February 13, 2017

Heimish Cleansing Balm Review

Heimish is one of korean brand newcomer and everyone were talking about it. I have no idea about this brand until I stumbled upon their beautiful packaging. Simple, elegant, and yet luxurious at the same time.

Thanks to Charis, I got an opportunity to try on the Heimish Cleansing Balm <3 I'd been an avid user of cleansing oil for so long and a lot of people claimed that cleansing balm is better than cleansing oil since there is less dripping problems. Therefore I am pretty excited to try on this product.

Heimish Cleansing Balm comes in a beautiful and simple frosted plastic jar. The jar was originally placed inside a thin box with matte finish. I really love their packaging design especially the rosegold foil. It contains 120 ml which are pretty huge amount for me. Heimish also secures the jar with an inner lid and provides a spatula to scoop out the product. Perfect.

It is not called cleansing balm for no reason and I kinda feel it looks like solid oil. The balm texture is pretty stiff in jar but after getting in touch with our body temperature, it will melt into oil consistency and the rest is pretty similar with how cleansing oil works. You will need to splash on some water to turn it into a milky consistency before you rinse them off. I could sense a little traditional herb scent but I don't really mind at all.

Apparently, I'm quite agree that cleansing balm is less hassle to deal with. It is not dripping mad like cleansing oil but works the same. It is also convenient to travel with because you can put the desired amount into a smaller pot for travel and no spillage risk.

Let's see how good it is at doing its job.

As you can see there are visible remaining lip tint stain. It is kinda hard to remove waterproof eyeliner and lip tint products as I need to rub them pretty hard. However, it doesn't really matter for me since I don't rely much on cleansing oil for eye and lips. Not only because it is kinda hard to reach with fingers but I also dislike the greasy feelings if the oils accidentally slip into my eyes. I usually use lip and eye remover first before using cleansing oil to remove the rest of my makeup.

Although I didn't wear a lot of makeup on daily basis, oil based cleanser is one of my daily essentials as I use sunscreen everyday and I need to properly double cleanse my face. For everyday use, I think Heimish Cleansing Balm is quite a steal considering the huge amount of product. You can purchase this product from here.

Now I'm kinda keen into other Heimish product. Have you tried any Heimish products? Let me know if there's another recommended items from Heimish in the comment section.


  1. lagi penasaran banget sama si heimish ini :D setelah ngehabisin tbs chamomile jadi suka sama cleansing balm. Btw sukaaa sama foto2 kamu <3

    1. Iya si heimish lagi heboh banget ya... Packagingnya cakep2 dan elegan bikin penasaran pengen cobain semua *.* Samaan dong ini aku jadi nagih pake cleansing balm juga dan kalo diitung2 harganya nggak jauh beda sama c/o soalnya ini beneran gede banget!

      Hehehe makasih yaa <3

  2. looks great! would love to try
    where can we get this gab?
    style frontier

    1. You can buy them from Charis, Fhen. Or else you can also try some local seller from IG or marketplace <3


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