September 13, 2012

Introducing Chizu Saeki Method

As I promised, I am about to share a simple method to moisture and keep your skin healthy using the Hada Labo Series.

I'd been trying on this method since last year and I could really feel the benefits. And now you just need to get a nice seat and watch the video.
Note : I do not own the video, I only want to share about the Chizu Saeki Method. So credit goes to the uploader :)

And what do we need to do that? Super simple.

1.Cotton Pads

2. Water. I prefer to use cold water since it feels much more relaxing :P

3. Any moisturizer. I'm using my Hada Labo Lotion.

Actually you can replace the lotion with anything else. Liquids, lotions, along they still have watery texture and can be absorbed into the cotton. I'd tried myself with green tea, dilluted apple cider vinegar, Baviphat Apple Sleeping Pack, and Hada Labo Lotion. :) It depends on the results you want to achieve. Some people might having problem using another liquids, so if your skin is pretty sensitive just stick with the Hada Labo lotion or your own moisturizer.

Looks like a mummy!!!! xD 

It's only 3 minutes but I assure you there's a huge difference afterward. I could feel that my skin feels like a sponge that absorb enough water already. :D and also makes makeup application more easier. Beauty come from a great skin, right?

If you're having a problem with dull and tired skin, I suggest you to try this on. :) It really works on me. It might be a little bit troublesome to prepare all those stuff but looking at the results? It's really worth to invest your 3 minutes. When I have no time to do that in the morning, I just do it before my sleep time. 


  1. wah sama, aku juga suka pake masker dari kapas, biasanya aku tuangin TBS Aloe Toner, seger deh.. :)

  2. Hello Gabby! :D
    i've heard about the Chizu Saeki method before but never thought of trying :/
    but after reading ur post i'm encouraged to try lol, maybe this weekend ! :)
    *secara Sabtu ga magang, hahahaha*

  3. wow this is something new! I've never heard of this before! I'm so going to try this soon! Thanks for sharing ^_~

  4. beauty-chica.blogspot.comSeptember 13, 2012 at 2:26 PM

    Aaa cute, i will be trying this out. Absolutely! Hehehehe Thank you Gabby for sharing

  5. ahh ide bagus,aku baru tau tips pake masker kaya gini,tau gini mah aku mending beli serum wajah trus pake kapas aja dari pada gonta ganti masker terus --_--,btw i follow u ,if u dont mind follow back me dear -->

  6. Wah, pernah liat ini nih di michelle phan, ternyata ini toh pencipta tekniknya.. hehehe.. mau coba ahh kapan"... Thanks for sharing!

  7. aku juga suka pake masker ini walau awal2nya masi bego ngebagi2 kapasnya. Lebih suka campur langsung air + moisturizernya hihi

  8. ditunggu laporannya abis nyoba heheheh :P

  9. hihihi iyaaa... kadang-kadang sayang beli sheet mask mahal yaaaa cuma sekali pakai.. >_< #kere

  10. oyaaa? aku malah belom pernah liat yang versi michelle phan... hehehe.. :) met nyoba yahh

  11. Kapasnya pake merk apa ya supaya bisa di stretch gitu? Ada saran gak? Thanks befora ya, bermanfaat bgt :)

    1. pake kapas biasa aja bisa kok, nanti setelah dikasih air kapasnya bisa distretch tapi pelan2 supaya ga sobek ^^


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