February 13, 2014

Makeup Collaboration : Lovely Valentine Look

Hello everyone! I'm back with another tutorial for Valentine's Day. I'm doing a makeup collaboration with my blogger friends. ^o^ This is my first collaboration so I'm really excited!

I was quite shocked when I know the last time I make a tutorial was on last year Valentine's Day. Hahahaha hopefully I could come up with more makeup tutorials this year <3 

I believe all girls wanna looks great and fabulous in front of their partner on Valentine's Day :3.  But I did mention once that boys don't really fancy their girlfriend with such heavy makeup look, so it is better to keep your makeup simple and make it looks natural. 

Are you ready??

Get your face ready so you have a great canvas to work with. Foundation and concealer are your best friend. Don't forget to put on your primer so your makeup will stay nicely and last longer.

2. Eye Makeup
I tried to pick a sweet and natural color therefore I choose a combination of pink and brown color. Blend pink eyeshadow from your inner corner, shimmery pink eyeshadow on the middle, and dark shimmery brown on outer corner. Blend them until there's no hard lines. 

Next, the eyeliner.  
Line your eye with brown eyeliner first and make a guide for the desired length of tail. Then you can continue create another thin line on it with black eyeliner. You can also do the same thing on your lower lash line. Smudge down the brown eyeliner first on half of your lower lash line, then smudge black eyeliner a little bit in the corner. Finish it with the pink shimmery eyeshadow on the inner part.

I found out that it is easier to draw with brown eyeliner first since the color aren't as intense as black. This trick works well too if you're not used to draw eyeliner evenly. Moreover it creates a softer look  than using black eyeliner.

TIPS : Avoid heavy eye make-up such as using bold eyeshadow color or fake eyelashes especially if you're not used to it. You want to pay attention on your date and not your make-up, right? 

3. Countouring, blush, and lip color. Countour your face if it's necessary (well boys couldn't really noticed about it, trust me!). Apply a soft pink blush and your favorite lip products. And you're done ;) 

You can also spent some time to style your hair with a unique hair accessories like this cute flower headband. I also love to style my bangs like this because it pulls off an innocent and sweet look. A simple thing like this could totally affect your whole look :) 

I buy my flower crown from Little Dream

You're ready for your date! 

Okay I'm not suggesting you to bring a fan along lol. I just found out it's really cute hehehe...

Wait! I'm not finished yet. 

If you think you want to look a little bit different, you can try it by changing your lip color ^.^

Same eye makeup with different lip color. It looks totally different, right? This look is suitable for a romantic dinner or night party with your best friends ^.^

 TIPS : Keep the eye makeup simple so you can easily change the mood by changing the lip color. It always been easier to change your lip color than the rest of your makeup. You can wear pink for day look and wear a bold color such as red or fuchsia for night look. Don't forget your perfumes either :)

Which look do you think suit me best? I think I look more mature in red outfits.

I hope you enjoy my tutorial. Don't forget to visit my friend's blog and read their tutorials too because everyone looks totally cute ^o^ I had wrote their links on the first image so please kindly check them out.

Have a fabulous Valentine's Day everyone <3 

P.S : I will probably post an update if there's something hilarious coming up on my date. :9


I'm wearing Ageha Caramel Brown from Japan Softlens. 
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  1. Cantik ^_^
    Nice collaboration dear :)


  2. manis banget sih Gab <3 <3
    sang pacar makin syaang deh hahahaha XD

  3. Ahahaha kamu jauh lebih manisss <3 hehehe untungnya pacar belom kebal liat makeup aku xD


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