January 4, 2011

Review - Skinfood BB Cream Aloe#1

Happy New Year all ^^ .. although there's something special for me in this year...Let's face our day with full spirit and hope!! I wish this year can be fulfilled with many good things for all of us...

Today I'm gonna review my Skinfood BB Cream Aloe. First Time I know about BB cream, I was very confused to decide which one will suit me. Since there's so many variants of BB cream outside there.. I'm kinda interested with Missha Perfect Cover and Baviphat beside Skinfood Aloe. But, Missha PC is a little bit pricey for me if I buy it as my first BB cream, and in the same time it's hard to find Baviphat BB cream sample. So I decided to try Skinfood.

 I bought both Skinfood Aloe and Mushroom samples to see which one fits me better. It's said that Aloe is recommended for those who have oily skin and mushroom for those who have normal skin.   And Skinfood Aloe has stolen my heart.. ^^ I love its scent, fresh aloe. So finally I decide to buy the fullsize. Mushroom gets oily faster on my face. But, it doesn't mean I won't buy Mushroom in future...

See.. it match my skin perfectly.. Although my face's skin tone is a little bit darker than my hand.. but using this BB cream won't make me seems dull anymore.

I usually use a single layer of this BB Cream and then cover with Buckwheat Loose Powder on it.. If there's any special occasion, I might apply it about 2-3 layers more than before. Natural and fresh look for everyday....

But remember to clean your face til there's no BB cream left on your face.. It will cause breakout in the next day so be careful. =)

The coverage of this BB cream is medium, beside I don't want to use a thick coverage for daily use, so I'm fine with its coverage.. for those who wants more coverage, I might not recommend you to buy this one.

I give it 4 of 5 .. Like its coverage, its oil control too.. but it isn't waterproof and left some browns on my tissues when I wipe off my sweat..


  1. I got this one too~ have u make sure that you aloe bbc is authentic? cuz I got the fake one~

  2. yep.. I'd seen your review about the fake one before I bought this.. =D


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