February 28, 2013

Say Hello to My New Hair by Pantene Indonesia and Alfons Salon

Hello everyone! I guess you'd probably seen my new hair on my instagram. :D Yepp I was having a great hair makeover sponsored by Pantene Indonesia at Alfons Salon.

I was really excited to see my hair transformation LOL!

Taking some pictures and say goodbye to my black hair!

Actually I only want to lighten my hair color a little bit. But Ko Alfon come with an idea to make a gradation hair, so my hair will be dyed in brown, when the upper part will be dyed in reddish tone. Actually he did wanna add some purple hues, but I said I would prefer red or brown. He also make sure his assistant understand the concept that he wants. 

First of all, they got my hair prepared with this some 'steam tools'. The steam process could help to open our hair cuticle. So the coloring process will be much more easier.

And the assistant -sorry, I forgot to ask his name- started to divide my hair into three section. 
The assistant is really helpful and also nice! So the coloring process aren't really boring at all because I got someone to talk with. Beside I'm lucky enough that I met Cynthia, another blogger who are having hair makeover too and also Mbak Oke, from Proximity who accompany us that day. <3

The most interesting part. The red color! In fact it looks much more orange in real life.
Guess what, it tooks around 4-5 hours to finish my new hair color. He's working carefully and always checking on my hair color. He dyed the down part first and then dyed my roots later on. He said that this technique is really important to achieve an even color. :) Well you don't wanna end up looks like a tiger, right?

My hair is also secured plastic wrap to prevent the color mixed up. 
All I have to do then is only waiting....

After being washed, Ko Alfon did some cutting to adjust my hair style with my new hair color. 
*see the red color??*

Welcome back, my BANGS!

And here is the results...

The color is popped up and gives a beautiful shine which is really amazing for me!

Even when my hair was virgin black, it doesn't have a beautiful shine LOL. It is do beautiful and so many people surprised with my new red hair. :3

Me and Ko Alfon

The Alfons Salon's service is really nice and Ko Alfon himself is a real perfectionist. All staff always make sure and report to him during the whole coloring process to make sure everything turn out well. Ko Alfon was also really neat in every single thing and styled my hair until it looks really nice :D He always make sure that I looks amazingly beautiful when I step out from his salon hahaha...Personally love it

 I was also given the latest variant from Pantene, Color and Perm Lasting Care, which I'll review soon.
Psst.. it smells so heavenly btw... ;) can't wait to try them.

Well now I'm pretty addicted with hair colouring ;) What do you think about my new hair?
Thanks to Pantene Indonesia and Alfons Salon :)

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February 13, 2013

Get ready with Sweet Valentine Look

Having a special date on Valentine's Day? Or maybe another going out with best friends? But still confused about your outfit and make-up?? Not really an expert with make-up? Don't worry. ;) You don't have to be an expert to have a glam look. Make-up isn't as complicated as you think.

Less is more. So I will share about a simple, quick, and easy makeup tutorial :D 

Shall we start?

February 8, 2013

Review : Holika Holika Luminous Silk in #1 Light Beige

I'm back with my BB Cream addiction. As I'm not a really foundation girl, I prefer to use BB cream instead. And I've been stick with my Aloe BB cream for about 2 years. So I think it's time to move on another products! My friend, Rini, suggest me to buy this. Since it has a pretty packaging (LOL.. it is so important to have a beautiful packaging laaa).. so yeah, I bought it straightly xD

Let's see whether it could impress me or not. 

I'm pretty surprised when I saw the tube is covered with a silk cloth and not a sticker just like other BB cream usually comes with. They also got a beautiful lace pattern printed on it. 

Feels so classy and girly at the same time.  Beware! There are lots of photos are coming LOL since it's really beautiful
Backside. Everything are written in Korean so I don't understand at all LOL.

I got mine in #01 Light Beige. And see that it got SPF 42  PA +++! Another love from this BB Cream.

Let's see if it performs as good as how it looks.

It comes in a pump type. A single pump or two would be enough for entire face.

The texture is really light and blends easily into your skin. <3 You can apply it with your finger, brush, or even sponge. I'm personally prefer to use brush because the results is neater. But you can use any methods that's comfortable with you :D

It's kinda fairer than my skin at first. But after few minutes, the color blends naturally with my skin color and giving a brighter complexion since my face is slightly darker than the rest of my body. Considering that BB cream tends to oxidize, I always buy a lighter shade for BB cream.

 The coverage is sheer to medium for me. You can build the coverage by layering it. But please do remember that this BB cream contains high SPF which could expose a horrible whitecast on your face. Especially if you're putting too much layer of it. So I suggest not to layer it too much.You can use concealer to get more coverage.

The finishing result is in between glowy and matte. This is the first time I feel that I don't have to set my BB cream with loose powder. But yeah since I got a combination skin, I feel like I have to set everything on my face with powder LOL.

 With minimum make-up on <3

It stays all day long when I'm doing my indoor activity. But it fades easily when I'm sweating a lot or doing any outdoor activity. Remmember to pat your face gently and DO NOT RUB! You can simply touch it up with powder. Oil control is pretty good as well, but still need to blot after several hours.


-Nice coverage
-Light texture
- Affordable price


Started to love Holika Holika products!

I think this BB cream is  more suitable for those who are doing indoor activity although it has a high SPF. Since I'm hanging around in the office a lot now, it suits me perfectly. Unfortunately, this one can't be used for both indoor and outdoor activity. I still need another BB cream that couldn't easily fade by sweat and heat. And now I'm thinking to try on their Aqua Petit Jelly BB Cream since it has a lower SPF (no whitecast!) and also suitable for oily skin!! <3

Thanks for reading ladies ;)

February 6, 2013

Review : Skin Aqua

Sun rays is a BIG ENEMY! At least that's how do I feel when I have to fight against UV rays that make my skin looks dull and uneven. T_T  That's why we need a sunscreen!

These are the samples given by SkinAqua.

They come up in 4 different variant.
UV Moisture Gel for Normal to Oily Skin
UV Mild Milk for Dry to Sensitive Skin
UV Whitening Milk for Lightening and Moisturizing 
UV Moisture Milk for Longer UV Protection

Each of them has a different consistency. As you can see in the image below.

Honestly, I love their super light texture. It absorbed into your skin just like a moisturizer without any greasy feeling. It also hydrates my skin nicely.But I don't know why, it breaks me out so bad. T ^ T I even has tried to use it alone without any moisturizer but still... It breaks me out. Although I love it so much, the part that it break me out can't be helped and make step aside from this product. <\3

Still a long journey to find a suitable sunscreen for me :(  What about you?

February 5, 2013

Review : Eye Candy Belle in Honey

I'm back with another lens review. Actually I was searching for a new lens and Margaret Yennyca suddenly tagged me in her Eye Candy lens review... and omg! Looks so good and natural!!
Not lying..so natural!

Honestly I'm not familiar with this brand at the first place. Not until I saw Margy's review and how much she loves Eye Candy lenses. When I saw her photo, I feel like,"I have to buy these lens too"!!! LOL

 I bought my lens at Dreamie Chuppa when they are having a special price for a pair of EOS and Candy Eye. Since I never tried on EOS lenses too, so why not give it a try too?

This cute little pig come along with the package as a gift ... <3 how sweet..

Diameter : 14.50 mm
Base Curve : 8.60
CT : 0.025 mm
Water Content : 48%
Silicone Hydrogel
Made in Korea

In the first trial, I found out one of the lens is totally uncomfortable. It makes my sight turned out blurry while the other lens is just fine. :( It also makes me eye red. I was so disappointed. T ^ T  I rested my eyes for several days before I wear them again. #nevergiveup..

 Well thankfully after few more trials, both of them are comfortable now. I don't know why because I've never experienced something like this before. It might be my eye condition isn't really good at the moment, or I haven't soaked the lens properly. There are so many possibilities.

But now it feels SUPER COMFORTABLE! The lens is very thin, probably the thinnest lens I've ever tried and I feel like wear nothing. This is really comfortable for everyday use <3. However, it's easily get dried especially in air conditioned room.

It doesn't have a super enlargement effect like my Geo Grang Grang does, but I love it because I can wear it alone without make-up (small eye, remember?). I usually don't get along well with most of brown lenses, but this one blends nicely with my origin eye color.

And now I've been saving for another Eye Candy lenses LOL.. They have a lot of unique design which is colorful but also wearable for daily. <3 You will know what I mean when you browse through their collection. I think I will try their grey lenses later.

More photos!! 

<3 mad love these lenses!! *_*

This super cute cape was made by Vheii... I borrowed it from her. <3 It's so fluffy I'm gonna dieee!!!!

If you're interested to buy Eye Candy lens, you can buy it from Dreamie Chuppa. The shipping is really fast and the package is wrapped safely with layers of bubble wrap. So no need to worry. ;) The owner is also really kind and you can ask her if you have any question before you buy. Don't forget to check out their facebook page to see the latest deals.

 I'll  review the EOS Jewelry Blue lens soon, so please kindly wait for it. 

February 4, 2013

[Sponsored] Review : Sampar Glamour Shots Series

Have you experiencing a bad 'face' day? During exams, my face could looks seriously awful. Lack of sleep, dull skin, uneven skintone, super bad dark circle ... you named it. D:  And my mom always says that I looks like a zombie when I don't have enough rest.. 

Yeap I bet everybody know how does it feels. That's why sometimes I cheated with make-up LOL but the problem is I still need more time to do a good make-up. So what if I said, there's another solution to change your looks from 'awful' into 'wonderful' in an instant??

So I would like to introduce about... SAMPAR SKINCARE!
SAMPAR sent these products for review purposes and I'm really excited to know how does it works.

As we're living in the big cities, we have to deals with polution (Jakarta .. you named it!) which is very very bad for our skin. That's why Sampar comes with Urban Advance Complex that could restore and protect our skin from pollution and free radicals in urban city.

Sampar also proudly announce the newest COSMAKEUP concept. What does it mean?? COSMAKEUP deliver new experience and the result of makeup with the simplicity of skin care. Imagine that you're only using your skincare but you can achieve the perfect look as good as if you're wearing makeup???

Sounds really promising right??

Okay enough said! Let's go straight on to the products.

The samples that I got comes in a super mini tube with a strap. So you can hang it and easily bring it everywhere. The applicator is pretty fine, you can easily dot the products on your hand or straight under your  eye area.

The texture is pretty easy to blend and smells like fermented stuffs. Not really fancy the fragrance and it doesn't bother me a lot.

 Glamour Shot Eyes claimed that it could reduce wrinkles, dark circle, and puffiness in 1 minute. o_o 1 minute!!! Can you just believe that? Let's see!

No photoshop. No foundation. No concealers. I also only adjust the brightness level so the lighting for both of picture looks equal.

As you can see, I got a noticeable dark circle before and it has been reduced after usage. So I'm quite impressed. If I'm not wearing any make-up,adding concealer on will make my face look kinda fake. This is way more simple than concealer although I'm not sure it could works on super bad dark circle. 


A really nice illustration!

What does it claim?
Instantly minimizes wrinkles and imperfections while matifying the complexion.

The texture is kinda jelly-like. Blends out nicely on your skin just like applying lotion on your face. And I only need a small amount of products for all over my face. 


MIB Complex - Helps eliminate puffiness and dark circles.
HQA Microlens - The newest generation of soft focus, fill in furrows and lines so that light is reflected off the skin homogenously, visually erasing imperfections and illuminating the eye area
Oat Extract - Provides an optimal and immediate lifting effect
Encapsuled Hyaluronic Acid - Enables targeting of wrinkles and fine lines from within and plumps the eye contour for a long term anti wrinkles action.

Let's test it out.
As you can see, my face is dull and having a big issue about uneven skintone. You can also notice that my face is slightly darker than my body. 

After I put the products on....


I was like... I can't believe it until I see my photo afterwards. Even with a super light lighting, my uneven skintone is usually exposed clearly. But it does a really good job in making a bright complexion as if I'm having a super nice skin. A nice silky-matte finish. 8D no cheating! I even didn't wear any powder. 

Can't stop camwhoring afterwards then!

I'm really impressed with the Glamour Shot. And since this is a high end brand, the price itself is quite expensive. But you'd seen the results on me already, right? So I think it's a worth-to-buy products. If I have more money, I'll probably have this one in a full size. <3 so much love!  

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