July 15, 2015

My Journal from Garnier Vlogging Workshop

Hello everyone! Hope you're having a good day and I'm coming with long awaited post about my trip with Garnier which I had mentioned previously.

According to the schedule, we were told to gather at the meeting point at 5 a.m and after all the preparation was complete, we're heading to Bandung on 6 a.m. Being such a night owl lately, I feel kinda refreshed to see the sunrise and asked myself 'where have you been girl?'

I'm glad there aren't any bad traffic in highway so we arrived at Padma Hotel around 09.30 a.m. The first thing that come to my mind and perhaps everybody else too is the scenery. We could see the beautiful scenery from the lobby. I've heard about this hotel before from my friends and no doubt it is a great option if you're going for a short escape with your beloved.

The architecture is pretty unique since the lobby is on the top floor while all the rooms are located below. Another interesting fact is they put on the floor number in the opposite. The lower you're going, the higher the number is.

They have a really nice pool in here! I wish I could give it a try.

Pardon my sleepy face hahaha I couldn't sleep earlier on the night before so these dark circles are voluntarily showing up to tell you the truth.

After enjoying the great view, we had our breakfast and a light talk with other bloggers. The hotel provides a wide range of dishes varied from Indonesian to Western which is pretty nice since I see there are plenty of foreign visitors in here. 

Going back to our workshop. After a decent breakfast time, we're directed in a room where the workshop will be held. You will probably never imagine how the room are arranged. 

Bean bag? Seriously? I thought we're probably going to do the workshop in a bossy meeting room with table and chair facing each other hahahaha. Garnier Team put a big effort in making this workshop fun! 

After a long-tiring journey from Jakarta, I feel it is very comfortable to follow the workshop in such relaxing and comfortable environment like this. I bet I am not the only one who think that way. ;) See how everyone enjoyed their time in this room?

As usual a mandatory group photo before the workshop officially begin.

First of all, Garnier Team greet all the bloggers nicely and share their opinion through the workshop. Garnier shares an interesting story behind their concept which inspires us to be innovative in many ways. That's pretty much describe how they are very keen into the vlogging world and tried to level up our blogging experience to the next level which is vlogging. 

A little break for lunch after the first session before heading to the next one. I feel that I am well fed in this trip that I don't have to worry I will starve myself lol.

What I have for my lunch.

After finishing our lunch, we proceed to the next session. We were introduced to our lecturer, Mrs. Priskila Eirene. She reflects how passionate she is with her job (which is video editor) and make the whole session interesting with her outgoing personality.

Kila shares a lot of important things in creating youtube video, coming from how to take videos properly until the strategy in publishing our videos. If you're interested to know more about it, I will make another post about it since it's gonna be a long post if I write it here. 

Along the workshop session, we were given a short time to do a trial. We learn how to shoot videos properly, how to manage a good angle, how to choose a good background, and many more. It is very exciting since our hotel have plenty of beautiful spots to shoot. After taking session, we continue to the editting session. Everybody started to busy with their own gadgets and try to do editing under Kila's direction. 

I love this candid picture by Ochell. It perfectly captured how I usually work lol. I tend to be very ignorant and isolate myself from people when I dig into work.

When all the subjects have been delivered, we're finally getting our free time! Time to take a shower and a quick rest before dinner time. I came to my surprise when I open the door to my room and found this.

It is such a very thoughtful welcome gift from Garnier. They even put several equipment that can be very useful in taking videos such as mini tripod and detachable lens for smartphone. I am very impressed how Garnier managed everything for us, even to the smallest details. 

I can tell that everyone are so excited with the workshop and they still use their free time to retake the videos or continue with editing. I believe we're all tired from a long trip but it is fun because we're doing what we love. :)

The surprise haven't ended since Garnier prepared an exclusive dinner for us.

Our exclusive dinner.

I swear this is my favorite dessert ever! The ultimate choco lava cake with vanilla ice cream and crumbles. It tasted so good that I will definitely come back for it.

I finished my video pretty late around 2 a.m. before heading to my bed. Earlier in the morning, I was once again fascinated by the beautiful view and serene ambience from my room. I feel kinda sleepy to be honest but I need to get ready for the morning yoga.

Such a very peaceful place and a perfect environment to do yoga. This is my very first time doing yoga. Our yoga instructor, Mr. Fey, has a very great flexibility since he can do any pose without difficulties.

Ended up with a bit of sore hahahaha I guess I need to work out a little bit from now on. After yoga session, we have our breakfast and get ready to pack our things for checkout. I feel that two days is way too short for this workshop and still want to stay for another day. 

For the last time, we were still managed to take a lot of group photo before leaving our beautiful hotel. Take a lot of picture with another bloggers and it have been an amazing journey for me since I met with new bloggers and had acknowledged many things through this workshop. 

After checkout, we continue our journey to Miss Bee Providore for lunch. It is such a very lovely place with a unique architecture. This restaurant are divided into two different area, first one is the glass house and and the other one is fairy tale hut kinda look.

They prepared a lovely arrangement in our dining room and the room were full of white and yellow roses.

They even have these little furry companion outside and they are so cute. <3

I was way too busy looking at these bunnies when one of the staff was looking for me because they said they are going to announce the vlogging workshop winner. Okay ._.  I don't know since no one told me not to go anywhere hahaha. 

And surprise! I am one of the winner!

Later on, I discovered that I was gone missing when they were announcing me as the winner, that's why the staff is looking for me. This kind of thing are not my first and I wonder why it keeps happening.

After winner announcement, we are pleased to enjoy our lunch which are very delicious. <3

My meal is pretty insta-genic, don't you agree? Okay it is just a little lie, this is not mine, I took a picture of Ochell's meal since hers looks more appetizing than mine although we had the same meal.

Another amazing dessert that I discovered from this trip. It has a very strong rhum flavor and a slight bitter taste that goes along well with the vanilla ice cream.

Another shots with new blogger friends ^.^

In case if you're wondering about my video, you can watch it through clicking the video below. I did a little adjustment from the original version since I am keen on tiny little things that I missed and I thought it would be easier for you to watch.

The whole trip is amazingly fun and expand my videography knowledge further. I am pretty excited to create videos again, perhaps if you guys have any idea or request, you are most welcomed to leave comments below. You can also check my previous video on my youtube channel here.

When you do good about yourself, then you will do good to society.

I'm currently on a long holiday and internet connection is limited so I will probably update more when I'm back. You can see more updates by following my social media account or simply drop any question through my ask.fm through the link below.

Have a nice day.

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