December 22, 2011

Luview Mega Giveaway

Hello... sorry for lack of update.. :D now it's  time for a giveaway!!

Lina Kim from Sparkle Apple is hosting another Luview Giveaway, and I;m really excited to try on Luview products since I had read so many good reviews about it. And it's hard to get Luview product in my country! So yeah.. wish me luck then.. :D

You can enter by visiting her blog here... :) and there will be five winners!! So excited!

By the way,I'd finished my exam today.. and WELCOME holiday!!! Ohh really, it's been really tiring and super busy lately.. I slept for only few hours lately, need to prepare so many things for my exhibition exam. I have two exhibition exam in the same day.. But I'm glad I'd passed everything and I'm super excited for holiday! I will write another post about my exam and also some beauty haul. :D I do really really wanna share a lot of things..

See you soon ladiess..(>ω<*)


  1. Thanks for your support.. leave me your link and I'll visit back n follow yours .. ^^

  2. beautiful blog! I will visit more often :)) Visit me!


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