September 10, 2014

My Current Hair Treatment #1 : Makarizo MK3 Series Treatment

As I had mentioned before, I was given a full set of Makarizo products to maintain my hair after coloring process. I will split the post into two section which are daily treatment and special treatment. 

So here are the daily treatments I used. 

It is Makarizo MK3 Color Revive Series which consist of shampoo, conditioner, hair mask and hair cream. 


Makarizo MK3 Color Revive Shampoo have two different variants which can be differentiated through their initial D and R. R stands for regular treatment and can be used for hair under normal coloring process. D stands for deep treatment and it is used for hair under hard chemical process such as bleach. I was given the deep treatment series since my hair was previously bleached. 

The texture is kinda unusual for me since the shampoo comes in transparent liquid and the conditioner comes in gel form. 

I am using the shampoo and conditioner series on daily basis. I washed my hair every 2 days and it helps to maintain my hair condition and keep their beautiful color. Not forget to mention, it makes my hair easy to comb and surprisingly no fall outs. An extra point for the conditioner that leaves no greasy feeling since my hair is normally straight and it's really easy to get drenched :)

Let's move into the treatment product from MK3 series.


This hair mask helps to provide nutrients for our hair and also maintain the hair strand after chemical process.  I use it once a week to maintain my hair condition. Apply hair mask on your hair strands after washing your hair, wait for 10-15 minutes (you can also wrap your hair with warm towel to help the mask absorb), and rinse well. You can continue with conditioner afterwards.


At first, I think it seems like a hair styling product such as mousse or wax lol. I discovered that it works similar like a leave on conditioner for me. It helps to maintain your hair strands, keep it moisture and healthy. I usually apply this hair cream after washing my hair and my hair is half-dry. I think the cream will works really good on frizzy hair :D I love applying the cream on my hair ends since it helps to nourish and maintain them. 

Well to be honest, the hair treatment is quite simple and amazingly works well. I personally love applying the hair cream since it makes my hair silky smooth and leaves a nice scent. 

Have you tried any of Makarizo hair treatment products?

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