June 6, 2014

Red Hair Makeover with Makarizo Concept Ultimax

Hello everyone! It's been a while and by the way if you follow my Instagram, you had probably known that I had my hair dyed in red again. :9 curious or not?

When Makarizo Team asked me to do a hair makeover, I suddenly had this crazy idea in my mind. Therefore, I browse through many hair colors and I ended up with this hair style.

Unfortunately, I couldn't visit Makarizo hair studio on weekdays due to office hour but Makarizo Team kindly arranged a session for me at Lutuye Salon on Sunday. I met the whole team from Makarizo and everyone are super nice. They analysed my current hair condition and helped me to decide the suitable color for my hair.

After they saw my hair style reference, they asked me if I was interested to try on red color instead of pink. They explained that they are currently having the RED ANIMATION theme!! I didn't think twice and said yes LOL! Let's call it a fate.

Makarizo Team introduced their masterpiece coloring technique, Balayage. *instantly fall in love with the red color* Balayage is a coloring technique which creates a gradient in the same color. Unlike ombre hair , Balayage brings out more natural results with a darker color on the roots and a radiant color on the hair ends. 

This is how my before-hair looks...

First of all, my hair will be bleached to achieve the desired brightness level. To be honest, I was quite horrified about bleaching. I always avoid bleaching since everybody knows that it is such a horrifying process. But I was WRONG! Makarizo Team explained that bleaching aren't dangerous as long as it was done under the right procedure. 

I was waiting in worry since this is my first time going for bleaching. I was really afraid that my hair will end up getting brassy and hard to maintain.

After the first bleaching. 

My hair was bleached two times. The first bleaching is to remove my old hair color, the second bleaching is to lighten the bottom part (part of Balayage technique). The bleaching process is necessary to prepare my hair as a base before coloring so the color will turn out nicely.

You can see the bottom part of my hair is getting really light now.

After all the bleaching process was done, my hair is ready to be colored. Makarizo used their latest hair dye cream, Makarizo Concept Ultimax Colorant. It was developed with the latest technology from Italia to achieve a beautiful and radiant hair color in a longer lifetime, especially for hair fashion color. Makarizo Concept Ultimax used KR8+ Techonology, which combined 10 nutrition from natural ingredienst with Crystal Pigment Technology to improve color penetration. The results is a beautiful and long lasting hair color. 

The 10 nutrition are extracted from Argan Oil, Rice Protein, Wheat Protein, Keratin, Panthenol, Silk Amino acids, Vitamin Complex, Green Tea, Camomile, and Aloe Vera.

It doesn't had a strong ammonia scent and only need 20 minutes to be absorbed. I was quite amazed though since I am usually let my hair absorb the hair dye for an hour or probably more. o_o

They used their signature red color, Crimson Rose 7.6, on me. 

I am so excited to see the results...

Tadaaaa.... FIERCE RED!
I am totally amazed with the bright red color <3. What surprises me the most is my hair feels really smooth afterward. :D Well I think you can tell from the photo above right? I don't think you can tell that my hair was previously bleached if I didn't mentioned it before.

Of course, not forget to take pictures with Makarizo Team.

With Mr. Deddy, trainer from Makarizo. He was the one who take care the whole process of my hair coloring to make sure everything is under control. 

With Mr. Omar, Brand Manager of Makarizo. 

With my hair stylist from Lutuye Salon. Thanks a bunch because he was doing a really good job through the whole process! 

With the sweet Ms. Puput, Public Relation of Makarizo. She is such a really nice person and arranged the whole thing for me. She even bought me an taiyaki-ice-cream during the coloring process, how thoughtful <3

The thing that amazed me more is the color stays even after I go swimming o_o. I am so worried that the color would fade away! I will let the pictures below talk. 

The gradient color make it looks really nice in real life. 

And if you watch it carefully, I feel that this hair color is somehow similar with the reference I was looking for before. The difference is my hair color is more into red tone.

Still gorgeous, right? Hahahaha but I don't recommend you to go swimming after coloring process. >_< Well in my case, it was an inevitable situation LOL. Plus I had drenched my hair with all Makarizo hair treatment few days before I jump into the pool :3 I will gave a brief review about the products really soon.

More color details in indoor lighting.
*trying so hard to match color with my strawberry popsicles*

Overall, I'm really happy! Pat, who's always complaining about my hair color, surprisingly said the red color suits me very well. *proud of my red hair* I also got a really nice compliment about my hair from everyone. Well, even my officemates are interested to color their hair too <3 If you're interested to try this hair color, you can go to Lutuye Salon Tebet and mention that you wanna have the same hair color with me ^o^.

Wondering how much it cost? Well I give you the details below.

 IDR 442.500

Coloring (long hair)
IDR 550.000

MK3 Deep Repair Serum (2 pcs)
Rp 35.000

Total Cost : IDR 1.027.500
Fair price, right? Noted that the price may vary depends on your hair color and condition.

Thanks a lot to Makarizo and Lutuye Team.

Concept Makarizo

Lutuye Salon Tebet
Jl. KH. Abdullah Syafe'i No. 46D
Jakarta Selatan
021-83706779 / 021-83706777

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