August 24, 2014

Birthday Checkpoint #23

This is probably the most interesting of my annual story, my birthday. As you had probably known, my partner is somehow full of unexpected surprise.

He started by waiting until 12.00 AM to be the first guy who say "Happy Birthday" to me. It is supposed to be a good sentence no matter how funny it is. It turned out to be a very short LETTER as...

HBD. (via line messages)


Pardon me?

This is not a texting era anymore ._. In the past, shorter text messages will cost you less than a longer text messages. When I asked him about it, he feel there's something wrong then and repeat HBD HBD HBD again. He said,"Okay it is not short anymore, right?"

Your argument is invalid. o_o

Later on, he had planned for my birthday dinner. Well, to be honest I don't really have a high expectation on him considering his plan is getting worse by years, so I will just let anything good happen as a gift and anything bad as common sense in our relationship.

When I was entering the car, he seems quite confident of something that I was unaware of. He started the conversation.
P : I would like to give your gift now.
G : Hee? Can't we wait?
P : No no no.
G : ....

He suddenly grabbed something from his pocket, just like in this incident and continue..

P : You were complaining back then that I should have given you something better.
G : *trying so hard not to be impressed .. but failed*
P : So I give you this... *put something in my hands*


G : What is this?
P : You said back then it will be better if I give you candy instead of the parking ticket.
G : .... *lost consciousness for a while*
P : And this is the bonus.

G : I didn't get it.
P : It is a tooth brush so you can brush your teeth after eating the candy. I was actually put a ribbon around the toothbrush but the ribbon is missing. It also has a cute tooth plug as a bonus,.
G : ...

I am still in a deep shock until I started to feel there is something strange with the candy. At first, it feels like a crushed candy but IT IS NOT! I rip the pack off and find something inside...

G : A bracelet?
P : Yes! Are you happy now?
G *still in deep shock*
P : Did you know that I buy your present two times?
G : Hee? I don't get it. What happened?
P : So I bought the first one and did some experiment to hid it inside the candy's wrapper. I put too much glue and in the end the glue is sticking to the bracelet. I tried to clean and wipe the glue off but I can't. In the end, I buy a new one as a replacement for you.
G : LOL *laugh so hard* experiment!
P :*confused*
G : Seriously you are probably the most stupid person ever! Gyahahahahahha!

It is one of the most ridiculous I ever heard that he glued the gifts together with the wrappers LOL but anyway I am quite happy that he did better than las year. I was looking at the bracelets and feels there's something weird.

P : By the way, it is not a bracelet for your hand. It is a foot bracelet.
G : That's why the bracelet is kinda weird since I think it is too long for my wrist.
P : It is way to mainstream to give you an ordinary bracelet.
G : Whatever.

Selca of the day. I was ready for the best and even for the worst!

We're off to buy some cakes and head to our dinner's venue. Arrived a bit earlier but I think we're coming just in the right time.

My summer-inspired outfit. I am no good with any kind of flower prints but fruit prints seems work better on me. 

Complementary bread.

Since I want to match my summer outfit theme (which is LEMON in case you didn't realize), I ordered this Lemon Basil Smoothies. It seems like a horrifying green juice at the beginning but fortunately I can bear to drink it even I cannot sense any lemon flavour inside o_o

Just another shot of this guy's weird activity while waiting...

Mushroom soup with potato chips.

Our pizza is here! 

Pat's Carbonara. He loves any pasta with white sauce. He is probably great on handling all kind of dairy product, I guess? 

Seriously in love with my lemon dress and finally find a perfect timing to wear my flower headpiece. 

Salmon Grill <3

Honestly, I don't really love the food but the ambience around here is really nice. The restaurant is not packed with guest when we are dining in, so I did enjoy my visit very well.

My birthday cake. Pat called it 'The Boobs Cake' -_- HAHAHAHAHA!

Okay it looks like a pair of.... yeah you named it. In the first place, I decided to buy the cake because the dome shape looks very cute and appealing.

My birthday cake with extremely-long-fireworks-candle.

The cake turns out to be a big disaster. At first, I think it will be way more easier to buy two separated cakes rather than a whole one  since we will not having any issues in cutting and bring it back home. It turns that my cake tasted weird and I just realized after I eat half of the cake. I was thinking that the sour taste is probably coming from the fruits or the essence. I found out when I ask Pat if his cake tasted funny or not. -_-

Blame the cake incident so Pat thinks that I should have my proper dessert before ending the day. We are finally having the most delicious dessert my favourite dessert ever.

Maccha ice cream in my favourite ramen shop (will blog about it later). HAHAHAHA! We're coming in for the dessert only and then left LOL. A great meal should be ended with a great dessert.

Anyway, it is a really nice experience since we never had a proper celebration in any occassion. Somehow I feel that we might not suitable with this kind of celebration but trying it once in a while could be an interesting lifetime experience.

Welcoming the new age of 23 :D. I'll see you guys on my next post. 

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  1. LOL, he's so ridiculously hilarious gab XD *sorry
    Aku beneran shock kalo dia cuma ngasih kopiko, tp ternyata ada braceletnya ^^ aww so sweet! haha.
    Anyway Happy Belated Bday Gab :D :D :D


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