November 30, 2015

Celebrate The Wings of Change with SK-II

Holiday season is getting near. I always been really excited when this time comes around. I enjoyed the vibe to celebrate precious moments either with my family or friends. I love to arrange a good celebration, looking out for gifts, and make sure everyone feels happy.

 Last week, SK-II was having an exhibition at Mal Kelapa Gading 3 and invited me to join the festive bloggers party. I was wondering what kind of exhibition it would be since I attend their exhibition earlier this year. What makes it different with their previous exhibition is they come up with a new concept to celebrate the upcoming festive season. Let's see if you can spot what kind of design that they come up with this year.

Based on their philosophy to change destiny and inspired from the process of transformation, SK-II work together with several artists to create the 'Wings of Change'. It takes the form of butterflies and hummingbird to represent the characteristic of transformation which are boldness, encouragement, and perseverance.

A short movie about the Wing of Change.




These are Facial Treatment Essence Bottle in new design. 

Each series are so amazingly beautiful and nicely designed. They created the butterflies in 3D shapes to give a lively impression on the container. SK-II also provides a matching gift boxes and you can arrange the gift-box according to your preference... how lovely.

Later on, Oscar Daniel, makeup artist for SK-II, showed us how to create three different kind of look based on the three personatilites from SK-II. It is really amazing that such simple concept can be applied into different kind of things.

The results for make-up look inspired from Boldness, Encouragement, and Perseverance. 

SK-II also invited several key-speaker to share about their personal experience with SK-II. Most of them believe that using SK-II had changed their life and it is such a great thing to share good things to all of our beloved person, especially in this joyful moment.

And here is my pick from SK-II Wings of Change....

I think it could be a perfect gift for everyone from all ages. :) 

These all SK-II limited edition design are available now in all counters. Hopefully you'll get some inspiration for this year Christmas gift for your beloved. :) I'll see you soon on the next post.


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