June 12, 2017

Local Organic Skincare : Solusi Organic Renewage Review

Being someone with sensitive and acne prone skin, I need to be very cautious with my skincare selection. It's actually not about the brand or the price but finding the one that suitable for your skin. When I was introduced to Solusi, an organic skincare line,  I am pretty excited to find out. I had previously read about organic skincare as they are formulated with natural ingredients so I assume there would be less allergic reaction especially on sensitive skin.

I'm pretty sure that we had probably seen plenty of skincare products from Martha Tilaar, one of the biggest beauty company in Indonesia. Solusi Organic Renewage skincare line focused on anti aging properties. 
asically it shared the similar concept with organic products that you usually find in the market. Organic fruits and vegetables are grown without any chemicals and herbicides. The same thing goes for organic skincare as they are formulated with organic ingredients and less chemicals or synthetics. Solusi Organic are also certified as organic skincare by ECOCERT Greenlife according to ECOCERT standard. 

Solusi Organic are using grape seed extract as one of their main ingredients. Grape seed extract contains rich concentration of vitamin E and antioxidant which are beneficial for our skin. Besides organic ingredients, Solusi Organic are also formulated without paraben, mineral oilpropylene glycoland SLS.

As a visual person, I have to say that I really love their packaging. The outer packaging was made from a good quality of recycled paper and printed with vegetable ink. Not forget to mention the simple touch of watercolor illustration on it. As for the containers, most of them come in dark green and brown color which kinda resemble the organic feel. 

Solusi Organic Renewage Skincare line currently have five product which are of face cleanserface washface tonermoisture lotion, and night cream

Solusi Organic Renewage Face Cleanser
This face cleanser is actually a milk cleanser. It is formulated to remove makeup, dirt and other impurities on your face. Well, I rarely use this to remove makeup as I still prefer using other type of cleanser to remove my makeup. It comes in a tall bottle packaging with small opening on top which makes it easier to control the amount of product you needed.

Take a few amount and apply it on 5 different spots of your face, forehead, nose, cheeks, and chin. Gently massage with circular motion and lift the cleanser with cotton pad or tissue paper.

It doesn't feel extremely greasy afterward but I still can tell there's something left on my face. Based on the instruction, you can use toner to finish but I prefer to use facial wash. You can also use this cleanser to do a light face massage as I really like the milky-light texture and how it glides smoothly on my skin. 

Solusi Organic Renewage Face Wash
Unlike the other facial wash in common, Solusi Organic face wash comes in gel form which are surprisingly quite watery. I remember that I ended up pouring out too much product on my first try. I don't think you even need to use some pressure to get it out, just open the tip and it will come out straight away. A little tips that might come in handy, try to tilt the tube a little bit to avoid excessive amount coming out. 

Take out a small amount on wet hands and apply with gentle upward movement on your face. This cleanser doesn't lather as much as regular facial wash so don't bother to add more product to create more foam.

This face wash doesn't lather much since it contains no SLS which are commonly used as foaming agent in facial cleansers. It will feel slightly slippery after rinsing instead of that squeaky clean feeling but rest assured as it will be gone after patting your skin dry.

Solusi Organic Renewage Face Toner
Solusi Organic Face Toner comes in a similar container with the face cleanser. I keep them in different place to avoid any mistakes since it is really hard to differentiate them in a glance. Just like a regular toner, it could help to remove cleanser residuals, refresh the skin, and prepare our skin for better product absorption in the next step.

It is colorless and doesn't leave any sticky feeling afterward but I think this toner had the strongest jamu(Indonesian traditional herbal drinks) scent. I couldn't help not to think about using the real jamu as a toner every time I use this toner.

As for the formulation, I think it is gentle enough despite of the strong scent since I haven't experienced any breakouts. You only need to pour a small amount of product on cotton pad and gently pat it on your face and neck.

Solusi Organic Renewage Moisture Lotion
One of the cutest container from the whole range as it is pretty tiny and it would be easy to travel with. As someone with oily combination skin, I find the texture is a little bit too thick for my liking and it is understandable since this is an anti aging skincare line. It also takes quite some time to be completely absorbed. I usually only use around two tiny pumps for entire face. 

On my very first try, my skin was not at its finest condition with a lot acne and major break out. The results was not remarkable as the slightly heavier texture kinda uncomfortable on skin with acne. It doesn't help to improve my skin condition nor make it worse so I decided to stop for a while.

After  a good 1-2 months and my skin condition has improved, I give it another try and the result was quite okay for me .It doesn't feel as greasy as before and some dry areas on my face feels more supple after regular usage.

Solusi Organic Renewage Night Cream
Solusi Organic Night Cream comes in a jar container and you really need to be careful when handling this product. The inner lid is a bit tricky to open and it could spill out if you don't open it properly. I think it's because the cream tends to stick on the bottom part of the lid.

As for the texture, it looks kinda runny inside the jar but apparently it was very thick and I could feel like there is an invisible layer on my skin after application. The next day, I can feel that my skin has become extremely greasy although I only use a tiny amount of the product.

Out of my curiosity, I asked my mom who has a very dry skin to try on this night cream. Turned out she likes it as she said her skin feels more supple and bouncy on the next day. Well I think the rich anti-aging formulation works better on dry skin but I have to admit that it is my least favorite among the other products.

Overall my first organic skincare experience was pretty great as I didn't experience any breakouts and not forget to mention it's a local brand! I'm quite proud to see the development of beauty industry in Indonesia nowadays. I love their cleansers especially the face wash as it contains no SLS and I feel like it cleanse without stripping out any moisture from my skin

The only thing you might want to consider from this whole skincare is the strong herbal scent except for the moisturizer as I could hardly sense any scent on the lotion and night cream. I was expecting a fruity scent considering the green grapes extract as their main ingredients but almost every single of Solusi Organic products comes with jamu(Indonesian traditional herbal drink) herbal scent. It is actually not that bad as I sometimes could imagine having traditional spa at home while using these products but it is just not one of my fave.

You can find Solusi Organic skincare at Martha Tilaar store or you can simply head to Sociolla  to get additional Rp 50.000,00 off (for minimum purchase of Rp 200.000,00) by entering the code SBNLAD39 at checkout page. 

Have you tried any organic skincare before?

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