September 3, 2011

Surprising Holiday

Hello dear... How's your holiday? Hope you have a great holiday.. just like mine...(^∀^)

Wondering.. I was very busy lately because lot of assignments need to be done..I need to do some exploration, survey, etc.. But I'm very very happy that I could spend my time with my family and my BF... And a little bit haul.. xP
Early September Haul xD

Yesterday I went to the mall, because sale is still everywhere.. naahh.. I think I need some shopping after working in such a long time >_< and suddenly my BF bought me this shoes.. aeee so sporty but adorable..

It comes with pink-gray color, there's another color such as blue, purple, etc. But he said, he wanted me to wear the pink one.. He said pink looks more girly on me... Hahaha... but I love it.. ♥ thanks dearr...

And after that, I found these cute headband.. I'd been looking for this stuff around but never found any! o((≧△≦))o o((≧△≦))o So when I saw these, I grab them all because I can't decided which one is the best.. x3 They're so cute..  I love hair accessories since I have a long straight black looks so plain without any accessories.

Polka black, tiny heart, polka red

And last one is this sandals. My mother saw  these and I like it!!!! (≧∇≦)/ (≧∇≦)/ And it's such a lucky day for me, because they have stocks for size 40.. T ^ T I'm so relieved. I know I have such a really big feet.. It's hard to find a big size of shoes in my country. They always come with smaller size such as 36-38.. So here it is.. I love the purple color..

Actually, I'm planning to buy some make up or skincare but it failed... lol..well I'm very happy!! ^.^

See you soon! Enjoy the holiday!! (>ω<*)

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