December 16, 2011

Angel in-us Coffee

Hello everyone..I'm really sorry for lack of update.. My exam schedule is really hectic! But today I wanna share about a really good place for hang out. Either with friends or a romantic date with your hubby.x3

I went to a new cafe at Kelapa Gading last week. I was waiting to be picked up by my BF, before he suddenly said, why don't we just go out for a while. And I was really exhausted because I'd just finished taking some videos for my assignments at the moment. So I think I could relax for a bit, and there we go to Angel-in-us Coffee. :D The name itself is kinda unique, right? In the first time, I read it as Angelinus. Kinda unusual.. but when I saw how did they spelled it out.. I understand what they mean. Angel is kinda popular lately during Christmas, don't you agree with me?

It is located on Lotte Mart, Kelapa Gading. Well, in fact I know Lotte Mart as a hypermarket, but lately they had built in several cafe and food corners. During the traffic hour, it's good to spent your time there. Beside, the parking fee is free! And they have such a really big parking area.

The place itself is quite cozzy and not too crowded, which I love the most. We order a drink and a cake. Trust me, it looks tiny but make us feel really full. :D I do google, because this cafe isn't as familiar as another coffee shop such as Starbucks, The Coffee Bean, etc...It's originated from Seoul, Korea. Most of the site's content is in I can't provide any further information ..but you can go through the site from here.

I didn't take much picture :) So I grab some of the pictures from their site and Google.

so many delicious cake!

And this is what I got with hubby..

Delicious cake ♥

Super cute muggg....

Angel's wing surely are their trademarks! Event their staff wear them and so many decoration with angel's wing on it.. 

They also provide icy water for free! Well when you drink coffee, latte, etc in such a big amount for a long time, I bet you might wanna drink some water. :D this is really good.. hahaha.. and anyway, I bring inside so many side dish..
so yummy!!
Actually I bought another two pack of potato chips and we ate them all LOL.. I was starving at the moment and just can't stop chewing.. and here's a snapshot I took. I love the wallpaper behind. It's a WALLPAPER! Not a real bookshelf lol..  

It's him LOL! *SS mode*
He always staring weird at me when I wanna camwhore myself with my DSLR, so that I just took my photo with my poor phone camera.. I'm sweating all day! So pardon my messy hair.. ><

And then an awkward pose... xD
Anyway, it's such a really good place to hang out together with friends, or event a romantic date. :D But don't forget to put your sweater on because I feel really cold there >< I'm easily feel cold and frozen in air conditioned room, so I must bring jacket or cardigan wherever I go.. even when I go to the beach!

Have a nice weekend everyone! I should finish some more assignments before I could back with another post. The exam end on next Thursday.. So please be patient.. >.< I have so many things to share with all of you.. 

P.S : I do recommend you to visit this cafe!! It's really awesome.. I will go there again right after my exam has finished! Definitely! x3.. 

See youu...(>ω<*)


  1. wah harus di translate dulu nih wkwkwk
    nice share gan

  2. Hahaha... gugel translate ajaa.. btw thanks yaa udah mampir ^^.. hehe

  3. iyaa sama2... kalo sempet bisa mampir.. :D parkirnya gede di sana, enak jadi ga susah cari parkiran.. hehehe

  4. thanks for sharing~ sering banged lewat lotte mart tapi ga tau >_<

    thanks agaaaain :**

  5. Iyaa... enak soalnya sepi.. >.< wifi sepuasnya lagi heheheh... iya ini juga perginya gara-gara diajakin.. met nyobainn :D

  6. Sering bangeeeet ngelewatin cafe ini tapi ga pernah masuk... Soalnya kalo udah ke Lotte biasanya cuman mo blanja bulanan doank... Thanks for the review! Ntar kpn2 ke sini deh~

  7. semangaatt :D semoga tugasnya cepet kelar

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