January 17, 2011

Review - SkinFood Buckwheat Loose Powder

^___^ today I'm gonna write about my favorite loose powder from The Skin Food.. Well this is also my first loose powder. Since it has a good review on the net, so here I come.

The Skin Food Buckwheat Loose powder has four different shades :
#10 Transparent 
#21 Light Beige
#23 Natural Beige 
#40 Lavender
I choose shade #21, because my face tone is a little bit darker from my skin tone.

It comes in  23gr net weight with a cute SkinFood sign on the packaging. It is quite bulky, so it's hard to bring inside your bag. It contains a fluffy puff inside and also a shifter between the powder and the puff. And this loose powder has a fragrance of classic which I like very much. For those who didn't like fragrance in their make up might pass this one. The coverage is sheer, but could stay for a long time. The powder itself are so soft so I'm feeling like wear nothing after applying this loose powder on my face.If I'm in not going for outdoor activity, it could last for 4-5 hours and stay matte. I always use this after I used my Skinfood BB Cream Aloe. Seems both of them are perfect combination for me. 

I never compare both of shade #21 and #23.. but I think there might be little difference only. Because shade #21 could fit my skintone well.And the most important part, it didn't break me out! I'm afraid of using loose powder, because I'd used my mother loose powder before, and the next day it breaks me out! So I prefer to use my transparent compact. But since I read that compact powder isn't good because it clog your pores more than loose powder, I prefer to use loose powder.

It's not expensive too. =) so I think it's worth to try, because I love this a lot.

For this product I give it 4 of 5. Why? In fact I love its cute packaging, but it's quite bulky and hard to bring. 


  1. around how much did you pay for this product
    ? i'm very interested to buy this product since like you've said in this review that this product has a good reviews in the net :) pleasepleaseplease reply. :) i'd VERY appreciate it if you do :D

  2. hello..it cost me around US$ 10 or Rp 80.000,00 in Indonesia. I got a cheaper price by pre-order. But there's not much difference between the ready stock price and the pre-order one. The prices may vary depend on your country.

    thanks for visiting my blog.. ^^

  3. do you have white skin tone?
    my skin is quite white so im afraid No21 is too white

  4. did you mean fair? No. :) I just simply use a lighter shade to keep my skin tone balance because my face is slightly darker than the others. If you think that #21 might be too white, you can try #23 which is darker than # 21 or you can use #10 which is a transparent shade :) hope this helps

  5. Delirium_hinlopezApril 14, 2012 at 3:06 PM

    I've just orderd this 40 Lavender? is it shimmer?

  6. As far as I know Buckwheat l/p doesn't contain any shimmer. :)

  7. Did you buy this online? Can I have the name please? Thanks in advance. :)

  8. i mean the name of the online shop :)

  9. Are you from Indonesia? I buy it from chicprincessa.com and it is on Indonesia^_^

  10. lagi pakai product ini nih, seneng banget deh

    1. my HG nihh dari dulu ngga ganti2.. cheap and perfect for me <3


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