September 17, 2011

Review : Aloha Two Two Kiss (Sparkle Apple Giveaway)

AHello everyone.. I supposed to make this post since last week but unfortunately I got a bunch of assignments from my uni.. TT.TT so I'm really really sorry for this late review..

I won Sparkle Apple  Mini Giveaway..^^ I'm very happy because Lina came in my chatbox right after my birthday and told me that I'd won her giveaway.. >.< I'm surprised but feel very happy in the same time..  I would like to say thank you to Lina Kim who held this giveway and My Lovely Sister who sponsored this giveaway..(^∀^) (^∀^)

Well here's what inside my package.

 I'd been raving for lip tint product, and when I saw this product, omg it's so cute..  My Lovely Sister kindly give me some samples in my package.. thanks a lot dear!

So let's see the product now (≧∇≦)/ (≧∇≦)/

Aloha Two Two Kiss #3 Tropical Lime Red

Even the cap is so pretty!!! (not important.. really..)
Aloha Two Two Kiss comes in pencil look-a-like. I remember about big eyeshadow pencil that I have when I saw this. Etude House released this product in 4 shades that you can try. Mine comes with red color for the tint, and yellow for the gloss. And they got a super cute hibiscus print on their cap ! I love this part!!

A 2 in 1 product, lipgloss and liptint. Tint is used for coloring your lips naturally, and gloss it to moisture and give glossy effect on your lips.

And now is the time for swatch...

The red tint

The yellow gloss

Can you see it?

Can you tell the difference? Pardon my horrible lips.. o((≧△≦))o

My Personal Opinion
It's really a good product!! It turn my bare lips into soft and natural pink look!! I applied just a little amount of it on my lips and that's what I get. =) really nice, I love it. Moreover, this product is quite moisturizing my lips. This product also come with smooth and refreshing fragrance. It's strawberry for the red tint, and lemon / lime for the gloss. Don't worry, it doesn't sting at all. ;D

Like the other tint and gloss, the effect don't last long. And I'm a little bit disappointed that the cap are loosen a bit @_@ Because both of the tint and gloss have a very soft texture and if the cap move without noticing, it could ruin all of the product. So I don't recommend you to bring this in your make up pouch.I'm not sure if I could sharpen this product just like pencils too. Just can't imagine how.. hehe

Recommended for tired lips and need an instant for natural pink lip look

Not recommended for those who like to bring their lip product for travel, and of course those who already have natural pink lips ...

Rate 4/5 .. =) like it!!

That's all from me...

:3 I'm going to write another review immediately after I finished all assignments for next week.. Thanks for reading..

See ya all.. (>ω<*)


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