June 1, 2011

Photography Lighting

Heloo, I'm coming with an update for my photography task, I've been so busy lately with lots of assignment >.< so I can't write any post lately.. =( so sad...

Anyway I'm about to share with all of u guys about my photography assignment about lighting. There's a difference between lighting for models and products (an object). Here are examples of my works.

These are the model photograph at my college photo studio. Well I do almost the make up for the model by myself, I'm still an amateur, and because it feels different when I am not do it for myself, different kind of skin, different skin tone, etc. I sure need a lot of practice later...The theme for this is Fragrance of Flower.

These are the product's photograph with outdoor lighting. The theme is The Tradition of Chinese. It's kinda interesting to arrange the display, I'm quite enjoy it.

 Well it isn't perfect though, I'm still learning. I enjoyed photography especially when I do it for fun, not for fulfill my task..xD Hope you enjoy my photograph, I'll be back reviewing more things...


  1. Thanks... I submit it for my mid test in last semester ^^...

  2. I really like the teapot pics~ Especially the 2nd to last one. And great job on both sets -- :) You did a good job!


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