! ^^ Yesterday my package from Viva Cosmetic has arrived. Yep! Viva is giving away free products. You just need to register as a member at Viva Cosmetic. And I'm so excited to see what's inside the package.

Here it is .. take a peek on the package.


The package itself contains :
-Viva Hand and Body Lotion
- Viva Moisturizer for Oily Skin
-Viva Eye and Lip Make Up Remover
-Viva Lipstick No. 51
-Viva Face Powder in Natural shade
-Due Eyeshadow in No. 2
-A booklet about Viva Cosmetic's product and how to apply basic make up

Inside the booklet.. I found many beauty tips for a newbie like me.. :3 it's easy to follow with clear explanation and picture. Here's some of them...

Thanks to Viva Cosmetic for giving me all of this ^^

I'll make a separate post to review all of them. :)

Thanks for reading! (>ω<*)

November 17, 2011


Hello everyone! Well last week I and my friends did a photoshoot for my uni assignment. Since the product is a bag and my group consist of many girls, so we decided to be the model ourselves.. LOL.. I take the photographs of my friend and I'm quite satisfied with the results since I never took any model's photograph anymore.The photo will be used in my catalog design.

There's four main types of the bag. Formal bag for party or special occasion, casual bag for daily use, teenagers bag for younger customer, and a picnic bag which is really big.

Here's some photo that we take. :) Love the results..

 I got the part for the teens bag. Just natural make up :)

Looks so fat in this photo >_<

soo detailed embroidery o_O

messy hair already lol it's really hot!
I enjoyed the photoshoot so much. And if you look at the photo carefully, you should realize that the environment is really good too. It's perfect for outdoor photoshoot. It takes place at Rumah Sulam Rachmy workshop in Meruya. The workshop actually is the owner's house. It's really nice with a beautiful garden and big backyard where we can sit and talk. The owner is really nice and humble to us. She helped us a lot in our progress.

I guess that's all for today.. x3 Hope you enjoy my post... see you in my next post ! (>ω<*)

November 15, 2011

Sariayu Beauty Class

Hello everyone!! Back again with another interesting post ... I was attending Sariayu Beauty Class at Puspita Martha Beauty School. :) it was really fun!

At first, we were told about history and background of Sariayu Marta Tilaar. And Ms Azizah as our teacher at that day explain many things about daily skincare and make-up.

This is the basic step of the skincare

Cleanse your eye and lip make-up first. Followed by cleansing milk for the whole face. Put on some cleansing milk on some points such as cheeks, nose, forehead, and chin. Then do some circular motion from chin to forehead.After that wipe it out with facial tissues. Don't use cotton balls, because it could clog your pores especially if you have a big pores. Then put some toner on your cotton and wipe it gently all over your face.

Put on some moisturizer on some spot, and spread it out evenly.

And this is the basic step of the make-up

Put on your foundation with outwards motion and NOT with circular motion. Why? Because circular motion causing your foundation are not evenly spread.Especially after few hours, so keep it in outwards motion.

Find the powder that match your skintone and pat it lightly, do not rub!

Choose the color that you like or match with your clothes. ;D And try to put the darker color on your outer corner, and the lighter one in the inner corner. Blend it well. Don't forget to highlight your browbone. See the picture for details.

Simply smile and blush on your apple cheeks. :D

5. Lips
Pick up your favorite color on your lip and you're done!

It is said as a basic make-up for everyday, but it's a little bit too much for me. It might because  I'm still in the uni. And I didn't need to do much make-up like that...I always be in a rush every morning hahaha. But it might turn out really good for office or meeting.

And these are people who are in the same table with me..

After that, I was trapped in traffic for about 2 hours in the middle of Jakarta super hot weather.. and my car's air conditioner seems not working...and I was getting a sauna after a beauty class.. I remind you, do not EVER go anywhere in Jakarta especially in afternoon without an air conditioned car!! Or else just take motorcycle instead!! Really.. It makes me feel like err... Jakarta's traffic is getting really bad lately.. but unfortunately I often washed by rain when I take a motorcycle.. Maybe I should own a plane.. lol

What do you think about this event? (>ω<*)

November 11, 2011

A Day at SeaWorld Indonesia

Hi readers.. :) How do you do? It's been a while since my last post.. I've been super busy lately with uni again!! T ^ T Have no time for blogging lately. But fortunately there's a little time between our busy schedule, so my BF said,"Let's go to SeaWorld!" SeaWorld is a big aquarium where you can see lot kinds of fishes and many more. I love that place. The last time I visit it is around ten years ago... So I'm really excited to go there..Beside I'm having a video assignment, I decided to take a video when animals are being fed.

Then here it us going to Seaworld..

It's much more smaller than I thought. Maybe it's because I was too young back then so that place looks bigger for me haha.. but I enjoyed many things more than when I visited it in past.

November 3, 2011

Think Positive Even When Everything Around Aren't

Hello everyone.. how's your day? Hope you all have a great day.. ^^ Well today I'm just going to share something to welcome November. And I hope this post can be useful for all of you too.. :) let's begin.

Have you ever feel that everything around you aren't right? There's problem at school, at work, at home, and many more. Everyday just like hell and we're trapped with no way out... What should we do?? What can we do??  That's what I wanna talk about today...

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