February 14, 2011

Valentine Day-Choco Mania

First of all, happy valentine all ^^.. it's rainy so bad here, but don't let the cheers of valentine disappear.. ;) This year, I prepared something special for my family and my BF. Last year I didn't prepare anything for Valentine, because Chinese New Year was on the same date with Valentine Day.

Here I come with my Valentine's 100% handmade chocolate..

I didn't like homemade praline, so I didn't make any praline.Tasted a little bit weird if we use compound chocolate to make praline. but I do really love pudding! I learn how to make this when I was in  middle school for my culinary practical test. It's been a long time then.. but luckily I still remember the recipes well, and I do a little bit adjustment because the original recipes is three layer pudding from chocolate pudding, white chocolate pudding, and top of the layer is transparent with fruit inside. I didn't like using chocolate powder either canned milk, so I use chocolate compound to make it tasted more chocolate. I tried to make it on heart shaped, and arrange it like that, looks cute ^^ I love the rhum inside too.. it makes the pudding tastes so great.

I arrange this one for my BF.. it's rather big.. so he could enjoy it with his family too.. ^^

And there's some leftover when I made chocolate with my friend, so I use the leftover to cover the cornflakes.

It's all easy and also tasty.. ;)

^______^ I'm quite satisfy with my work this year.. happy valentine all ...

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