March 23, 2015

The Future of Beauty with Panasonic

I believe most of us are familiar with Panasonic brand so I guess we don't need any further explanation about the brand itself. But if I could ask, what is the first thing that comes in your mind when you heard about Panasonic? As for me, I am personally think about various electronic items or house appliances. The next thoughts would be their range of camera, televisions, audio, etc. I could simply highlight their specialty in technology development. So, imagine if Panasonic make a good use of their expertise in technology for beauty tools?

Last week, I was invited by Female Daily to attend 'Discover the Beauty of the Future with Panasonic Beauty' at Female Daily HQ along with other bloggers. I am pretty excited since we have a special privileges to try on the tools plus get an expertise insights from the professionals about how to use them properly.

As usual, bloggers are always ready for action and a selfie. Pardon me.

There are three different station or categories which are hair station, face station, and mobile beauty station. Apparently we should rotate from one table to another, but however we're way too excited trying out the products so the rotation is kinda confusing hehe. No worries since I managed to catch on few interesting items.

So, here we go.


Hair Dryer EH-NA45
I guess hair dryer is one of an important tools for women, especially for those with long hairs like me. I am fully aware that continuous hair dryer usage are usually not recommended by professionals since it tends to damage our hair. However, I found it is pretty frustrating to dry your hair naturally or by towels. That's why I keep on using hair dryer and need to pat on tons of hair serum to keep my hair smooth and healthy.

Therefore, here are Panasonic Beauty hair dryer with nanoe technology. Unlike the normal hair dryers, this hair dryer are build with nano particles and provides moisture for our hair.  It is also equipped with healthy mode in 50 Celcius degree. They also have two different nozzle for the hair dryers, Quick Dry Nozzle for fast-natural hair drying and Diffuser for a natural wavy results. No more worries with the damaging hair dryers! A life safer for long hair.

Compact Multi Straightener EH-HW17
It is one of the most interesting item that I found on hair station since it has a pretty details on the design. See the diamond texture on the cap and the gorgeous pink color?

They even managed to put on these little crystals to make it even more adorable.

It works just like how its name. The design is sleek and compact plus extremely light. It has a ceramic coating on the heat surface to prevent your hair from drying. These straightener can be used for hair straightening or curling. The wand's design has a curve which could help you to create a nice curl. It also has a beautiful lid so you can store them neatly and bring them in your bag without any worry. Talking about the safety, this little baby is equipped with automatic turn off when being left in on condition for an hour.

Love how light this straightener is like seriously o_o since I have a pretty long hair, it is usually take a longer time to do my hair and lifting a heavy hair styler tool is something that I wanna avoid.


Facial Ionic Steamer EH-SA31VP
This facial steamer are equipped with nanoe technology. It creates nano steam which could penetrate into our skin layers, provides moisture and a deeper cleansing.

It has a small compartments behind and you can fill it with water or O2 infused water for a better results.

This facial steamer size is pretty compact though so you can use it while watching your favorite movies or in between your e-surfing activity. Then you can continue with mask or scrub. A perfect way to soothe your skin without wasting too much time :)

Face-Hair Ionizer EH-SA42
This cute little ionizer have a great function behind its small size. At first, I was kinda confused about the difference between this product and the facial steamer. Basicly, its mechanism works similar with a portable air purifier. It creates nanoe particle emission which could help to maintain our skin and hair condition. You can turn it on and keep it by your side for the best results.

Pore Cleanser EH-2513
Unlike the other pore cleanser, this pore cleaner comes with a steamer. So the steam would help to open up your pores before the cleanser works to suck up any blackheads, whiteheads, dirts, and many more.


Heated Eyelash Curler EG-SE60VP
Panasonic surely did a really great job in designing their beauty products line. These eyelash curlers looks very elegant right?

These curlers will rotate 360 degree and also can be heated for the best results. The amount of heat are also in the safe level so it won't hurt your eyes if it touch your lid by chance.

Match nicely with my fuchsia lips, don't you think the same?

Pocket Doltz Toothbrush EW-DS11
Electronic toothbrush with a sleek and elegant design. Moreover, they have one in red so once again I am really impressed with the effort that they took into the design and color selection.

It is equipped with Sonic Vibration feature to reach the hard angle between our teeth easily. Small size plus a tight cap make it a good companion for travel purposes.

If I should decide on my most fave product from all of them, my choice would probably go to the hair dryer and multi compact straightener since I found their hair styling tools are very easy to use. Besides, there will be no more bad hair day for us hehehe.

Thanks a lot to Panasonic Beauty and Female Daily for the opportunity. I really enjoyed the event and the experience of trying new innovation in beauty tools. 



Which is you fave  from Panasonic Beauty line? Let me know in the comment section :D

Thanks for reading anyway. Will see you guys in the next post. 

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