March 28, 2016

Covermark Moisture Veil Creamy Liquid Review

Finally I get my hand on the last item and it turn out to be my fave from Covermark. Back then I had reviewed Covermark Moisture Veil LX and Soft <Es> Pact, both of them have powdery finish so what about people with dry skin? 

Covermark Moisture Veil Creamy Liquid comes in a slightly tiny 30 ml packaging and comes with a flat egg-shaped sponge.

Based on Covermark's "coverage by light" technology, Covermark Moisture Veil Creamy Liquid catches light as it beautifies the skin.This is a creamy liquid foundation with a high concentration of moisturizing finish and contains plant extracts such as ginseng, ling zhi, and aloe. Not forget to mention it has SPF38 PA+++ to prevent spots and freckles due to UV rays.

The texture is nice to work with as it is not too runny, yet still provides enough coverage with matte finish. I usually dot it on several spots on my face and spread them using a brush. Avoid put too much product in a go as it will not evenly spread and turns out cakey. 

Covermark Moisture Veil Creamy Liquid are available in eight shades from warm to cool undertone and here I'm using the one in MP 10.

Swatch for Covermark Liquid Veil Moisture LX in MP 10.

This is the reason why I completely fall in love with this product.

It completely conceals all of my redness and discoloration in a single layer! Yes it might need more coverage from concealer for darker spots but this is more than enough for daily use. You can use the sponge for more coverage or a stippling brush for a lighter look. I use my fave flat top brush to apply it and it creates the perfect coverage for me.

I find it works great on me although this product is intended for people with dry skin. If you have oily or combination skin, put on some primer on the oily area such as T-Zone and top off with powder to make it last longer. I usually top it off with Covermark Moisture Veil LX and instantly got that flawless look.

I use this almost in every my makeup routine now, so it was pretty obvious how much I love this thing, right?

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Disclosure : These products were sent for review purposes. All opinions are based on my own experience and not influenced in any way. 

March 21, 2016

Covermark Moisture Veil LX Review

As promised, I'm back with the continuation of Covermark review. This time I'm back with another product from Covermark that offers great sebum control properties. Let's hop on to the review. 

Ultra thin moisturizing veil. Remove dullness for many hours of smooth and fresh looking skin. 
Covermark Moisture Veil LX contains two different powder with the latest technology that could absorb sebum on your skin and brighten your complexion without dehydrating your skin. It is made from natural ingredients with moisturizing properties. 

Bouncia Body Wash Review

Do you know that our bath time could drain out the moisture in our skin? Especially if we're not using the right soap. Skin are not properly hydrated and become flaky as a results.  I believe people are usually not concerned with their body wash type, as long as it create enough foam and has pleasant fragrant, it's fine. Well, I was particularly one of those people though since I think I don't have any skin problems so any kind of soap should be fine as well.

Today I'm going to review Bouncia Body Wash. Bouncia is one of product from Cow Style which I love because they bring many good brands such as SkinLife that I have used previously. I have so much faith in Japanese product as their product are usually exceeding than our expectation.

Soft body soap that keeps the skin moisturized.
  • The solid and rubbery foam particles like a “whipped cream” , that can penetrate the skin pores to make it keeps clean and moisturized
  • Enriched with Hyaluronic acid, collagen and milk butter, to keep your skin moist and soft. It's very compatible for everyone who has an unmoist skin
  • The ingredient of “licorice-derived dipotassiumglycyrrhizate” also changes the death skin cells
  • Premium floral fragrance
I know some people are just too lazy to create foam during bath time. Trust me, you only need to spend a little time and your skin would be grateful for it.

Bouncia Body Wash could produce a lot of foams with shower puff. The foams are light and gentle. One single pump or two could be more than enough to create foams for the entire body. I also love the hydrated feeling after rinsing without slippery feeling. It also smells really nice and come in a big tube so it will last for quite a long time :D They also provide refill pack so you can simply buy the refill after finishing the whole bottle.

Overall I am happy with the results. My skin are hydrated even without using any lotions afterward. Bouncia Body Wash are available at the nearest drugstore and hypermart so it shouldn't be hard to find one around your area. :)

Have you showered today?

Disclaimer : These products are sent for review purposes. All opinions are based on my own opinion and not influenced in any way. 

March 16, 2016

Biore Cleansing Oil Review

Cleansing oil is one of basic skincare items that I discover at the first time I learn about makeup. This routine has been carried on until today. I still stick to cleansing oil although there are any other options such as cleansing balms or cleansing water. 

Back then cleansing oil aren't as popular as now and there are a lot of girls who wear makeup but in the end of the day washed their face with only facial foam. My skin type is acne prone to begin with, so even without wearing any makeup, I was having a hard time dealing with a lot of acne. Therefore, I always make sure to clean my makeup properly even if I was only using compact powder. 

March 14, 2016

Covermark Soft Es Pact Review

Having flawless skin is definitely a dream of every single woman. However there are times when we need to look good and our skin are not in their best condition. That's how makeup come to the rescue. Unfortunately, it is not easy to achieve a flawless and natural looking skin even with makeup. We need to know how to layer makeup properly and of course a lot of practice. One single mistake and you could end up ruining your whole complexion. That's why I prefer a minimum amount of product and stick to one or two base makeup with a great coverage. 

Today I wanna introduce a compact foundation from Covermark. Covermark is originated from Japan with foundation as their best seller product. Perhaps we could conclude from their brand name that they offer a good coverage, right? Covermark Indonesia kindly sent me three of their products which I will review each of them in a separate post. Let's hop on to the first one. 

A cake type foundation that fits lightly and thinly to the skin for long-lasting cover.

March 7, 2016

Saatnya Bersinar Sepanjang Hari Bersama Marina

Padatnya aktivitas sehari-hari seringkali membuat kita lupa meluangkan waktu untuk selalu tampil fresh setiap saat. Belum lagi ditambah dengan polusi dan cuaca panas yang mudah membuat wajah terlihat kusam dan berminyak. Pastinya kita nggak mau dong terlihat kucel apalagi kalau mendadak harus menghadiri acara penting.  

Salah satu tips andalanku supaya bisa tampil fresh setiap hari adalah selalu bawa powder di tas! Kenapa? Karena aku jarang banget membawa pouch yang isinya make-up lengkap apalagi kalau kebetulan tas yang dipakai spacenya minim, jadi biasanya aku selalu bawa powder atau lipstick berwarna natural. Face powder sendiri ada beberapa jenis yaitu loose powder, pressed/compact powder, dan two way cake. Biasanya aku lebih sering membawa compact powder atau two way cake karena biasanya loose powder agak repot untuk dibawa bepergian.

Hari ini aku mau memperkenalkan salah satu produk terbaru dari rangkaian Marina Smooth and Glow, yaitu Marina Smooth and Glow UV Two Way Cake. Two way cake ini merupakan perpaduan antara foundation dan bedak dalam bentuk padat. 
"Bedak dengan formula yang dapat menutup noda pada wajah serta tahan lama. Mudah merata pada wajah serta memberikan tampilan wajah cerah alami dan bercahaya." 
Sebelum mencoba suatu produk, biasanya kita akan memastikan dulu ingredients atau formula yang terkandung di dalamnya. Nah berikut ini adalah beberapa ingredients dari Marina Smooth and Glow UV Two Way Cake.
  • Natural Microfine Powder yang dapat menghasilkan tekstur dan tampilan yang sangat halus, sehingga bedak lebih mudah menempel,menyamarkan noda, terlihat natural, nyaman digunakan dan tahan lama. 
  • SPF 20 PA++ dengan perlindungan UVB yang melindungi wajah terbakar akibat paparan sinar matahari dan perlindungan UVA yang membantu menghambat penggelapan kulit wajah. 
  • Vitamin C untuk membantu mencerahkan kulit wajah sehingga tampak lebih putih.
  • Ekstrak Mulberry yang berfungsi untuk menjaga kehalusan kulit wajah.
  • Telah teruji klinis sehingga aman untuk digunakan.

Packaging Marina Smooth and Glow UV Two Way Cake ini didominasi dengan warna pink dan terbuat dari bahan plastik yang cukup kokoh. Two way cake ini juga dikemas dengan cantik di dalam kotak yang juga bernuansa pink hehehe pokoknya girly banget deh.

Packagingnya memiliki dua partisi yang berbeda, partisi bagian atas berisi two way cake dan partisi bagian bawah berfungsi sebagai tempat penyimpanan sponge. Personally, aku cukup suka dengan design packagingnya yang ringkas karena biasanya two way cake yang sponge-nya dipisah seperti ini cenderung agak bulky.

Marina Smooth and Glow UV Two Way Cake ini tersedia dalam tiga pilihan warna yaitu Ivory, Peach, dan Natural. Nah yang akan aku review kali ini adalah shade #14 Natural.

Seperti two way cake pada umumnya, Marina Smooth and Glow UV Two Way Cake ini bisa digunakan dengan dua cara, yaitu dengan menggunakan spons kering dan spons basah. Untuk mendapatkan hasil coverage yang lebih maksimal bisa coba menggunakan spons basah ya. Two way cake ini juga bisa digunakan sebagai finishing powder setelah menggunakan base make-up dan biasanya aku mengaplikasikannya dengan menggunakan brush supaya hasilnya lebih natural. Untuk sehari-hari, biasanya aku langsung memakai two way cake dengan spons kering. 

 Kalau dilihat dari swatch di punggung tangan, kelihatannya lebih terang ya soalnya warna kulit tanganku memang sedikit lebih gelap karena setiap hari masih sering terpapar dengan sinar matahari.

Hasilnya? Instantly brightening my face! Wajahku jadi terlihat lebih bright dan bersinar tapi nggak too much seperti memakai topeng. Kilap dan noda-noda pada wajah juga ikut tersamarkan. Untuk coveragenya tergolong medium karena bisa meratakan skintone dan redness area pada wajah. Cocok banget dipakai sehari-hari bahkan untuk kalian yang masih sekolah dan biasanya nggak diperbolehkan pakai makeup ke sekolah hehehe. Cukup dipakaikan tipis-tipis aja dengan sponge kering atau face brush ya. Untuk mengcover noda-noda yang membandel, aplikasikan dengan spons basah di beberapa area tersebut.

Berdasarkan pengalaman pribadiku, Marina Smooth and Glow UV Two Way Cake ini bisa bertahan sampai 4-5 jam untuk kulit oily, sedangkan untuk kulit kering bisa tahan sampai 8 jam. Kulitku termasuk jenis kulit kombinasi jadi biasanya bagian T-Zone lebih cepat terlihat oily dan bedaknya lebih cepat pudar dibandingkan di bagian lainnya.   

Another good news is....Marina Smooth and Glow UV Two Way Cake ini dijual dengan kisaran harga mulai dari Rp 25.000,00! Sudah tersedia juga hampir di seluruh hypermarket seperti Carrefour, Giant, Hypermart, Lotte Mart,dan swalayan besar lainnya. Recommended deh untuk teman-teman yang masih sekolah atau yang lagi on budget buat nyari two way cake yang bagus. 

Siapa yang sudah mencoba Marina Smooth and Glow UV Two Way Cake? Yuk share kesan-kesan kalian saat mencoba two way cake ini :)

#Saatnya bersinar bersama 
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