March 18, 2017

Senzues Body Lotion Review

Having my dry skin survive through the cold weather means more effort needed to ensure my skin gets enough moisture. I used to take it easy but apparently it could lead our skin problem into the next level. Wrinkles, dry patches, itch, you named it and that's probably why you would find tons of body lotion in the market.

Lately I'd been trying out on Senzues CELLACTIVE Body Lotion, a newcomer brand from Malaysia focused on body care. Driven by the best nature-inspired ingredients and technology, Senzues ensures to fulfill our needs for beautiful skin. One of their essential ingredient is bioREGENE+™ which delivers a powerful tri-factor action of hydra-revival, luminosity enhancement, and anti-oxidant protection.

Senzues Body Lotion comes in 5 different range, which you can adjust based on your skin needs.
Lumi Bright - brighten out skin complexion.
Night Active - forms a protective layer to keep skins's moisture.
Hydra Cool - enriched with SPF and suitably for daily use.
Cell Activate - stimulates collagen and helps to reduce wrinkle.
Hydra Firm - enhances fat elimination and reduce visible cellulite.

As for the size, Senzues Body Lotion comes in 60 ml, 200 ml, and 350 ml. Mine is the 60 ml which come in a small tube packaging and quite handy.

First impression, the texture looks creamy and thick but apparently it will turn into a watery consistency. This lightweight consistency is a major point that you might want to consider especially in our everyday humid weather. It provides enough moisture for my dry skin but if your skin is very dry, you might found this is not moisturizing enough. I also love how the scents become very subtle and almost unnoticeable although it was a bit strong at first. There are times I forgot that I have my lotion on when I'm using it. I usually apply this lotion every morning and night, preferably right after showering.

Senzues CELLACTIVATE Body Lotion combining these active ingredients to restore our skin's natural defense system in 3 steps:
Green Alga - for deep skin moisturization
Dipalmitoyl Hydroxyproline - for stimulation of skin collagen
Matatabi Extract - as antioxidant / protection from free radicals.
Another good point also goes for its paraben free formula. I couldn't talk much about the wrinkle reduction since I barely have any right now but I love how it helps my skin looking plump and smooth after a full month trial. 

I'd been enjoying my body care routine lately, thanks to Senzues Indonesia. If you're interested on trying on the products or need a consultation, you can reach them directly for more information.

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For order
WA 0811 911 127
Line @senzues_id
Shopee @senzues_id

Have you tried Senzues product?


  1. thats pretty amazing!
    check my latest post here!
    Loreal kid shampoo!

  2. My skin feels more hydrated, pores seem to have reduced a bit and I can barely see any blackheads/whiteheads on my nose or blemishes on my face. BLACKWOOD FOR MEN


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