March 25, 2015

Change Your Destiny with SK-II

Talking about future, I could probably turn into the most anxious person ever. I used to do things with a detailed plan and schedule. I could make a fuss over a small unnecessary thing to make sure I got everything right on track. I was taught on to have plans therefore I will always be prepared for things.

In several condition, some people might find my perfectionism is unpleasant but I learn how to put an effort to achieve my goals. I learn how to do things properly and figured out the best method for myself. Life is pretty much trial and error, don't you agree? One of my teacher told me back then to stop saying you can't before you tried on something. Why? By having that thoughts in your mind, you had set your own limits without pushing yourself to your best shot.

SK-II believes in empowering women to to overcome their limitations and change their destiny. Therefore they started sharing their insight through the Change Destiny Museum to inspire people to change their destiny. SK-II and Cosmopolitan Indonesia personally invited me  to visit the museum but unfortunately due to my office hour, I couldn't make it and decided to pay a visit on weekend.

SK-II Change Destiny Museum was held at Senayan City Main Atrium. The venue is pretty spacious and well designed. From the entrance, I was guided to the registration desk and given a tour pass with a short explanation of each section in the museum.

The museum was divided into four different section which is really exciting to explore. So let's the journey begin :)

I was greeted nicely by a gentlemen and escorted into the first section in the first zone. He kindly asked me various question and explained each corner in details.

Do you believe that your skin could change your destiny?

Well... I do :)

If I could ask you now, how important it is to have a beautiful skin? I do understand that inner beauty is another important aspect that reflects our personality from inside. However, it doesn't mean that we could neglect about the outer beauty. It is not about being well polished and perfect at all time, but it is more into how to enhance our inner beauty from the outside. As what people said, a first impression does really matter, right?

At the first zone, I see through the story from various people who have been using SK-II for years. I also learn more from SK-II Brand Ambassadors, Dominique Diyose and Susan Bachtiar, about the courage to change your destiny. It feels like walking through the wall of fame from those who had experienced the miraculous changes with SK-II. 

A very good insight from SK-II Ambassador, Dominique Diyose. 

I believe every woman are unique and have their own sense of beauty that will help to enhance themselves even more. The thing that usually matters is your determination to change.

After passing the first zone, I continued to the next zone which reveals the ultimate secret behind SK-II. You can see through the history of SK-II product development in their timeline.

Pitera, a secret ingredients from SK-II which is discovered from the traditional sake winery. Back then, the old workers at the winery surprisingly have a very smooth hand which ignites the curiosity. Years afterwards, people did a research to find out the miracle ingredients that could help to maintain a young and supple skin condition.

The secret key of the magic ingredients.

Having a little fun playing with the rice in this section hehehe. Amazed on how such a wonderful essence was created through the natural process.

Meet the magic water which is commonly known as Facial Treatment Essence (FTE). Facial Treatment Essence is one of the best product from SK-II since it contains about 90% of the wonderful Pitera Essence.

After learning about the secret ingredients in SK-II, I arrived in the workshop area. They have a complete range of SK-II products display and their staff are ready to help with any question regarding of the products.

The final zone of the museum. In this zone, SK-II provided a spacious consultation area and an expert in each station to help visitors by having a private consultation about their skin.

A beautiful and kind beauty advisor helped me to do a skin check through Magic Ring Test to find out my current skin condition.

The results is my skin age is similar with my current age now which kinda make me relieve at the moment. She mentioned that my skin is currently in a good condition without any noticeable spots or pores but she pointed out that my skin need more attention and improvements on the wrinkle resilience. She explained it is because my skin is lack of moisture. I kinda agree with her since which since I spent most of my time in air conditioned room nowadays.

I also let her know that my skin is pretty sensitive to rich moisturizer such as cream type and she kindly recommend me to use SK-II Facial Treatment Repair C Serum because it is light and can be easily absorbed. She also told me it would be better to combine the serum usage with SK-II Facial Treatment Essence to improve my current skin condition.

I love how helpful and informative the staffs are about things that we need to know without any exaggeration. I've seen none of harsh impression or intimidating service from all the staff in there. They were all very polite and nice through my whole visit :)

Here is an inspirational story from Misa Kuranaga about changing your destiny.

Born as an Asian who have a figure limitation doesn't make her give up on her dream to be a ballerina. She tried to break all the limitation and stand out of her weakness. I found out the story to be really inspirational since she encounter her weakness to achieve her dreams. SK-II understand in every womens' ability to overcome their limitations and change their destiny. I'd learned to understand that our destiny is on our hand. It is not determined by others and it is never been too late to change. The only limitation for yourself is the one you put in your mind. If you're trying hard enough, there are no limits on what can you achieve.

As I grow up, it affects the way I see things, especially in self development. I believe that having a good care of my appearance is necessary. It feels like you appreciate yourself and proud of it. Nowadays, I see it is more important to have a beautiful skin than doing a heavy makeup to cover the imperfection. It is one of the reason why I'd been trying to improve my skin condition through finding the right skincare products and having a balanced lifestyle. Of course a good manner is essential either. Remember that you can do more than you ever think about :)

Overall the whole journey in SK-II Change Destiny Museum is a great experience and very inspiring. I could learn more about my skin and get an inspiring thoughts to keep on striving for the best in my life.

I'm ready to change my own destiny. Are you ready for the challenge? :)


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