January 12, 2011

Review - Baviphat Apple AC Therapy Sleeping Pack

I wanna share a review about Baviphat products, since there's less reviews about Baviphat. Actually I bought this sample because of curiosity. I got some Baviphat mask samples from my last PreOrder's package, and when I tried, I'm interested a little bit. So I ordered the other kinds of Baviphat mask sample.

Now, I'm going to review the Apple AC Therapy Sleeping Pack.I will review other products in the next post.

I LOVE IT! Really.. since the first time I use it, I do really love it. Beside the fullsize jar has a really cute packaging.  >.< (see the picture above) It smells very nice, like fresh apple. This is the reason I like from Baviphat product. Especially their fruit mask. It has natural fragrance of the origin fruit it contains. I didn't smell any weird chemical stings that usually appears from skincare products. It feels like aromatherapy somehow, but it smells SUPER nice.

Here is the picture of the sample. The sample's packaging is cute  x3

I never wear any sleeping pack before, so I didn't know that sleeping pack has similarity with night cream. Just apply it all over your face like using a cream and the next morning rinse it with lukewarm water. 

See, the texture is watery and not greasy at all. After few minutes I feel really fresh like wearing nothing on my face.

It is said the Apple AC Therapy Sleeping Mask is good for nourishment and trouble relief. It contains fruits acid to remove old skins (exfoliation). I'm interested for its moisturizing and exfoliation part. Because it's hard for me to find a suitable moisturizer for my face. Every morning after I used this mask in the night before, I found out my face turn fresh and moisturized well. For those who have oily skin, it might be getting oily a little bit  in the morning after using this mask. It didn't break me out. It helps me to calm my acne. So I thought I will purchase the full size jar.

I feel that this mask really works eventhough it can't works like magic to turn your dull and tired face into smooth clear skin. 

Unfortunately, Baviphat official website are all in Korean, so it's hard for me and other who didn't understand Korean to read it. All products instruction, ingredients, etc are also written in Korean.

I give it 5 of 5.. Great function. Fruity fragrance. Cute packaging. And also affordable price for 100gr jar. What are you waiting for? ;) I do really LOVE this product.


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